Top 5 Drawing Tablets for Digital Artists

Whether it’s the need for a beginner-friendly or an advanced master level for industry pros, finding the best drawing tablet is a meticulous process. Unlike buying a smartphone, knowing the specs is not exactly enough. You will need to take into consideration more details and specifics before settling for that one tablet.

You need to search and compare various tablets, manufacturers and brand names before finding the drawing tablet that best suits your requirements. And, with the spread and growth of online shopping, it has become easier to access tablets from overseas manufacturers. You don’t have to get stuck for options and choice with just what your local provider is offering. Buy overseas and use an international parcel forwarder to get the tablet delivered.

We have taken time to comb through and narrow down the changes in the tech industry. These top 5 drawing tablets for digital artists have been featured in leading media in the tech industry. Take a look and see if you’ll find what’s perfect for you.

Top 5 Drawing Tablets to Match Your Needs

  1. Wacom Intuos S Drawing Tablet

Recommended for: Beginners

The Wacom Intuos S is arguably the best graphics tablet for starters. Designed to connect via a USB cable to a PC or Mac, this tablet comes with a battery-free pen capable of detecting over 4,000 pressure levels. Since it can get connected to bigger screens, the user gets better visuals. Additionally, this compact tablet comes with a sensitive multi-touch surface as well as customizable shortcut buttons. Users can tweak how the home screen is organized and have a sense of ownership once they customize their tablet.

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Out of the box, the Wanton S comes with a series of creative software. The selection is between Corel Aftershot 3 and Corel Painter Essentials. There’s also a larger version that connects via Bluetooth instead of USB.

  1. Apple iPad Pro

Recommended for: Both Beginners and Industry Experts

The iPad Pro is a deadly combination with the Apple Pencil. The combination makes it the best drawing tablet any professional can buy. Each unit comes in an ultra-sharp 10.5″ or 12.9″ Retina Display. The tablet comes with an unbeatable range of creative apps that are perfectly suited for both newbies and discerning pros.

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On this list of the best drawing tablets for digital artists, the Apple iPad Pro is arguably the very best. In addition to creating magic when used by digital artists, this tablet can also come in handy creatively and recreationally. It’s the best travel/commuting companion.

  1. Wacom Cintiq Pro Creative Pen Display

Recommended for: Advanced Artists

The Cintiq Pro Creative is the digital drawing tablet of choice for industry pros. Available in high-quality 13″ or 16″ display panel, the tablet needs handling with expertise. There is an incredibly accurate stylus pen with a high-pressure sensitivity of over 8,000 levels. Each unit has built-in USB-C ports that connect to either a Mac or PC. There’s a wide range of creative software to select from.

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For the creme de la creme of the industry, the 16″ (although pricier) is the best option. It comes with a 4K display panel, whereas the 13″ has Full HD. Each variant comes with a detachable stand to help the workflow and make using it somewhat easier.

  1. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Drawing Tablet

Recommended for: help with precision

If you’re looking for a digital drawing tablet with uncompromising precision, then the Wacom Pro Paper Edition is what you need. Each tablet comes with a Pro Pen 2 by Wacom that detects more than 8,000 pressure levels to achieve the highest level of precision. The tablet facilitates users to be able to instantly convert their sketches on real paper into digital format.

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In a very simple process, all one needs to do is place a sheet of paper on the tablet via a bundled clip and drawing doodle is instantly digitized. But then, of course, those who wish to can always use the device in the digital-only mode.

  1. HUION 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet

Recommended for: big drawing surface on budget

Considering the friendly price tag on the HUION 1060 Plus, as well as its huge screen size, it is the best graphics tablet for starters. The specs are not frustrating. It gives the user room for freedom and creative independence. Offering a large drawing area, especially when compared against other tablets in the same price bracket, it gives enough motivation to propel beginners to go bigger and better with their sketches.

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Each HUION 1060 Plus drawing tablet has superior pressure sensitivity. The downside about the tablet is the fewer customization options and free bundled software when tallied against other tablets in the same price range. Other than that, it makes for a great drawing tablet. After all, there must be a balance; you can’t have a humongous drawing area and all other incentives.

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Nice blog. It will surely help beginners update their knowledge. The efforts you have put in to create the posts are quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing you soon in a new post. However, new artists may feel that they are at a loss when confronted with a wide variety of graphic drawing tablets available these days.
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Hi there, thank you for the comment. There are drawing tablets for beginners, so new artists need not to fear the abundance of information and wide range of products.
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Great list! Drawing tablets can be a great source for people who are needed to have quality outcome regarding their work of architecture designing etc. Really! This list will help so many people for sure. I would like to know more about this. Thanks a lot!
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