Top 15 Beauty Advent Calendars in 2018

We’re just a month and a half away from the 2018 holiday season. And oh my, how time changes. What used to be the time for Lindt chocolates and flower bouquets is now headlined by makeup advent calendars. It’s all about beauty and retailers know it too. In place of confectionary and floral bouquets, everyone is designing makeup hampers and baskets.

The makeup advent calendar 2018 features all your favourite beauty brands such as Kiehl’s, Jo Malone and Rituals. Leading us straight into the festive season at full throttle are some of the most impressive examples of an advent calendar for women. These have a little bit of this and that. Makeup enthusiasts will be elated to discover the cutest little bottles of perfume, dainty moisturising gloss to cream blushes and everything in between.  Let’s take a little walk into the 2018 beauty advent calendars wonderland:


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Jo Malone £300 (around $395)

Headlining the list of the best makeup advent calendars 2018 is the one by Jo Malone. And as expected, they went over and beyond to make your December an unforgettable affair. The calendar has 24 doors, containing 24 Jo Malone products such as body products, candles, perfume, and brushes.



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Charlotte Tilbury £150 (around $200)

What’s a list of the best beauty advent calendars 2018 without Charlotte Tilbury. Everyone’s favourite makeup artist never puts down the blending brush. Pretty soon, the Beauty Universe advent calendar with mostly all best-selling hero products will be released and will come in cute travel sizes. Perfect for the beautician who will be travelling this festive season.



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Look Fantastic £79 ($105)

The Look Fantastic advent calendar for women is already out. And oh boy! This is truly a treat. The goodie pack comes with premium products from Filorga, GlamGlow, ESPA, Eyeko and Emma Hardie. Also priced to love your pocket, you won’t have to think twice about snapping this one.



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John Lewis £165 ($190)

This year, your feel-good vibes are from John Lewis. Instead of their much loved and anticipated marketing moments, 2018 belongs to John Lewis simply because their beauty advent calendar is the definition of classy-cute. The highly-sought after Bobbi Brown lipstick accompanied by other treats from Lancome, Hourglass and Charlotte Tilbury make this calendar simply perfect.



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Marks & Spencer £35 ($46)

Available from the 6th of November, the M&S cosmetic advent calendar promises to be bigger and a lot better than the one from last year. This is the advent calendar that has 25 mini beauty products from leading names in the industry.


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L'Occitane Classic Advent Calendar £49 ($65)

Just in case they ask you, you heard it here first: the 2018 festive season L’Occitane advent calendars are from a collaboration with fashion beast CASTERLBAJAC PARIS. That’s right, beauty enthusiasts are being treated to two calendars. There is also a classic calendar version that will also drive you crazy with excitement.



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Kiehl's £110 ($145)

What’s an advent calendar for women without women’s skin-care products. Kiehl’s will be spoiling beauty enthusiasts with an advent calendar made up of 24 of their award-winning products. All favourites from recent years will be part and parcel, including Crème de Corps and Midnight Recovery Concentrate.



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Fenwick £150 ($200)

This makeup advent calendar 2018 is the biggest fish that can be caught by beauty lovers this coming festive season. It has collectibles from some of the best brands including NARS, MAC and Bobbi Brown. Having it is like hitting the jackpot.



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The Body Shop Freddie £99 ($130)

This is one of the calendars being launched by The Body Shop. The most inclusive will be going for £231 and will contain all the deluxe skin care products. If you want to try out the brand, this is the perfect time to do so. Faithful fans can take this chance and capitalise by purchasing more.



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The Body Shop Dani £65 ($85)

This is a cosmetic advent calendar for every lover of anything produced by The Body Shop. There are a lot of products, and it even has test samples!



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The Body Shop Olivia £45 ($60)

The Olivia calendar has a collection of all things beautiful. It comes with shower gels, hand creams, and several mini body butters. The collection is perfect and can get customised in any way the owner pleases.



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Bare Minerals £79 ($105)

This brand hands down leads the best beauty advent calendars 2018 for makeup hauls. In case you are a makeup enthusiast and looking to revamp your collection, this calendar has everything; there are all different types of mascaras, shades of lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows. For the gorgeous-looking eye, there are different forms of under-eye brighteners. It will be enough to set up an impressive makeup station.



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No7 £42 ($55)

Among the most-wanted cosmetic advent calendars is No 7. Expected to hit the stores by October 19, it will be one of the first to sell out as is usually the case every season. For only £42 with products well worth £177, this calendar is quite the jackpot. There are even the ADVANCED serum and intense volume mascara. Perfect in all forms.



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Rituals £59.50 ($73)

The beauty calendar will have 24 of the best-smelling beauty products of all times. It is the most inclusive and owners will want to indulge at the very first opportunity. There is quite the collection with products ranging from candles to shower gels, hand lotions, and body creams.



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Lumene £89.90 ($120)

Do you want some of that Nordic beauty magic? The Lumene advent calendar for women has finally decided to join the party. This beauty advent calendar is set to have products valued at £196. It has anything, and everything to do with skincare and draws inspiration from the arctic. The calendar will have a bit of everything, such as their Hydra Quenching Aqua Serum as well as the Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence.

Shop your favourite cosmetic advent calendar look

The holiday season is probably one of the few periods when most people actually get to relax and put their feet up. This list of the top 15 best beauty advent calendars 2018 is mainly headlined by brands based in America or the UK without the option of international shipping. That shouldn’t be the reason for you to deprive yourself of the gift that you actually deserve.

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