Turn Colors into Music with This Toy

Have you seen things change as seasons change and colors metamorphize? Did you get a chance to observe the lights of disco nights? How about the stars of the galaxy as they dance across the starry dark night sky and change your mood?

If you’ve had the privilege of experiencing any or all of these, then you must have a certain level of appreciation for music and what it stands for. Sphero has a new toy that turns colors into music and you will love the magic that is this toy. A connected ring keeps the colors changing as they are churned out as music.

With music, your mood changes rapidly and you get something to look forward to regardless of circumstances or unfavourable turn of events. As such, the Specdrums toy is a must-have for every musician. Other than being portable and housing the latest technology, it makes sound creation on the go an easy and accessible feature.

  • Specdrums add more color to your life. In case you have been feeling low, bored or unmotivated, then this musical toy will fix you right up.

  • They are affordable, especially since they can function just like a keyboard but you don’t have to rob a bank to afford the toy.

  • The Specdrums toy turns colors into music for adults making it possible to bring out the inner kid without societal judgement. And there’s more to it, you get to sharpen your sense of sound and creative range.

How did Specdrums Toy Music Color Ring Lights Become a Thing in 2019?

Following the acquisition of Specdrums by Sphero in June 2018, the creative teams began working on a cool revamped idea for the introduction of the merged teams as one. The first project was given ample time and is only being released six months after the merger. Although these Specdrums had already been released by Specdrums before the acquisition, the formula has been revised and amped up to bring a more superior product to the public.


Sphero acquired Specdrums as a huge part of their shift from being a robotics company. It only made sense for them to take an existing product and improve on it before starting on any new inventions. The funky crowdfunded Specdrums rings were the perfect solution and they take center stage at the Sphero CES booth and as they get ready to ship their rings. But before you can get your hands on this toy to sharpen your musical talent, set up an account with an international parcel forwarder that is trusted and has been used by verifiable users.

How the Specdrums Work

If you weren’t familiar with these music tools and their genius technology, then you deserve a crash course on functionality. The Specdrums have a ring that users get to wear to tap on colors anywhere, for example, a picture, wall or table. In response to taping on a color, a corresponding musical note gets played on the wearer’s companion device such as Android app or iOS.

The most important part to understand is that wearers can use their hands to make music anywhere they are, even on the move.


There’s a Play Pad that comes with every unit. In addition to assigning musical notes by pressing anywhere on the rings, if you purchase the Specdrum, you can also play on the Play Pad. The accompanying Play Pad is designed to mirror a keyboard and looks exactly like one. The only difference being the colors instead of keys to produce musical notes.

Compatibility and Other Uses

  • The Specdrum ring is Bluetooth-enabled. As a result, you can connect or pair it to any music software that is compatible with Bluetooth MIDI such as GarageBand, and Ableton Live.

  • The rings are also embedded with optical sensors that tie a particular color to whatever sound you select or like. The pairing is facilitated by the accom software which is already prefilled with an impressive quantity of sound samples. You can also make your personal additions and accom software works behind the scenes to sync up everything.

  • A companion Mix app makes it possible to loop notes and select different instruments and sounds to produce a unique and outstanding sound. The Mix App doesn’t work with Sphero’s own app or the original Specdrums just as it doesn’t work with the new Specdrums.

  • Sphero is looking forward to expanding and diversifying their products and list of services. They are not confined to one app and this means there might be more developments in the future.

Pricing and How to ship from US Internationally

If you didn’t get a chance to buy the first Specdrums, then don’t let this one pass on you. If you’re a skilled musician or want to sharpen your taste for sound and beat compositions, then Specdrums toy by Sphero is worth your money, time and attention.


The rings start shipping from mid-late January 2019. As of January 13, these are already on sale and they go for $64.99 for one toy and $99 for a pair. Also note that the Specdrums 1-Ring set will start shipping on January 15, 2019. And the Specdrums 2-Ring set will start shipping the first week of February, 2019. You won’t be late for valentine’s day. The Specdrums are available in the US just like everything else that’s cool. Other than shipping your Specdrums, there will be more purchases from America. Order international delivery with a trusted parcel forwarder to help you seamlessly complete your purchase.

To buy from the USA is not that much of a challenge. The most difficult part is getting your purchase shipped and delivered to your local address. With parcel forwarding from the US, this dilemma is solved once and for all. More especially if you’re using a trusted and highly recommended company such as Parcl has active feedback and users can be easily verified to ensure that you’re not being taken for a ride.


Using a parcel forwarder enables you a US shopping address that is verified and can be used for multiple purchases. Use your account to check the estimated shipping fees and you will be surprised when you realize that the more you buy from the US, the more you save on shipping costs.

If You Already Own Specdrums Purchased Earlier, Should You Get The New Ones?

There isn’t much of a different between the earlier release and the recently made available ones. If you already owned Specdrums, there is no need to buy the latest release. Instead, check out more cool stuff to be shipped via a trusted international package forwarder from the USA. Otherwise, if it’s a personal choice and a matter of upgrade, then sure, go ahead and buy your Specdrums toy for your collection.


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