Top 5 shopping destinations in Asia

No matter what kind of person you are, shopping remains a notable traveling component. In fact, you can call it the sweetener, and it’s hard to say that any trip is complete without some shopping. Apart from the thrill of bagging a truly unique piece, shopping creates a window into the cultures of your destination. 

If you have eyes set on Asia for your next getaway, you’re in luck. There are lots of shopping hotspots to make your journey more memorable than you bargained for. You just have to know the right places to visit. That’s why we’re going to show you the top cities for shopping in Asia. 

Whether you want to spend or save, the continent has everything you need: from bubbling high streets and quaint markets to fashion havens and boutique storefronts. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself making provisions for extra luggage. 

Get ready to update your list as you go through these amazing locations!

1. Singapore 

Shopping is a national culture in Singapore. The small island country has more malls per square mile than any other nation on earth. You can be an indoor or outdoor shopper and find everything you want. You could even visit a single street and be happy about your shopping adventures. 

So, where do you go for shopping when you find yourself in Singapore?

Orchard Road 

You can’t miss the distinguished Orchard Road if you want any level of shopping. The 2.2-kilometer span of ultra-modern shopping malls is Singapore’s shopping capital. Don’t mistake its grandeur for exclusive luxury as you can find anything from cheap to high-end here. 

Chinatown Street Market 

Chinatown Street Market is Singapore’s shopping hot zone for deep-divers. It offers the best in local buys and everything Chinese. 

Marina Bay Sands 

Want to mix luxury shopping with awe-inspiring sight-seeing? Marina Bay Sands is your destination. The Shoppes' breath-taking architecture offers your eyes a wealth of wonder to feed on while you pick out amazing items.

2. Bangkok 

Bangkok is known as a world-class retail hub for a good reason. Thailand’s capital has a bustling shopping tradition that rivals the best in the West. Whether you want to get a token that symbolizes Thai culture or want to go on a ritzy shopping spree, there’s enough variety to keep your options fresh. 

There are many iconic locations to shop in, such as: 

Night Markets 

If you’re the typical nocturnal shopper, Khao San Road and Patpong Market are among many other night markets that will tend to your needs. Asiatique: The Riverfrontis is another gem that you won’t want to miss. 


Chatuchak is home to the weekend market where vendors select the best products to put on display. It’s the best outdoor shopping spot that you can find in Thailand. When the sprawling size of the market isn’t keeping your jaw down, the sheer variety of wares will have you screaming in disbelief. 


Head to Pratunam if you want to catch fun while buying fashion accessories at bargain prices. It’s the wholesale district of Bangkok and it boasts a slew of value-driven products that will have your pocket smiling all through.

3. Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia’s capital has held its own as one of the world’s best shopping destinations for many years. This reputation is built on the city's wide range of shopping options. It caters to both big spenders and value hunters. Its mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay influences will see you exploring new things. 

Where to shop in Malaysia? Keep reading. 

Bukit Bintang 

This is the Fifth Avenue of Kuala Lumpur. It features the highest numbers of shops in the city, and perhaps anywhere in the country. You will tick off your entire shopping list if you attempt to explore it all. 

Mid Valley Mega Mall 

Mid Valley Mega Mall should be on your list of retail hubs to visit. Strategically located between Petaling's Klang Valley and the city center, the mammoth mall offers everything from convenience to a wealth of shopping options, whether you’re looking for designer stands or mid-to-low range shopping stalls. 

Central Market 

If you want to get a taste of the local lifestyle, head to Central Market in Chinatown. The market is one of the most iconic cultural sites in the country, having been running since 1888. So, whenever you shop here, you’ll also be basking in Malaysia’s history and heritage.

4. Hong Kong 

You can’t leave Hong Kong without spending a little, no matter how hard you try. There’s just so much to leave behind. You will easily find something that matches your taste, personality, and everything in between. People come here just to rework their wardrobes and hunt for the best values in Chinese silk. 

HK boasts numerous shopping locations such as. 

Causeway Bay 

You haven’t shopped in Hong Kong if you haven’t visited Causeway Bay. It is considered the Mecca of shopping in Hong Kong. Whether you want to score a bargain or indulge in giving yourself a shopping treat, there’s something for you here. You can start from Times Square and find your way to Windsor Plaza for an unmatched experience. 

The Landmark Hong Kong 

This is a top-of-the-line shopping mall that hosts the best designer brands from Hermes to Alexander McQueen, most of which you’ll hardly find anywhere else in Asia. So, this is where you come to when you're itching to spend big, and you might find one or two buys cheaper than in other parts of the world. 


Kowloon is Hong Kong’s shopping paradise. There’s always a street market to walk into when you turn left or right. It’s also the place where you’ll get to test your bargaining skills, especially at shopping venues like Jade Market and Ladies Market. So, if you’re looking for which Asian country is best for cheap shopping, this is one of them. There are opening and closing times for most markets, so make sure you consult with the locals to know the best shopping windows. 

Hollywood Road and Cat Street Bazaar 

This is where you come to if you want to take back a bit of Hong Kong with you. It hosts antique shops that feature a glamorous array of paintings, furniture, and pottery. You can also get all sorts of cheap and impressive jewelry, carvings, ornaments, and even Mao souvenirs to remember your journey by. 

5. Tokyo 

Japan’s capital has everything to meet your shopping needs. Whether you’re going for ritzy or outlandish fashion, exclusive souvenirs, electronics, or collectibles, you only have to touch one or two spots to discover what you want. If you’re the mall-browsing kind or open market junkie, there are many havens for your personality. 

With shopping venues that double as sightseeing locales, you get to experience shopping in a different way. 


Ginza mainly caters to the posh shoppers. It is the upmarket shopping venue in Tokyo, hosting high-end designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. But you can find budget friendly fashion outlets like Zara and Uniqlo as well. 


Considered one of the largest shopping districts in Tokyo, Shinjuku offers everything you need in the midst of the bustle of the busiest train station in the world – Shinjuku station. You get to browse major department stores, large electronics outlets, and the underground shopping arcade. 


If you want to dive deep into Tokyo’s world of trends and pop culture, head to Shibuya. You get to spoil yourself with entertainment while you tick off items from your shopping list and discover new things to take home. 

Wrapping up 

No matter where you find yourself in any of these cities, there’s definitely something worth taking home. Next time you tick off an Asian city from your bucket list, make sure you catered to your inner shopper. Don't forget, if travel is not an option, you can find a Parcl forwarder and get items from these locations delivered!

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