Top-10 Agate-Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Did you know, the energymuse defines the agate stone as “one of the oldest healing stones on earth (which) is used as a protective stone.” In addition to its healing properties, this stone is loved for its beauty. To mark an agate stone, one looks at the stone’s signature bands and translucent lustre. Since it’s formed as a result of igneous rock combining with silica deposits in groundwater, the result is always beautiful and differently coloured stones.


However, to get the agate stone takes forever. As a result, this semi-precious stone that is rare to find requires people to get creative to achieve a similar level of beauty. An abstract painting technique inspired by the beautiful Agate stone has swiftly taken over the glitzy section of décor. The art of abstract painting makes it possible to have huge structures, such as centrepieces and tables that are agate-inspired.  

You too can add this glam, natural element into your home décor by purchasing fitting pieces online. Have an international forwarder available to work with you and help ship your purchase to its final destination. There is so much beauty that comes with the creation and designing of decorative pieces inspired by nature. 

Agate-inspired pieces are as rare as the stone.

Shop by Intention

Crystals and colours always carry a huge and significant meaning. So does the agate stone. You can decide the divinity you would like to achieve by shopping according to intention. Here are some agate stone colours and their meanings:

  • Black, shungite for protection.

  • Violet, purple for spirituality.

  • Gold, metallic for wealth.

  • Orange for passion.

  • Green, gold for new beginnings.

  • Sea salt pink for love.

  • Crystal white for balance.

  • Blue apatite for health.

You can discover the right stone for you and kill two birds with one stone. Other agate-inspired pieces come with a mixture of colour. If you buy a stone with personal reference or meaning, then you will not feel bad about paying the international forwarder their handling fees alongside the cost of international shipping as charged by the carrier of choice.

Some Agate-Inspired Home Décor and Functional Pieces

  1. Bleu Agate End Table

This table is enough to bring the vibrant hues of blue into your living room. It is a sleek hot number that features gold finished geometric design of metal legs. The agate-inspired wood top puts the cherry on top. And this will make you see the importance of a local forwarder in the US who will help you buy the table. Your living room deserves a sign of wealth and this is it.


  1. Diamond Lighting Ten Light 2-Tier Chandelier

This 2-tier chandelier is the best thing that can happen to your home in terms of colours and décor. After all, it features 10 different agate-inspired pieces. The antique gold leaf finish adds the much needed va-va-voom. But then again, Elk Lighting Light & Home sells it at a fitting price of $1661. But if you get it now, while it’s on sale, you can pay just $1329.


  1. Agate Table Light

This agate table light is a one-of-a-kind piece in every sense. It is beautifully crafted from iron and white polished agate. And well, the white polished agate is 100% natural. Expect to get a unique light, even when paired against others sold in the same batch by Graham & Green, because naturally, stones differ in shape and colour. Its an affordable buy retailing at £125.


  1. Agate on Stand

This Agate on Stand’s natural stand is made of metal. It offers a serene and simple design and comes as a set of two. The fairly sized agate slice is elevated on this stand. If you want to be truly mesmerized, then keep it near a brightly lit area. It can outshine other décor pieces and will do well as a single décor item. You can get it for $36.50 from Target.


  1. Agate Accessories

Not everything on this list is part of the agate stone home décor. Some items are accessories that are for the body and can change a simple outfit and add the much-needed glam, but in a subtle manner. The accessories also look good around the home thrown around. Visit Anthropologie to get your pick on the long list of accessories such as Mother-of-Pearl-Knob, Kiki Knob and Crowned Quartz Knob. Prices also depend on the stone, size and design you’ll pick.


  1. Blue Agate Art Print

This is one piece that is truly agate-inspired. And in every sense. Created and sold by Society 6, this art print is one of the best on the market. All thanks to the gallery quality Giclee print used to come up with the masterpiece. It comes on 100% cotton, acid and lignin free archival paper. You’re sure to keep it safe and pass it down to future generations. The print is lightweight and will not cost much when paying to ship internationally from the US to your home country.


  1. Atol Bamboo Bunching Side Table

This is the literal representation of room jewellery. The chic table is embellished to suit any space. The brains behind this table is British fashion designer Matthew Williamson. The gorgeous Bronze Bamboo legs complete the look and complement the deep blues that form the agate-inspired table top. It’s available at CB2 where its priced at $329, but is currently on sale and you can save over 100 bucks when you purchase it for $249.


  1. Anna by Rablabs Lumino Agate Coaster Set

This set of coasters is handmade and hand polished. Absolutely exquisite! Made in the US, you can hand wash these after use to keep the unfinished edges looking clean and edgy, which is a cool trend. Each of the coasters measures 4”/10cm, and the set is available in purple (eggplant) colour. Get them at Barneys for $90 per set.


  1. Agate Magic Throw Pillow

If you don’t have enough accessories, then don’t worry about the budget. You can simply get an accessory that will actually provide that decorative look that you know you deserve in your home. Unlike the ordinary scatter pillows, this throw pillow attended private school in every sense. Throw it on the couch, chair, sofa, futon, office chair, loft, bed, car seat...anywhere you desire, it will fit. Get it from Wayfair, it comes with the insert/cushion pad.


  1. Medium White Box w/Pink Agate Knob

Sometimes, the agate table might prove too much or too big for you. But you can still find the right piece that matches your needs. For example, you can choose this medium clean white box as the only agate home décor piece and the knob will shine bright enough to add colour and sparkle, and subtle enough not to overtake your home. Available from One Kings Lane, you will need to also budget for package forwarding from the US, so your buy will be forwarded from New York to your home.


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