Top 10 Authentic Indian Makeup Brands

Do you want to know something? Here at Parcl we love Indian food. Well, the chicken tikka masala and butter chicken to be precise. Anything else comes after the love for this food. And that is a fact.

From our love for Indian food, we developed an unexplainable fascination about their culture in general. And oh well, their belly dancing is totally out of this world. 

Then comes the Indian makeup. Other than their colourful, well-decorated saris, Indian women have the most intricate makeup. Well, to be specific, their use of Henna and the little red dot on the forehead alongside the long pieces of jewelry. If you have never found yourself fascinated or at the very least inquisitive about their makeup and beauty looks – well, you’re one of the few. 

Indians are the originators of the ‘dress your face concept’. Of course, makeup is made to accentuate and promote one’s natural beauty. With the jewels and paints that fall on the face, the made-up look becomes even more beautiful.

If you have never really thought about Indian makeup, you can walk into any shop and you’ll be stunned at just how many of their beauty and cosmetics products are on the shelves. I’m sure that you might have used some of the top Indian cosmetics products without even paying much attention to them.

Ten of the Most Interesting Indian Cosmetics Brands

  1. Biotique Advanced Ayurvedic

Are you interested in skincare-infused makeup products? Would you like to pout like a Diva? Then the shop that makes it to the top of our Top 10 Authentic Indian Makeup Brands will do the magic for you. After having tried their Bio Green Apple hair shampoos and therapeutic hair oils, we vouch for Biotique. Their products are made with care, are 100% vegan, silicone-free and cruelty-free. The brand is most popular for their Cucumber Pore Tightening Toners, the Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum for falling hair and their Ageless Dandelion Lightening Serum. You can select any of their products as a trial and get started.

  1. Kama Ayurveda

Indians are one strong group of beautiful souls that have a lot of deities. But one deity that most of them believe in is Kama. Thus, a Kama Ayurveda brand from India is a definite given. The brand was founded in 2002 and is now one of the most successful, widely recognized and loved across the country. Their Miraculous Body Fluid makes the skin super radiant; age becomes just a number. And you only need a couple of drops. You can also try their Bringadi all-in-one hair treatment for the best-looking hair. The list is endless!

  1. Color Bar

Since its inception in 2005, this brand has worked hard to make it to the top of the competitive beauty industry. The Color Bar is one of India’s most colourful makeup stores. With stores both online and physically within India, the brand has obviously grown in strength and significance. Shoppers love the 3 for 2 special which is a frequent happenstance: you buy 3 products but pay only for 2 of the 3. There is a Color Bar Insta Shop that features influencers showing the masses how to wear their makeup items acquired from the Color Bar. If you’re interested, you can check out the Insta Shop.

  1. Lakme

The Lakme journey has been one long road, and oh what a story to tell and be told. This brand has made it from afar and now, they are stronger, at a different – later stage. Originally launched in 1952, this brand was the brainchild of Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister, who wanted India to have an indigenous cosmetics brand. Lakme has been a beautiful part of most Indians and the fact that most of their items are priced on the affordable spectrum makes it even easier to access. You can get started by trying out their Lakme Absolute Matte Ultimate with the Heart of Argan.

  1. Lotus Herbals

Dating back to 1993, the Lotus Herbals brand has increased in productivity and quality. If you’re looking for natural Indian cosmetics, then Lotus Herbals should be one of the first shops you visit. Specializing more in skincare than makeup, this store has made it clear that they care for the skin, day or night. The brand is well-known for housing over 250 skincare, makeup and hair care products. At Lotus Herbals, the creatives believe in, and actually work to combine Ayurveda with the secrets of ancient science. Although they export their own products, they are also a hit back at home in India.

  1. Gulnare Care

With Gulnare Care products, pampering yourself is now a favorite and easy pastime. Take care of yourself with ease in the comfort of your home with products that are filled and infused with Indian beauty skincare secrets. You can get started by experiencing their Dry skin or Oily-Acne Prone skin products. Whatever your choice is, you will be left with good looking, healthy skin. There are also Anti-aging products for ladies of all ages who are interested in preventing and reversing the signs of aging on skin.

  1. Forest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda

You can get in touch with yourself in the comfort of your home with products from Forest Essentials. There are a lot of categories to get you started. Select from facial to hair, and even body care. There is also a wellness section for ladies that want to take care of their family’s health. Their loyal customers and user base should be enough testimony for you to experience your first buy in India by shopping this brand. Their cold-pressed oils are of high standards and pure grade. Worth the time and effort that goes in locating the best Indian parcel forwarder.

  1. Shahnaz

Shahnaz is one of the oldest brands to come out of India. The brand enjoys a wide international clientele with a success that accompanies their products. Shahnaz is loved and continues to be on the top list of successful Indian makeup brands because of their dedication and loyalty to Ayurvedic concoctions. You can get started by trying out their classic products that helped make Shahnaz an international household name. Or try the latest products that are well-loved and preferred by the younger generations. A simple try-out will prove to you just why Shahnaz Husain has been climbing the ladder of success and staying there since 1970.

  1. Himalayas

The Himalayas is not just the popular mountain range. Well, in this case, we’re referring you to the Indian brand with naturally grown and extracted ingredients. Founded in 1930, the brand has grown and gone on to become one of the most bought, and sought-after globally. If you’re after a healthy, nourished and glowing skin, then the Himalaya skincare range is what you need to get. Their purifying neem is the truth, there is simply nothing like it. Take care of your oral hygiene as well by getting their range of toothpastes and mouthwashes. There is also a line of baby skincare products that are extracted naturally with minimal to no use of chemicals.

  1. Elle 18

You can safely say that you have successfully managed to shop online in India if you have at least one item from Elle 18. This brand is one of the most loved, and with good reason. Their products are made from high-quality products extracted from India. If you want to learn and experience what India is made of then start by purchasing Elle 18. Their Lipstick and Nail Polishes remain the most sought-after even with the rise of other international brands. Also easily accessible on Amazon India for international shoppers.

Learn More About Package Forwarding from India

Shopping for Indian cosmetics from your local convenience store is one thing. But, going online and actually dedicating your time and effort to shopping Indian cosmetics from Indian stores is quite a boss move. Not only does it show that you care about yourself and most importantly, about what goes on your face, but it also indicates the love that you have for real deals and getting more from the real deal.

Previously, the biggest challenge about shopping overseas from the actual Indian shops was the lack of direct international shipping or at least parcel forwarding from India. Trying to shop online and at the same instance locating the methods that you can use to shop and ship can be a big challenge. Wouldn’t you love to be able to focus on the shopping aspect knowing that your Indian makeup will be handled locally and forwarded to your address overseas as soon as the store dispatches your order?

Package forwarding from India is now an easy feat. Powered by Parcl, a global parcel forwarding platform with verified Indian local shopping addresses and forwarders – Parcl makes it easy to shop and ship internationally from India.

Why Should You Order Delivery at Parcl?

Parcl has tight security measures implemented. And there is a great number of benefits that come with their non-subscription membership. These include:

  • Protection of personal data by the site’s SSL protocol.

  • Easy access to the world’s top deals and some exclusive offers, you get to shop like a local from whichever country your current shopping haul is based in.

  • Reliable Indian forwarders at your beck and call, willing to help you complete your purchase, arrange delivery and some additional services at your request.

  • You can even pay for your Indian makeup via your forwarder through PayPal.

  • Most importantly, your package is carefully handled and then sent via the world’s leading carriers.

With the help of your Indian package forwarder, you’ll be able to get makeup and other products from India shipped to your location. 

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