Top-6 Korean Cosmetic Products for Men

We love claiming to be global citizens but without fully reaping the fruits that come with being truly global. In all essence, what exactly is a global citizen and what comes with the title? A global citizen is not someone who goes globe-trotting every now and then. Heck, you don’t even need to own a passport or any sort of travel document to be a global citizen. The TV, cable and internet are your free access pass and can afford you the luxury of belonging where and when you choose to.


One of the cultures that have opened their hearts and seem to love it when people from all walks of life relate to them is Korean. Most especially celebrated and advertised by their K-dramas. The Korean oppas and their swag are desired by ladies from all cultures and emulated by many young males. And even without travelling, online shopping affords anyone who wants to look like a Korean the pleasure of buying everything they require. Pair it up with package forwarding and you have a winning combination for global citizenship.

Actually, Korean cosmetics for men have gained significant popularity. There are local Korean parcel forwarders operating from within Seoul and all other major Korean cities to shop for international buyers who love the culture. It’s easy to have faith in what one sees, and K-dramas provide all the reviews one would ever want. Ordering Korean cosmetic products for men online becomes an easy pass time.

The Mystique Vibes Behind Korean Men’s Cosmetic Products

Korean men exude an admirable quality, one that they proudly display for all others to emulate. For most men, it’s really difficult to sit down and watch a K-drama without a motivating factor. This is why most K-dramas reel in women who in turn convince the men in their life to watch TV with them.

  • K-pop stars always wear makeup in moderation. You will spot a dash of lipstick, some streaks of eyeliner and a hint of eyeshadow. There is no shame in wearing makeup, for them, accentuating the looks is an expression of self-love.

  • Younger Korean men proudly wear foundation and lip tint on the streets without judgement. For someone who has visited Korea and seen the way Koreans take beauty seriously, this is an admirable trait.

  • Other countries import men’s grooming products from Korea. There are successful local forwarders whose job is to shop on behalf of international shoppers and use trusted carriers to ship the products to the final destinations.

  • The 2015 market research by Euromonitor estimated that the Korean men’s beauty industry was well over a billion US Dollars.

  • In Asian countries, Korea to be more specific, grooming and masculinity are cousins and always go together.

Top Six Brands Creating Korean Beauty Products for Men

Here are some of the best Korean beauty products for men that are popular within the country and also exported in bulk to other countries. You can skip the ‘middlemen’ by shopping online by yourself. Of course, you will need a Korean address for shopping to complete your online purchases as if you are someone based in Korea.

You can buy more than one brand from our list of recommended Korean skincare brands. Use the same Korean address to have them sent to your local forwarder. When these products arrive, the handler will repackage them and make them one big packet ready to be shipped your way. Use the site calculator to estimate how much the shipping and handling fees will cost. You will love saving on shipping costs as you add more products to one shipping consignment.

  1. Toner

If you’re looking for the ying to the Korean men’s yang, then Toner is the ‘plug.’ Using the right toner gives the skin an obvious glow. In fact, a toner is important for all skin types, you can buy it for both you and your woman. All K-pop stars love and use the thin liquid packed full of active ingredients that hydrate and moisturise the skin from within. If you’re new to Korean skincare products and want to try a toner, start with the Laneige Homme Active Water Skin Toner. The toner is packed with goodies from under the ocean, all the minerals to smooth out rough skin and hydrate at the same time.


  1. Face Masks

Do you want a product that will boost the way you take care of your skin? A simple skincare routine makes taking care of the skin easier. Even better with the sheet masks that you can just drape over the face and lay back to enjoy a novel. The skin absorbs the serum and is left with a healthy glow. If you have problem areas or your skin is tired, relieve it with the Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask Hydration. Packed full of coconut extract, egg yolk and egg serum.


  1. Nose Pore Strips

There’re literally no Korean men in this day and age with a nose that looks like a blackhead farm. Eew! And neither should you. The secret to clean and clear nose is the meticulous nose pore strips. You simply apply these to damp thoroughly cleansed skin and leave for 10 to 20 minutes then peel off. There are active ingredients on the patch such as witch hazel and activated charcoal. Try the Dr. Jart+ Pore Master Patch for a two-step routine that will give your nose a squeaky-clean experience.


  1. Foam Cleanser

If you’re to buy Korean cosmetics online, don’t leave out the foam cleanser. Not only does it make washing the skin easier by replacing bar soap and cold water, but it also takes care of the delicate facial skin by going the extra mile. Foam cleanser turns to an easy foam when in contact with water. Dirt and grime are easily cleaned off the face without stripping off essential oils and breaking the skin. You can try the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Foam for Men with dark Brazilian sugar to see your skin glow instantly.


  1. BB Cream

Short for Beauty Balm, BB Cream is notoriously used by almost the entire Korean populace. The multipurpose lotion moisturises, acts as a light foundation and protects the skin from the sun. When applied, the skin is left pure and smooth. All lumps and bumps are easily covered. Get the BB Cream that suits your skin tone and you will get away with wearing makeup all day any day. Check out the Nature Republic Origin Collagen BB Cream 01 Light Beige.


  1. Lip Tint

Korean men always have those irresistible lips that you just want to softly bite or lock with yours in a soft kiss. The secret’s finally out and now you too can look edible enough for your woman to lock lips in public. There are different tints with the most common being ‘candy stain.’ The good thing about such lip tints is that they stay on your lips all day long. If you’re not sure which tint to go with, how about you buy from Korea the Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint.

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