Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Funko Pop Figures

MCU fans have a wide range of Funko Pops to select from.

In pop culture, Funko has one of the widest ranges of collectibles. With every release of a new movie, video game or comic series, Funko creates figures just in time to mark the new event. This way, there’s always something for everyone. MCU is one of the most prominent Hollywood franchises of our time, and they get an impressive number of Funko Pops, including the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and all the forces opposing them.

Pop Figures and New Releases

With the wide range of Marvel Funko Pops, it must be difficult for MCU fans to decide which item to select when buying. We have taken the initiative of creating a shortlist that will help you in making the right decision. Check out our list of top ten MCU Funko figures available to purchase from the US now.


  • The MCU celebrates most of its new releases through figurines.

  • Figures are usually released soon after the first screening of a new film.

  • Overseas fans can shop vinyl figures online.

  • American fans can attend the Conventions and also shop in local stores.

Best 10 MCU Funko Pops

  1. Korg Funko Pop ($10.15)

Remember the iconic Thor: Ragnarok? Well, if you enjoyed Korg’s antics, then you will be happy to get a constant reminder of the character. The big screen Korg is a different version from the Korg character from the comics, but we do love him all the same. Taiki Waititi took a different route, but it paid all the same. International shoppers can buy Korg Funko Pop figurines from the USA and get them delivered by package forwarders. With Korg being a funny character, a lot of fans love him and it made sense for MCU to create a Funko Pop directly for the figure. His popularity is well deserved.


There are a few alien characters in the MCU, so why not get the one that happens to be the best? The figurine is accurate right down to the last detail. Although he lacks the funny facial expressions, this version of Korg is more than enough to complete any collection.

  1. Iron Spider Funko Pop ($23.99)

Spider-Man has been a huge part of our lives in the most recent history of superheroes and villains. Who can forget Peter Parker and his awkwardness coupled with his huge heart? His most iconic outfit in the MCU is inspired by Tony Stark’s design for Spidey in Captain America: Civil War. This particular figurine rocks the outfit from Avengers: Infinity War, so you get yourself memorabilia of Iron Spider.


After being tied down to Sony movies for such a long period, having a Spider-Man in the MCU is a breath of fresh air. The nice Funko Pop figures are a result of the different costumes that Marvel is giving the Spider-Man. If you’re a Spidey fan, then don’t let this one pass you. Get the sleek, durable figurine that can withstand anything Thanos throws his way.

  1. Gold Chrome Black Panther and Ant-Man ($19.99)

This couple is meant only for the most prestigious and active collectors of MCU. Handpicked from the MCU’s collection of gold chrome Funko Pops, Black Panther and Ant-Man befit the gold chrome look more than the others. They are stylised and upgraded in a manner that makes fans go crazy and want their collection completed by these two.


You get the first option of choice when you buy these Pop figures online from America as soon as they are released.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster ($10.22)

The Hulkbuster is one of those huge figurines that make fans happy just by existing. The Hulkbuster suit made its cinematic debut in the Avengers: Infinity War and made an impressive impact. Now, you get to see this suit in a different light with his Pop variant. Unlike most Funko Pops, Hulkbuster is larger and his head is averagely sized.


  1. Spider-Man with Headphones ($10.99)

Spider-Man is one of those characters we all love and can easily relate to. If you thought that he couldn’t get cooler, think again. This MCU Pop Figurine of Spider-Man rocking a humongous set of headphones is one for the top shelves. Figure out how to ship from the USA just for this toy.


  1. Thanos Funko Pop ($8.78)

Thanos is a household name and with good reason. The character shot to fame after the Avengers: Infinity War, and now fans simply cannot get enough. Celebrating his last victory, Thanos was left with a maniacal grin on his face, and that is exactly what this MCU Pop figurine depicts. Introduce variety to your list by getting Thanos in the mix.


  1. Holiday Groot Funko Pop ($9.97)

Meet Groot like never seen before. This version is the most adorable and presents Groot strung with Christmas deco ornaments. With all decorative staff, he looks like his own decorative tree for the Milano. Excellent as a collector’s item or for décor during the holidays. Get it delivered via a trusted parcel forwarder at your convenience.


  1. Gladiator Hulk Funko Pop ($10.71)

The incredible Hulk wormed his way into our hearts and made himself at home—permanently. This particular MCU Pop figurine of Hulk is presented to us in his gladiator costume from Thor: Ragnarok. Most fans will agree that the figurine is one of the best on the market. It captures the details right down to the smallest parts, including the helmet design and the Hulk’s frame.


You won’t regret paying for parcel forwarding for this particular figurine as it is the perfect stylised vinyl from Funko Pop.

  1. Captain America vs Red Skull ($24.25)

This stylised collectable stands 3 ¾ inches tall and is the best size and representation for any Marvel fan. As the 2017 Toy of the Year People’s Choice Award Winner, this iconic set is a recreation of the final battle from the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. Fans of the movie will realise that this is when Captain tries to stop Red Skull from deploying bombs at world major cities.


There’s a Tesseract device between Cap and Red Skull that brings the imagery back to life. Complete with a nice platform, you need a US address for shopping to get this set delivered.

  1. Yon-Rogg Funko Pop ($9.61)

In a list packed full of Marvel Funko toys, you’re sure to get a couple of surprises, and here is one of them. Yon-Rogg is an excellent character to pick from the Captain Marvel film. This character will be played by the charismatic Jude Law, so it goes without saying that he might just be the most outstanding character in the film.


See, you need to get hold of MCU figurines before they become a big thing. With this in mind, pay for package forwarding from the US to get your unique figurine of the Captain in a green outfit. Those who hesitate will only be left with the option of Captain Marvel in her red and blue costume.

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