Top 10 Deadpool Funko Pop Figures

Following the astounding success of Deadpool, the American superhero film released in January 2016, there has been a series of Deadpool inspired toys and merchandise to match the vibe. While watching Deadpool, the personal touch becomes super-personal, as Deadpool keeps on talking to both the reader and writer! Viewers can’t help but feel like they are a part of the story. How cool can a character get?


While the Deadpool merch is still available in bulk, you can make haste and select the items that tickle your fancy. Buy any Deadpool merch from the USA and have it delivered by a US package forwarder using a trusted carrier.

Understanding the Deadpool Vibe

Right, so, assuming you’re not a huge fan of Deadpool and know little about the Deadpool merch, here is a short walk through Marvel’s creativity. The story of Deadpool is that of Wade Wilson, a wisecracking mercenary unfairly discharged as a special force operative. He meets a lady many wouldn’t exactly think of as ‘wife material.’ But falls in love and marries her. As a married man, Wilson discovers he has terminal cancer and decides to save his new bride Vanessa by leaving her. A mysterious recruiter then takes Wilson to a lab owned by Ajax and Angel Dust who claim to have an experimental cancer cure. While in the chamber, Wilson plays around mocking Ajax, whose real name is Francis. This leads to Ajax subduing Wilson and placing him in a hyperbaric chamber.

The lab crew leave Wilson in the chamber over the weekend where he periodically asphyxiates. The asphyxiation goes on until he reaches the point of superhuman. At a huge cost! Wilson is left severely bruised with burn-like scars. From there Ajax tries to burn Wilson together with the lab, but the latter manages to escape from the dead pool. Thus, he gets his name  - Deadpool and decides to become a vigilante.

So there you have it, we all love vigilante superheroes, and with such a distinguished background and unfair conditions thrown at the National hero, it’s only natural that we levitate towards the Funko POP! Deadpool merch.

Why Deadpool Merch Revolves Mostly Around the Deadpool Character

So you know, Funko usually makes the best vinyl figurines for most central characters, especially in a superhero film. With Deadpool figurines, it’s almost all about Deadpool. All collectibles and bobbleheads in our carefully selected list feature the man of the moment – Deadpool. Here are some cool facts that explain the love:

  • Deadpool is an American Hero who is of Canadian descent! Yes, our main guy cites Captain America as his childhood hero, and he is from Canada.

  • Deadpool was initially crafted as a straight villain.

  • He is obsessed with being best friends with Spider-Man.

  • Although excellent in weaponry usage, his biggest weapon is his mouth.


If you’re a die-hard fan and supporter of Deadpool, then this list is for you.

  1. Deadpool Maskless Red Suit

The classic Deadpool is the scarred Wilson. When you buy this Funko POP! Deadpool without his mask, you get to see his rough red face. Since he’s always mutating, the scarring is continually changing and developing. Of course, you don’t get to see the mutations on your pop figurine, but you get the rough idea - literally.

Get it here


  1. Deadpool Maskless Grey Suit

The success behind all the Deadpool merch is primarily due to the character’s ability to be both a hero and a villain. The Deadpool in Grey Suit is the same as the one in the red suit, the only difference being the colours.  Deadpool is wearing his Grey X-force suit and also wields a gun and sword. Buy this Marvel Funko POP! Vinyl bobblehead from the US and get it delivered internationally.

Get it here


  1. Deadpool with two Swords

Of all Marvel Deadpool merchandise that has a cool aura, the one of the main character with two katanas is totally badass. Own this figurine, which pays respect to the character’s abilities in cutting up some carnitas or slicing up his enemies on the battlefield with ease.

Get it here


  1. Deadpool X-Men Costume

Remember from the storyline, Deadpool becomes superhuman just like the X-Men. Since Deadpool also appears on the X-Men, it makes perfect sense that the available Deadpool collectibles also include one of him in his X-Men costume.

Get it here


  1. Bath Time Deadpool

How would you feel about owning Deadpool who is ready for bath time? One of the significant characteristics of our hero is his sense of humour. A Deadpool carrying his duckie, wearing a shower cap and ready for bath time is the perfect depiction of the superhero. Buy the figurine via Parcl who offer package forwarding from the US.

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  1. Deadpool Yellow and Blue Costume

Another Deadpool figurine in an X-Man costume only in different colours.  Made exclusively for Amazon, you can only buy it online and get it delivered with the services of a trusted parcel forwarder.

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  1. Black Suit Deadpool Keychain

Your POP! Figurine can also work practically. Shop your 1 ½ inch keychain of Black suited up Deadpool. Since it’s also available exclusively from Amazon, you can shop in the US and ship internationally.

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  1. Pirate Deadpool

Our fav, Deadpool is both the good and bad superhero. When you want to define the character, schizophrenic doesn’t even explain half of the story. There’s no need to ask questions that are difficult to answer. Just get the cool Pirate version of Deadpool, which is a vinyl bobblehead.

Get it here


  1. Funko Hikari Deadpool (X-Force)

Funko Hikari is a Japanese inspired version of Deadpool. The eyes spell it out as they are inspired by all the anime characters we’ve grown accustomed to. Buy from the US and get your X-Force figurine delivered to almost any location in the world.

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  1. SDCC Exclusive Deadpool Chimichangas Truck

To close our list is a figurine of the Chimichangas truck, which the character loves and trusts for his Mexican food. Feed all your Deadpool figurines with food from the armoured vehicle that has reinforced side panels for extra tight security.

Get it here


If you don’t like Trucks and already have most of the Deadpool figures on this list, you can buy other exclusive Funko POP! Collectibles online and have them delivered in no time.

Get your Deadpool Collectibles Online and Worry Less About Variety

Unlike most fans, who only get to choose from the pre-selected items stocked by their local comic book store, take charge and search for a broader range by shopping online. In America, where the famous San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) happens every year, there is more than enough merchandise to build your own Deadpool shrine in the comfort of your home. The comic-faithful version of Deadpool is exhibited in most of his appearances in the outfits in our top 10 picks. Go online and buy from the USA to increase the chances of having unique Deadpool merch at reasonable prices.


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