Top 10 Japanese Online Clothing Stores

For the longest of times, the Japanese have always been admired by other cultures. Their technology, revered by even the power countries, the infrastructure? Worth emulating. Not to mention their unmatched discipline, which helps them present their social standards and culture. Mention anything Japanese, and there is a certain level of respect and admiration tied to it. The same goes for Japanese clothing brands.


Yes, the rave reviews about Japanese clothing brands make them more mysterious, and eager buyers jump for joy wanting to try them out. The misconception that Japanese fashion is all haute couture and high-end adds to the mystery and puts off most buyers who feel like they are not able to afford these brands. There are actually a lot more affordable brands than there are high-end and unaffordable ones in Japan. If you’re looking to shop Japanese clothes online, keep reading to find the best corners that we have identified on your behalf.

Top Trending Japanese Clothing Stores

Once you visit the stores listed in this article, you will only visit others out of respect. Chances are high that this is where you’ll find your Japanese home of clothing and the shop will be affordable.


  1. Uniqlo

With no raised eyebrows for the time they have been operational, Uniqlo has become an international brand synonymous with quality. The Japanese clothes brand has been around since 1949. Offering high-quality products, they currently have departments across Asian and European countries as well the USA. You can set up an online account with a trusted parcel forwarder to get your Uniqlo Japanese clothes shipped to your location. They are stockists of everything including activewear, formal and casuals. You will be smart enough to shop Uniqlo.


  1. Comme des Garçons

Founded in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo, this brand is everything avant-garde fashion and more. They have been featured and headlined in the Met Gala and other prestigious fashion-speared events. Comme des Garçons is expansive in as far as their fashion tastes go, and they are impressive in supplying men’s apparel. The luxury line has some selections that are affordable, exude quality, but fall under luxury. As such, the customer base for this brand is one of the widest in Japanese online purchases.


  1. United Arrows

United Arrows is a high-end Japanese brand that focuses on both men’s and women’s clothing. Their international website is available in English, Japanese and Chinese thereby giving global consumers a chance to understand before making a purchase. The brand is for the unconventional buyer, one who loves clothing that allows them to be free-flowing and comfortable. There are other sub-brands under the United Arrows label that sell beauty and lifestyle products. As an international shopper, you can buy online from Japan in bulk and get the products delivered by a trusted forwarder.


  1. Peach John

Peach John is one of the best brands to come out of Japan. Usually thought of as the Victoria’s Secret of Japan, this brand creates exceptional designs that are high quality and stylish. The brand started off as a mail order brand. They became an instant hit and graduated to a giant with over 49 stores at the time of this writeup. Order and ship internationally from Japan for your lingerie, intimates, loungewear and everything in between. And of course, you will also experience the ‘Healthy, Happy, Sexy’ slogan.


  1. Cecil McBee

This brand produces high-end clothing that is highly similar to what famous stars don. They offer only special and limited collections. This way, you know that you’re one-of-a-kind and wearing a unique item. This is all we want from clothes and McBee affords us this luxury.


  1. Beams

The brand started out in 1974, but has such a huge influence that it would be easy to assume it has been around way longer – a century at least. Offering their online shoppers more than just apparel, Beams also has interior décor, clothing, accessories, furniture and shoes. You can buy an entire unique look from Beam,s an international favourite label.


  1. Snidel

The name Snidel might throw one off into thinking that this is a Dutch brand. But there is no way you can shop Japan online without visiting Snidel. Offering their respected customers a feminine and minimalistic style, it helps one easily stand out in a way that is sexy and calm. All delicate cuts and styles are lined up by Snidel. Visit them for the most varied offers.


  1. Issey Miyake

The first-ever Issey Miyake collection made its debut in 1971 in New York, followed shortly by an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week in 1973. From there, the growth was a joy to marvel. Various human resources and innovative technologies are utilised in creating clothing in this company. Issey Miyake has opened up a successful apprenticeship program with some of their alumni becoming significant brands!


  1. Tsumori Chisato

This brand is pretty similar to Issey Miyake. Started by Tsumori Chisato after her successful apprenticeship under Issey Miyake, the brand has tried to find their unique look and are easily recognised all over the globe. Get your budget right and include a fee to ship internationally from Japan when you buy these unique blended luxurious textiles that have standout intricate designs, embroidery and prints.


  1. WEGO

WEGO is one of the easily recognised Japanese brands. They do everything bigger and better than most brands. Originally from Tokyo, they currently have over 150 stores in Japan. It’s super popular such that package forwarding from Japan that involves a WEGO purchase has become normal. If you’re a virgin to the Japanese style and would like to give them a try, go for WEGO with their Harajuku style and you will be converted in no time.


Shop Japanese Clothing and Become a Loyal Customer

One thing about Japanese brands is that they don’t play around when it comes to quality. Once you’ve had the pleasure of buying just one item, you will be so pleased you won’t go back on Japanese brands.

It’s super easy to become loyal to a brand if the quality beats the price. These top 10 brands we provided you with do exactly that. Women feel like they are on top of the game, why not shop Japanese clothes for your entire household? This will save you a lot on:

  • Buying quality overseas brands in bulk for your family that have rave reviews to vouch for their expertise.

  • Help you track the health of your family. Japanese are known for their particular care and attention when it comes to their body builds. As such, sizes remain accurate even when using different cuts and designs. You too can have the pleasure of ordering from the same stores and using your clothes to monitor any bodily changes.

  • Look fashionable for less while saving financially. By shopping Japan clothing brands directly online, you cut out the merchants and get quality at the same price as the locals.

  • Get your Japanese made clothes delivered to your home by a trusted courier with the help of a local Japanese package forwarder who will become your eyes and ears in Japan. This way, you only buy clothes that are your style and preference. 

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charlene m. jordan
1 year ago
Much thanks to the author for this helpful & informative list to best online Japanese stores. This popped up first when I googled “best Japanese online women clothing stores” and I can’t wait to start shopping at, what sounds like, some pretty amazing clothing stores. I have a feeling I’m gonna love everything.... so excited!!
1 year ago
Hi Charlene, thank you very much for the comment! We are very happy you found the article about the best Japanese online stores useful. Please check out other articles in Parcl blog for the best stores lists. Thank you!
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Maxwell Smith
1 year ago
japanese & korean fashion. Do you have tips on shopping on the online stores, asian sizing is a bit confusing.
1 year ago
Hi there, thank you for the comment. At the moment we don't have such instruction, but in the nearest time we'll prepare it. Thank you!
jignov onlineshopping
1 year ago
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