Top 8 Men's Advent Calendars Made in the US

Advent calendars have always been associated with Christmas time. The countdown to the twenty-five days of Christmas is nothing short of amazing and breathtaking. And the advent calendar makes the wait extra special. Each day a person wakes up and looks forward to the treat of the day as it marks the day’s passing, thus moving closer to Christmas.

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With Christmas 2019 is just a few weeks away, we have taken the time and effort to come up with the top eight advent calendars that aren’t related to beauty or makeup. We’re going to the man cave as most of our calendars are for the males in your family. Not that we’re hating on makeup but the honest truth is that there is already enough makeup in circulation. And there is an entire list of advent calendars for the avid makeup lovers.

Top Eight Advent Calendars for the Christmas 2019 Season

What’s in this advent calendar list? Well, everything, from comics to the liberating flavors of beer, and more. Take a look.

  1. Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar

At the top of our unusual advent calendars for 2019 is the Marvel 80th commemoration advent calendar. It’s the perfect gift for die-hard Marvel fans. There are all kinds of pieces in this calendar including Captain America, Rocket Racoon, and Iron Man. It comes with 24 pieces of hero figurines ready for fun times.

Video source: Olivia Rena Youtube channel

  1. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Packed with 24 pieces, this LEGO Star Wars advent calendar is the perfect gift for anyone looking to fill a house with doll-figures that include arrowhead, twin-pod cloud car, blaster Cannon and more. It’s a perfect kit for the father and child activity. Some of the figurines are Christmas oriented making them perfect for your home during the December-January period.

Video source: just2good Youtube channel

  1. Yawn Coffee Advent Calendar

Nothing says “good morning” better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Regardless of anyone’s background, coffee is always a good idea. Get yourself these 24 different craft coffee flavors as your advent calendar for this season. Shop and ship from the US this Christmas. These are whole or ground coffee beans in different flavors to stimulate your taste buds differently every morning until the day you unwrap your Christmas gifts!

  1. Game of Thrones” Sock Advent Calendar

If you still wanted to say “Dracarys” one more time, then this is your chance. This advent calendar comes packed with cool 15 pairs of socks that will enable you to relive your Game of Thrones days and count down to Christmas at the same time. The set comes in various sizes, ranging from 6 to 12. Your lovely lady who is also a fan might also want in on the fun and put on a couple of pairs as you both wait for Christmas morning.

  1. DIY Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Handmade out of cardboard, this craft beer advent calendar is the best gift for anyone looking for a befitting advent calendar for men. It’s a two-piece unit with the top section fully decorated to mark the festive season in all of its glory. The box is also big enough to hold 12 bottles and cans of your favorite beer. 

  1. Heritage Spirits Advent Calendar

Our list of cool unique advent calendars wouldn’t be complete without these Heritage Spirits alcoholic 50 ml bottles. There are 24 bottles of the most awesome and tickly smells of spirits. Expect to find dual-barrel bourbon, brown sugar bourbon, lavender vodka, and blood-orange vodka and much more. Just make sure that you’re over 21 years of age before attempting to purchase these.

  1. Whiskey Advent Calendar

As already stated, this year’s cool advent calendars are mostly focused on men and this World Whisky advent calendar from The Spirit Co is no exception. The set is so cool that it definitely deserves to be put on top of your list and have it delivered through the services of a parcel forwarder. There are 24 different hand-waxed 30 ml drams of top-notch whiskey. This will be an exciting gift to give as much as to receive.

  1. Rick and Morty Socks Advent Calendar

Nothing says “I need a US address for shopping faster than the advent calendar featuring Rick and Morty socks. With colorful clown depictions, these 12 pairs of stockings are enough to kickstart anyone’s mood for the festive season. Excellent gift for any fan in your family.

Video source: Han Rogers Youtube channel

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