Top Things to Bring Back from Every Country in Europe

Apart from photos and videos, you can always preserve the memories and experiences of every trip in a souvenir. However, the keepsake you choose to take home with you has to be worthy of a true memento with a rich story behind it. 

Many of Europe’s finest souvenirs, such as pottery, liqueurs, spirits, and wines, aren’t friendly with the hand luggage guidelines of airlines. This might put you at a disadvantage and limit your options. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t find the one item to bring back from every country in Europe. 

So, whether you’re getting the folks back home a token or you just want to add to your travel collection, you still need to find the right items. You must choose those that won’t break the bank and violate hand luggage restrictions. 

Keep reading to check out great souvenirs that you can take home from any country in Europe. 


If you partake in one of Germany’s many iconic festivals such as Oktoberfest, you can still bring the celebrations home.  

Bavarian wears have seen a modern revival and have been reclaiming their place in fashion. From lederhosen to dirndl, you can find classic traditional clothing that not only helps you fit in during your tour. It also serves as a commemorative symbol of your time spent in Bavaria. 

If you’re looking for a more historical keepsake, you can visit the Berlin Wall Memorial to get an authentic piece of the famous divisive wall. 


Are you planning on basking in the golden sun at any of Spain’s Mediterranean beaches? Perhaps, you want to explore hallowed destinations such as the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. There are many authentic items available at local markets that will let you stay in touch with the soul of Spain. 

Items like Spanish spices and liquor might prove difficult to pass through the airport. It’s better to go for other souvenir-worthy materials such as wineskins, popularly known as Botas, handmade fans, cheap castanets, and even Saffron. 



Italy is known for its olive oils, balsamic vinegar, Murano glass, and limoncello. However, these items won’t do you any good away from the country,  since you can’t travel with them in your hand carry-on luggage. That doesn’t mean you have to go home empty-handed. 

You can get rosary beads from St. Peters if you’re visiting Rome. You can also buy some fine linen from known local retailers that supply garments to priests, bishops and even popes.  

If you’re heading to Venice, take back a Venetian door knocker, preferably the lion head. This way, you’ll feel like walking into a Venetian household everytime you come home.



France is famous for its wines, cheese and charcuterie, among other treats. You’ll have to be realistic about going for any of these options if you want to get your loved ones something from the trip. Wines and liqueurs might be restricted by your airline. Fragrance and integrity of the spectacular lump of cheese and other delicacies might be lost to the journey. 

While you can’t take Parisian baguettes home due to the reasons we just explained, you can easily get baguette-related souvenirs. These include, such as knives, boards, and custom cloth covers for packing your baguettes. 

You can also shop at one of Paris' outlet stores to take back home a piece of the country’s high fashion culture. 

United Kingdom 

Britain is synonymous with tea. Over its history, the country has cultivated a strong culture around this particular memento. You’ll be taking home a slice of its history whether you visited London or any of its rural counties.  

Price won’t be an issue as you can get anything to suit your budget. How low or high you choose to go is your cup of tea. 


If you have friends, family, and colleagues with serious sweet tooth, then you should go for stroopwafels. The waffle-like biscuits are one of the most popular Dutch souvenirs, just ask any local. If you want more, go for Dutch liquorice. 


Greece is rich with traditional and different items to remind you of your stay. Since quintessential liquids like Ouzo and Greek olive oil won’t pass luggage restrictions, you can go for some of the country’s fresh herbs and spices that can fit into any bag. 

If you want to take more of Greece with you, go for the Tavli. The game will help you imbibe a part of Greece and keep your memories there always fresh. 


Apart from the amazing Swiss chocolates and wines, there are plenty that you can take home, including the very popular and obvious Swiss knives. You can also go for a spectacular Swiss watch.


After enjoying the thrill of Sweden’s vast Arctic landscapes and learning the country’s intriguing history, you can take home a memento to mark your journey.  The candy canes you’ll see everywhere, called Polkagris, have a unique taste that you can’t find anywhere else. You can also go for exotic Swedish candlesticks, carved wooden utensils, Lovikka mittens, and Sami jewelry. If you’re in the country around Christmas holidays, there is even more to choose from. 


Poland happens to be one of those European countries rich in history and tradition. Leaving with a piece rooted in their cultures will surely serve as a fond remembrance of the place. 

Wooden figurines are among those items that have deep roots in Polish traditions. You can buy anything from wooden gadgets, wooden toys for kids, and Christmas tokens, most of which are carved by hand.  

You can also go for Polish sweets, amber jewelry and Polish old school gadgets, among others.


From Bruges to Brussels, there are lots of items that can follow you home.  

Laces are among the country’s top treasures. Lacework is a very revered tradition, making Belgian Lace one of the most traditional souvenirs you can take with you. 

There’s also the bizarrely popular Manneken-Pis: a miniature statue of a boy taking a wee. The memento has now become something of a symbol in Brussels. If you visit the city, the small statue will always remind you of your time there whenever you see it. You can get this souvenir in different forms, from cockscrews to shot glasses.


You can’t miss Mozart’s following if you visit Austria, especially Salzburg, his home town. Little wonder you’ll find the composer’s face on many things, including sweets. You can take “Mozart balls” home with you to commemorate your journey to Austria. 



If you’re taking anything away from Croatia, it should be one of its unique traditional items, the Cavat. The necktie will give  you the look of a true historical Croatian mercenary. You can also get handmade items such as nautical bracelets, kitchenware, necklaces and the likes. 


Denmark is home to the largest Lego marketplace in the world. You should note that the prices of Lego in Denmark aren’t that far off from most places in the world, even though this is where they originated. However, you can find Legos here that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Czech Republic 

There are many cultural souvenirs that you can get from Czechia, such as the retro Mucha posters and the ornamental bohemian glass. However, since you can’t take these in your hand luggage, you can still go for the local garnet that also has a firm place in the country's cultural history. 

The semi-precious stone is used to make jewelry, paperweights, and pieces of art. You can easily find something that works with your budget.


Bringing a true piece of Ireland home is no challenge. Almost everywhere you travel, you can easily find an item that symbolizes the country. If you are interested in clothing, go for a hand-knitted fisherman sweater. 

 The Claddagh ring is one of the most popular souvenirs that you can go for. It symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. The clasped heart represents friendship, the heart love, and the crown -  loyalty.  

Anyone can wear it, but you have to wear it right to send the correct signal. Depending on where the heart is pointed and which hand carries the ring, you can signal that you’re married, engaged, in a relationship, or single. 


You can connect to traditions thousands of years old when you get a Carpathian beaded necklace or wooden bracelet. They are handmade items crafted by Carpathian Mountains region's artisans and are made from Ukrainian woods.  

Another popular souvenir in Ukraine is the pysanky. They are hand-painted and hand-carved Easter eggs with ornamental features. They’re known to be talismans that go back to ancient culture, but today, they're popular for their decorative uses.  

Ukrainian Matryoshka dolls also make great collectibles. They’re  stackable, so you don’t have to worry so much about luggage space.



Whether you’re exploring Mount Floyen or visiting the Fjords, there’s always something you can take home with you to remember them by or gift your loved ones. 

Norwegian chocolates are distinct to the country, Norway can help you give chocolate lovers a treat. Consider the salty licorice and the lakris, as they’re among the best sellers in the country.  

You can also grab a lucky troll. The trolls used to be known in Norwegian folklore to bring sadness and grief and for their black magic. These days, they’re only popular for their mischief and serve as a source of fun. You could also grab a nice vintage from one of the many voyage stores you can find around. 


The Nordic country has unique traditional gifts that can blow anyone away and serve as a souvenir.  

The traditional Finnish belt knives, puukos, are knives in the real sense that can be used for anything from cutting meats to carving. The handle can be made from Oak, horn, bone or birch.  

Marimekko is now one of Finland’s beloved prints. You can get the prints in bags, towels, plates, and dresses. A simple tote bag adorned with the prints can make a fine gift for someone expecting you home. 


Straw is a dominant cultural artefact in Belarus that stretches back centuries. Straw figurines, bundles, and wreaths were used in the hay days of Belarusian folklore. You have a variety of options when it comes to what you can get. There are straw braided figurines of hats, flowers, chests and boxes, amulets and dolls, animals and birds, among others. All you have to do is choose what will fit into your luggage. 


If you didn’t know, Dracul in Romania means Dragon. If you’re still wondering where I’m going with this, then you probably haven’t seen Hotel Transylvania.  

Since Vlad III was born in what is now Romania, you can easily get fridge magnets and wine bottles fashioned in his image. Just make sure you’re comfortable looking at what represents a famous blood-sucking vampire. Nonetheless, you can take solace in knowing that the man and the fictional character have little in common apart from their name. 

If you’re not comfortable with Count Dracula, you can go for sheepskin hats, known as Căciulă or traditional attires that are deeply rooted in Balkan traditions.


You’ll be right to think that capturing The Northern Lights is all the memento you’ll ever need coming out from Iceland. After all, you could always go back to your photos and videos to spark that sense of nostalgia and see those moments again. But what if you can get something as remarkable as Icelandic lava? Yes, that’s right!  

With the right guide, you can buy jewelry made from the country’s lava. You should be careful as there are many fakes out there. Smooth jewelry is most likely imported, but those that are still rough are the real deal.  

You can also attend some Icelandic lava shows to see hot molten lava in real life and take your own piece of lava home. 


You can choose to get Rubik’s cube from its home country to serve as a reminder that you were there. 

Painted eggs, which are very popular during Easter, have a rich, customary  traditional story behind them. In the tradition, a woman is to keep a painted egg for her beloved when he comes in Easter and sprinkles water on her. The eggs are sold as beautiful ornaments that can improve your decor back home. 


The Maltese cross can be seen everywhere in the world. Football team insignias, clothing brands and so on. Buying the cross itself should be the easiest thing you can do in Malta. However, if you want to go for another item of importance that still carries the cross, go for a good old door knocker. 

Your options are not limited to the country’s symbol. There are souvenir shops everywhere and you can easily pick a fond item to remember your journey by.  



Luxembourg is home to some of the big wrist watch makers. However, if you’re not up for getting a timepiece, there are rich varieties of chocolates native to the country that you can take back to those at home. 

There is also handcrafted jewelry made by local artisans. Depending on your budget, you can get locally made jewelry recycled from old fabrics or a truly high-end ornament. 


Customize your fridge with a little Bulgarian clothing by taking home an embroidered magnet. The bright colorful patterns will preserve memories.  

Try the mursalski chai - tea and make sure you take some home with you if you find the quality good enough. 

If you can make space for it, consider making your journey back home with the Duduk, a traditional flute used by shepherds in the past. Join other Bulgarians to keep that history alive. 


Pisanice easter eggs are absolutely beautiful, and will serve as great memorabilia.  

The Idrija lace is one of the highest quality laces you can find in the world. I, and if you’re a fan, it won’t be a bad idea to get one from your visit to Slovenia. 


Have you heard about one of the worst inflations in the history of mankind? Back then, Yugoslavia, Serbia’s economy was hit so hard that 500 billion-dinar notes were printed, although never in circulation, they existed long enough. Some souvenir shops keep them on sale. You can even pretend to be an important figure by having your face printed on the notes at the National Bank Museum. 

You can also opt to go for other souvenirs such as musical instruments, including the Gusle and Frula, which are part of the country’s many traditions. 


You can only find the delicate Lefkara lace in Cyprus. If you haven’t collected too much lace from all your travels already, this artistic needlework is something you should be taking home with you from Cyprus. It also won’t hurt to add it to your existing lace collections.  

Boxes of “delights” will also change the kind of welcome you receive when you get home. These delicious sweets have been part of the island for centuries and are not produced with preservatives. 


You have different choices of things made in Lithuanian amber, which is considered gold in the country, from necklaces and bracelets, to magnets and paintings. 

While jewelry is as perfect a gift as anything, you can also take home a Lithuanian Sash. These are handmade pieces of needlework known for their class and historical significance. Do note that they’re quite expensive. 


You can easily get low-cost treasure in Albania as silver production is the oldest and one of the most respected crafts in the country. Prices rarely go up, which means you can find budget-friendly beauties to get for those at home. You can also save one as a keepsake to remember your time in the country. 


Wearing a shot glass around your neck might seem bizarre. Even so , whenever you see this collectible lying around your rack, you’ll fondly remember time spent in the country. Known as pijacka poharik, the glasses are exquisitely decorated and covered in leather.   


Moldova preserved its cultures and traditions coming out of the Soviet Union, and there are distinct items that can draw you back to time spent there. A signature local instrument is the pan flute. It is made up of several pipes joined together, it is made of reed or elder. There is also a more ancient, flute-like, wind instrument, called "ocarina".


Monaco’s tiny size did not stop it from creating and preserving cultures that go far back in history. It still welcomes millions of tourists, and there are souvenirs that you won’t just have to settle for but want to take home with you.  

Chips from the country’s casinos are representations that will remind of its economic prowess and the people’s source of wealth. Meanwhile, its unique and intricate time stamps will serve as a worthy memento if you’re not a big fan of gambling. 

You can also grab some of the iconic Grand Prix shirts and other souvenirs to mark your time in the country. 


Want to remember Estonia’s beautiful summer nights and its western islands? Go for juniper products. You can get just about any item made out of wood, from key chains to knives.  

If you’re getting an item for those at home, go for knitted sweaters made by the locals or impressive design jewelry that connects to the country’s culture. 


Kitsch memorabilia is one of the most common things that speak to Liechtenstein more than anything else. You can find numerous souvenir shops in this tiny country and the selection is vast.


Take the taste of Andorra home with you by getting some cured Catalan meats without worrying about how they’ll fare during the journey. They’ll survive just well, like Morcilla sausage and Iberico ham do.  

The tiny country is also a tax haven, so you can buy designer materials without worrying about VAT. 


The Kappa is a local traditional cap that symbolizes different moments of the country’s history. The red symbolizes the lives lost as the country wrestled for freedom, gold represents the five centuries of the Ottoman yoke, and black to grieve the faded magnificence of Serbia. No doubt, taking this home forever connects you with the country’s sentimental history. 


Even if you never thought about getting a souvenir, the herbs and spices on display will no doubt win you over. Your spice rack will never remain the same once you’re done shopping in this tiny country that attracts millions of tourists yearly. 


You’ll find plenty of shops selling quality amber in Latvia. The quantity and quality of Amber on sale in Latvia in every season reflects the country’s standing. After all, the country is home to one of the largest amber deposits in the world. It’s a fantastic opportunity to collect magnificent items made out of amber as a gift to your loved ones or as an addition to your travel chest. 


A figurine of Hyjnesha ne fron is probably the most iconic souvenir that you can take out of Kosovo. The goddess of the throne is an inhabitant of almost every home in Prishtina. You can find the figurines in any local souvenir shop, whether you’re going for the original terracotta color or unique designs that suit your taste. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina 

The array of hand-crafted trinkets in Mostar is virtually endless. You’ll have many varieties of stunning homeware and stained-glass lanterns to choose from. 


Don’t just collect souvenirs to lose them later.  Find a special place for them, or better still, make them a part of you by decorating your home and wearing them. Do you have nothing to show for your previous travels? You can start a habit of collecting right now! In the event that travel is not possible, don’t forget that you can find a forwarder in any country with the help of Parcl and get these items delivered, no matter where you live.  

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