Topshop Beauty Line Relaunched

If you’re an observing Topshop makeup lover, then you might have already noticed their products dwindling off the shelves. Although the brand decided not to make a big deal out of it by making an official statement, their revamped look will make the loudest noise. As we draw closer to the year end, Topshop makeup is coming back with a remodelled look.


None other than their fans inspire the Topshop makeup relaunch, that is set to be the biggest glow-up ever witnessed in high-street beauty. In case you were wondering where all the feedback you were sending was going, this is the answer. Topshop took customer feedback and used it as the template for their line makeover. Be warned, their new look is nothing short of amazing, and you are going to fall in love all over again.


For starters, the brand took the high road and used The Leaping Bunny to certify their testing as cruelty-free. You’re going to feel all the more refreshed and relaxed to be using products that are compassionate and that care about the environment. Beauty with compassion — that’s what the revamped Topshop makeup range will be advocating when it hits the shelves.

What to Expect in the Relaunched Cosmetics

The new Topshop cosmetics range is not here to play funny games. They came to make a statement and a statement they shall make. The new image is sure going to make you fall in love with just the outside look before even trying on any of their makeup.

  • In a clever and calculated business move, the rebirth of Topshop Beauty comes with some of their iconic and bestselling formulas. Namely, the Glow Pot is making its way back onto our shelves with more finesse than before.

  • Almost all other products have received major upgrades and overhauls. They are expected to hit the shelves with a new look and glow.

  • The relaunch comes with Topshop cosmetics having 83 lip textures and shades that you get to play with, 6 eyeshadow looks, and 15 nail polish essentials, an eyeliner made to suit and match every occasion. There are also more matte and iridescent highlighters, bronzers and blushers to last you a lifetime.

  • The Topshop makeup UK pricing is going to leave you baffled. One would expect the relaunch to come with inflated price tags, but to everyone’s surprise, the prices are friendly and economical. Priced between £5 and £16, it seems like your favourite brand is just what you need to create customised Christmas presents for the ladies close to your heart.


The best bit of news is that Topshop did not just rest on adding new bits to their cosmetics line. The Topshop Beauty rebirth comes with package growth and technological advancements. The new pieces are lightweight and friendlier, designed to give you that sophisticated light look with hard-hitting pigments. Say goodbye to that heavy cake and muddy feel other makeup brands leave you burdened with, go for the lightweight relaunched products. When applied, the new Topshop makeup has a promise of lasting the entire day.

Date of Release and Availability

The relaunch of Topshop cosmetics makeup products happens on November 2, just in time for the holidays. Although there are no limitations or bans imposed by the Topshop brand, there are of course limitations on shipping internationally. Given that the revamped makeup will hit the shelves in just over a week, you have time to start budgeting and incorporating it into your holiday budget.


International shoppers can have access to their favourite glam look by shopping online as usual. To ensure that you’re a glamified Topshop beauty on Christmas, you have to start shopping as soon as possible. The release date has come, but it’s the holiday season, coupled with the sales going on around the globe; such as the AliExpress 11.11 and Black Friday, shipping logistics will be quite a nightmare.

Shop your Topshop Makeup in the UK and have it Shipped by Parcl

Holiday shipping delays are quite the notorious disappointment. Usually, online shoppers select whatever they need to buy and have it shipped by the most affordable or the first logistics company they come across. Needless to mention, the holiday season is the most congested time of the year with shipping and handling traffic.


Avoid disappointment by selecting to work with a trusted package forwarding service such as Parcl. Through their demonstrated success stories for over 5 years, you can sign up for an account and get your Topshop makeup shipped your way quickly and efficiently. Your Parcl account is non-binding and can be used as and when needed. In a nutshell, once you receive your cosmetics from Topshop makeup UK or US or Canada, there is no requirement to keep your Parcl account open. But, if you’re happy with the services and believe you may use them again, by all means, you can go ahead and use the same account for as long as you want.


But first, let’s take a look at how you can get your Topshop makeup shipped in record time:

  1. Visit the official Parcl website and create a request by clicking on ‘Create a request’. There are no registration or subscription fees required.

  2. Enter all details about your location, address, etc., and enter the URL either of the Topshop makeup items in your cart or the one item you would like to buy.

  3. You will receive quotations from verified local forwarders and these come with a free shopping address in the store’s country. Select the one you prefer.

  4. In case you cannot pay out of the Topshop cosmetics store with your local card, you can pay for your purchases using PayPal via Parcl. Once paid for, the makeup package gets delivered to your local handler who will do as you have instructed.

  5. Once the package gets shipped your way, you will get a tracking number. The transaction is only complete when you receive your package and mark it as complete.


Having a Parcl account opens more opportunities for your shopping. In addition to the Topshop makeup, you can buy other products from web stores through your Parcl account. And, in case you need help selecting, there is the Parcl Store loaded with electronics, cosmetics, luggage bags and much more.


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