Turn Fruit into Cider or Wine with Alchema

Have you ever dreamed of spending early fall evenings in a rocking chair on your porch holding a glass of wine or a mug of hard cider that you made yourself? Did you feel like this couldn’t be more than a dream, because pulling it off would take too much time and effort? We’ve got awesome news for you.


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Alchema is the ultimate helper in turning your dream into reality. Hate the cleanup that regular home cider-making kits require? Alchema solves this problem, as very little cleaning is needed with it. The advanced system alerts you when the fermentation process is done. Cider normally takes 1-2 weeks, mead takes 1 week, and wine about 16 weeks. You don’t have to worry about watching the air pressure in the system, as it monitors itself and releases air if it builds up too fast. You can even use your smartphone to check your batch’s alcohol content, and the ingredients can be weighed using the built-in sensor, so you always add the right amount for a perfect result.

There have been some developments in the craft cider industry over the past few years. For instance, Angry Orchard and 2 Towns Ciderhouse both have put out innovations in at-home cider making. However, options to experiment with your own home made recipes have been very limited. Alchema, which launched through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, has changed the game. Alchema offers a countertop brewer that lets you easily turn any kind of fruit you like into yummy homemade cider, wine or mead.

Alchema’s creator, Oscar Chang is an entrepreneur from San Francisco. His invention can be rightfully called a revolution in home brewing. Alchema can turn regular pieces of fruit into a pitcher of delicious craft cider in three simple steps. First you download an app to your smartphone and use it to pick a recipe you like. Now get all required ingredients, such as fruit, water and sugar, into the pitcher that comes with the kit, then add the yeast. When done, you just shut the lid and wait the required amount of time (about one to two weeks for cider). When the time passes and Alchema alerts you that your cider is done, all you have left to do is pour yourself a mugful and enjoy it.


How Alchema Works

It may be hard to comprehend, but Alchema works pretty much like a coffee maker. Brewing your own hard cider is about as easy as making a pot of coffee, except that the brewing process takes more time. The smart technology Alchema offers lets you use a quick app to monitor the whole process. Here’s how it works step by step:

Step 1

Use the Alchema app to select a recipe from a database that lists all required ingredients.

Step 2

Add the specified ingredients (fruit, water and sugar). Alchema can weigh the ingredients as you add them in, and your app will tell you when is enough.

Step 3

Add the yeast, which is needed to start the fermentation. Different types of yeast will work differently: some will make the cider bubbly, while others make it still. Alchema tells you exactly which yeast works best for your specific recipe and your preferences. 


Additional yeast can be purchased from the Alchema site or at a local store that carries homebrewing supplies. Alchema sells yeast in 3-packs, which include a packet for making sparkling cider, another one that makes fruity cider, and the last one that lets you make cider with strong alcohol content.

That’s all it takes. You let the ingredients mix together in the pitcher, close the door and just wait for Alchema to alert you once the batch is done brewing (about 1 to 2 weeks for cider).


Ingredients You Will Need

Making cider with Alchema is simple and versatile. A recipe you find in its database might require these ingredients:

·         39 oz of dried apple

·         9 oz of sugar

·         1 yeast packet

·         Water

Add these ingredients to your Alchema while watching the weight sensor, which will monitor how much you are adding and alert you when you’ve added exactly the amount the recipe asks for. For instance, if adding the 9 oz of sugar the recipe above calls for, the app will count down from 9 and tell you when you’ve reached zero.

While some recipes may appear more complex, it all essentially boils down to putting all of the required ingredients into Alchema’s jug and setting the machine to do its thing.


Should You Buy Alchema?


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Alchema has not been released yet, but it’s set to be released in Fall this year (2017). If you are able to get your hands on it, the machine will let you enjoy freshly made home brewed cider, mead or wine by mixing a few easy ingredients and letting technology take care of the rest. The companion app helps you track what you are adding and alerts you when the drink is done.

Alchema takes care of everything that you may not have liked about regular store-bought cider making kits. If you’ve found yourself wanting to brew your own drinks at home, but didn’t like the options you had for that, then you should definitely order Alchema. You can pre-order the machine now for $430 or wait for it to get released and for some reviews about it to post, so you can make a better informed decision.


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