Top 10 Makeup Brands for Vegans

Details around the testing of beauty products on animals made animal lovers take to the streets, courts, internet and any other platform they could find protesting against such treatment. The aftermath of these protests was almost like a purge. Animal-based ingredients have dwindled as they continue losing traction in the labs and factories. Plant-derived ingredients are taking the lead in the wake of animal cruelty scandals. Thus, skin care and makeup products are all picking up animal-friendly ingredients and going out of their way to ensure fair treatment in the labs.

Just a decade ago, finding plant-based skincare products was rare. Nowadays, almost every other product on the shelves is packed full of vegan-friendly ingredients. We have rounded up the 10 best vegan makeup brands that have some of the best products for lovers of animals and use ingredients that are not only animal-friendly, but also love your skin.

Top Ten Trendy Vegan-Based Brands

  1. Milk Makeup

Part of the main ingredients used in skincare products are sulphates and parabens. Milk Makeup is one of the leading vegan based makeup brands that pride themselves on giving buyers value for their money by providing paraben-free products. All makeup products on shelves are cruelty-free and absolutely 100% vegan. Your reaction to their super-nourishing formulas is a skin that glows from versatile finishes. Milk also helps achieve dreamy complexions. Since no brushes are needed to apply their products, just set up your Parcl package forwarding account to buy Milk Makeup range and you’re good to go. Best skincare routine ever.

Visit the Milk Makeup website.


  1. Charlotte Tilbury

If you’re searching for original vegan makeup that is nothing but high-quality, shop from Charlotte Tilbury. This brand offers shoppers nutrient-filled products. Discover your all-time favourite vegan-friendly formulas, shop skin-loving eyeshadows, face creams and lipsticks from this brand. They have a wide range of tones and shades that offer choices when it comes to the use of liquid foundation. If you’re looking for a matte or super gloss that is packed with nutrient overdose, shop this brand.

Visit the Charlotte Tilbury webstore.


  1. Inika Mineral Makeup

One of the brands that have been forward about sabotaging products that are not animal-friendly has been Inika. Over the course of campaigning for vegan-based formulas, Inika has always qualified as the people’s advocate. Products selected for their quality process are tested for purity, checked for safety and pass dermatological tests for allergens. The brand offers shoppers a toxin-free, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly list of products. Their healthy, high-performing makeup gives the skin radiant glows. If you’re interested in a brand that uses holistic methods of manufacture, then Inika has the right shade for you.

Shop Inika Products online.


  1. Cover FX

This makeup brand is a combination of vegan based and high-quality makeup products. Their ranges offer better cover, you can make your own custom makeup and it also celebrates your imperfections. Select to shop their drops, foundations and primers when you buy online. Local shoppers get free shipping on products over $50.

Shop Cover FX online.


  1. Jeffree Star Makeup

This brand is a place of safety, experiment and astonishing fashion-forward formulas. If you’re interested in leading makeup, or easily get bored, then this vegan-friendly brand is your best shot. With Jeffree Star, there are new releases almost every fortnight and thus, you never get bored. Request international shipping quotation from your forwarder to purchase from this brand. Their stylish packaging is more exciting with each new release.

Shop Jeffree Star online.


  1. Kat Von D Beauty

Their slogan reads “Makeup made with love, not animals #crueltyfree.” For those obsessed with quality makeup products that come in a wide range of colours, Kat Von D Beauty is the international brand of note. Select anything and everything from highlighters to lipsticks and blushes.

Shop Kat Von D makeup.


  1. Lime Crime

This brand is not just about vegan makeup. They also focus on hair, accessories and everything beauty. If you’re interested in colourful trends, innovations and leading inventions, then select the Lime Crime products off the shelves. Their products are 100% vegan and totally cruelty-free.

Shop from Lime Crime.


  1. Axiology

At Axiology, the developers believe that makeup should be safe for those who wear it, but go even further by being safe for the animals and all who reside on the planet. Thus, this brand is for fashion-forward lovers who appreciate their health as well as everyone else sharing the same space. Contact a trusted parcel forwarder to help you get your Axiology makeup products delivered.

Shop Axiology website.


  1. E.l.f

Now, this is another internationally acclaimed brand. E.l.f has flawless finishes and their foundations deserve space in the book of makeup genius. Also offering jelly highlighters, Elf comes as an answered prayer for those who concern themselves with a holistic and complete makeup brand. Priced in a friendly range, they have everything for the ordinary daily makeup look and it’s just brilliant.

Shop e.l.f. Cosmetics US online store.


  1. Everyday Minerals

This brand is 100% vegan and all products are handcrafted in Austin, Texas. Offering shoppers sustainable and award-winning solutions, it makes one proud to shop such a revolutionary brand that comes with high-quality concealers and finishing powders worth writing home about and at reasonable prices.

Shop Everyday Minerals online.

Your Selected Brand Not Offering International Shipping? Parcl is Your Solution

Are you interested in benefiting from opportunities such as Inika Afterpay? With Afterpay, you get to buy now and pay for your purchase later. Great news, if you’re in Australia and a few other countries and shop Inika, you are eligible to free Express Post on all purchases over $50. But how do you qualify for free Express Post among other benefits?

The process is simple. Well, that is if you’re shopping from Australia, the US, or the UK. For products that qualify as quality vegan makeup brands, the prices can be somewhat higher than your normal budget. But that still doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the products. Be strategic in the way you shop. With Parcl, you can shop and ship as if you’re right in Australia. Here is how:

  1. Open a parcel forwarding account with Parcl at

  2. Create an order request by filling out the form on the website and estimating the number of vegan makeup products that you would like to bring into the country in your first shipping experience.

  3. You will receive an estimated quotation which comes with a verified shopping address.

  4. Also, your quoted sum includes the services of a local handler if you select such services.

  5. Use your new local shopping address to make purchases of your favourite vegan cosmetics and they will be shipped for free locally if the value of purchase meets the threshold to qualify.

  6. Your local handler will receive your vegan-based products on your behalf and proceed to the final stage, which is taking the parcel to an international carrier to ship to its final destination, your country.

The Parcl parcel forwarding services are about the evolution of international shopping and shipping. You can purchase whatever you want online as long as you are able to afford the shipping costs. Shop for vegan range makeup and skincare products, but you’re also free to purchase anything that you like as long as it is legal to ship overseas.

By the way, pairing up vegan makeup with vegan multivitamins will help you maintain healthy vegan lifestyle. Do a balanced vegan diet by taking up vegan multivitamins. See these reviews to know which is good for you. 

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