Top 5 Japanese Online Stores for Anime Fans

Japanese manga merchandise is the most popular way that most fans take to either feel closer to their favourite characters or learn more about the Japanese culture. Whatever reason you have, the online stores are the go-to, as long as you are outside of Japan and want some anime and manga merchandise. Most fans are always looking into finding the best Japanese online shopping sites to shop for anime from. Thus, we have decided to look into compiling a list that would have something for anyone. Read on if you are looking to find your favourite Japan Anime shop, but need a direction of some sort. Discover some treasures that are Japan’s anime industry’s best-kept secrets.

Top 5 Japan Anime Stores

After much deliberation and research, this is a list of our top 5 Japanese online stores for anime fans. You might not agree with the list, and that’s okay, just take a look and you might understand our reasoning. Otherwise, feel free to check beyond this list and find your own favourites.

  1. Animate Online

One of the biggest and most successful Japanese online anime stores. At Animate, shoppers can find almost anything and everything including anime, manga, collectibles and other figures. Their best-kept secret is selling exclusives. Yes, there is an expansive list of merch exclusive only to Animate. Other Japanese online stores don’t stock up on the items exclusively found on Animate.


  1. Amiami

The webstore is famous for uploading at lightning speed. Besides, Amiami is updated daily meaning that each day, there is new anime merchandise added. The store also offers some crazy bonuses and discounts on goods that any lover of anime will be only too happy to shell out good money for. There is also a section for new products, just in case you are that shopper who loves to buy the latest and hottest anime merch.


  1. Booth

This Japan Anime online store sells exclusives by Doujinshi creators. Almost all the pieces on sale in the webstore are handcrafted by the creators. In fact, at BOOTH, you buy pieces that are unique, limited and pay a lot of attention to detail. For anime merch that feels customised and close to personal, BOOTH is the online store of choice. There’s a small hiccup: although BOOTH is ‘translated’ into your preferred language, searching in your language might limit the search results. You can solve this little issue by employing the services of a Japanese personal shopper to buy on your behalf.


  1. Suruga Ya

This webstore can easily pass as the wholesale point for Japanese anime. Suruga Ya specializes in anime and video gaming pieces that are authentically Japanese. They offer both brand new and second-hand merch. One thing is for sure; if you are the type of shopper that’s interested in getting the latest releases as soon as they hit the market, this might not be the number one choice for you. They stock rare merch, so if you’re interested in anime items that qualify as collectibles, then this is the right online store.


  1. Mandarake

This online anime shop enjoys a lot of attention and success within Japan. At Mandarake, shoppers find a long list of seller’s items that are rare, most of them are used. Local buyers have no problem as they can simply go to the 8-floor physical Mandarake store located in Akihabara. However, international shoppers can either rely on what they find online or create a request with a local agent to help them shop from the huge Bazaar-like store. The huge physical shop holds everything from the latest to the rare collections and even remakes.


Shop for Japanese Anime Online and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

Now that everyone’s number one query ‘what are the top Japanese online shopping sites to buy anime and manga from’ has been answered, it’s time to get cracking and actually shop. Shopping from these Japanese anime and manga stores can prove to be frustrating, especially if the website takes a while to load and when it finally does, the translation also takes its own time.

The solution to this challenge and beyond (by beyond we mean handling and shipping your valued anime) is a package forwarding service such as Parcl’s Japanese shipping agents can help you buy products from Japan and have them handled and shipped to your country. This exists to help anyone who wants to buy something from a Japanese retailer, for example anime merchandise, but faces restrictions such as no international shipping. Also, Parcl’s Shopping from Japan section of the website exists to solve the problem for those who don’t speak Japanese and cannot fully rely on Google translate.

The innovative online platform has a tried, tested and approved way of international shopping and shipping from Japan. You get to use Parcl from the comfort of your home and have their forwarders work for you in Japan. By the time you check out, you can opt for a home delivery shipping service and get your anime delivered to your doorstep.

Shipping from any Japanese store to any address worldwide

You might find yourself in love with one or more online Japanese anime stores from our list. And of course, they don’t offer international shipping. Don’t panic. With Parcl, every shop in Japan ships worldwide. Here is how it works:

  • Shopping at any Japanese online store requires a verified local Japanese address. Once you go to the Parcl official website and either click on register or create a request, you will be provided with a free Japanese address for shopping.

  • Once you get the verified local address, you can opt to go ahead and continue shopping from any Japanese online anime store you like – just the way you’ve always done. Alternatively, you can go via the Parcl Store, search for the anime by name in case you know it. If your anime is in store, then great, if not, there’s still no problem, create a customised search and order it via Parcl store

  • Once the package gets delivered to the local address, your local Parcl agent (forwarder) who is bilingual will inform you and follow your instructions in regards to packaging, shipping, package insurance, customs value and any other thing you might need

  • The package will be sent your way, using a shipping method indicated by you. Once you get the package delivered to you and if you’re happy with the experience, you can opt to use Parcl again in the future.

From Parcl you get a shopping concierge service like no other. You can choose to come back and use these services to shop at any clothing, toy, collectibles or anime shop in Japan or other countries.

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