Uniqlo: Unique Clothing from Japan

Are you one of those with a highly distinguished sense of style? Do you like being a fashionista who stands out in a crowd? Then you probably heard of, shopped with or came across Uniqlo in your online shopping endeavors. And if this is your first time coming across the brand, then welcome aboard.

At the end of this short read, not only will you become a fan of the Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo but you will also have a solution for all your online shopping troubles that were caused by lack of affordable, trusted international delivery from Japan. Be it shopping done in the US, UK, Germany or Australia, the amount of retail therapy should only depend on your budget and not outrageously high international shipping fees. But first, who is Uniqlo and why it’s so popular?

Welcome to Uniqlo, Welcome to a Unique You

Uniqlo, as the name suggests – is one of the most fabulous brands of our times that is built on the principles of uniqueness and personal identification. Anyone who shops at Uniqlo loves the designs and appreciates its sense of uniqueness. With Uniqlo shopping, one opens up a door to a more defined sense of dressing. Adding the local Uniqlo shipping to the mix helps Japanese style shifters be at an added advantage.

However, Uniqlo has a lot of international customers who miss all the fun due to the lack of Uniqlo international shipping. Uniqlo has an opportunity to open its doors to its international fans by simply adding the ability to get the items in their Uniqlo carts delivered to their homes, regardless of the address. At the moment, this feature is not available on any of the Uniqlo websites thus shoppers must find their own way when buying online.

Uniqlo’s Position in the Fashion Industry

The Japanese wholly-owned subsidiary was founded in Ube, Yagamuchi in 1949. Starting out as a male fashion house, the retailer specialized in all types of clothing for men and went by the name of Ogori Shoji. The company continued thriving and with its growth came the need for international pioneering. And in the Spring of 1984, a unisex Ogori Shoji, now known as Unique Clothing Warehouse or Uni-Clo, was introduced to the world.

How did Uniqlo come into the equation? In 1988, during the name registration, the staff in charge misread the letter C in Uni-Clo and wrote it as Uniqlo. And in the history of fashion, this is one of the best mistakes ever made, giving its origin to one of the best brands internationally. The name was stuck and has remained that way ever since. 

Uniqlo has stood the test of time. The brand survived the 1990s Japanese recession by adapting the specialty-store of private label apparel strategy, or SPA for short. Through the SPA strategy, Uniqlo designed, created and even distributed its products exclusively. The company also made a move to outsource all their manufacturing processes to lower GDP countries in order to minimize costs.

Today, Uniqlo continued to mass-produce its products ensuring that the quality is kept high and the products are exclusive as well as unique. The results attract people who love low-cost and high-quality unique apparel. Consumers showcase their loyalty to the brand while enjoying good deals that enable them to save. At Uniqlo, these are some of the services that shoppers can expect to receive:

  • Hemming of pants

  • Unique embroidery on clothing items

  • Repairs of jackets, skirts, shorts, shirts, etc

  • Purchasing Uniqlo gift cards that can be gifted and used during shopping.

Popularity Overseas

Going into the global market was not an overnight success for the brand. Their first-ever venture was disturbed by the poor performance of 2002-2003. The company was producing strictly Japanese style and failed to resonate with the European market who was ignoring the brand at the time. Uniqlo didn’t give up but rather went back to the drawing board.

This time around, the brand incorporated some of the most popular celebrities, top local designers, fashion magazines, gurus and maestros of the industry. The result was a new collection of some of the most stunning designs that ever came out of an Asian country. In 2005, Uniqlo went global opening stores in London, the US, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

And now it’s well on its way for being the most recognized and bought SPA brand internationally. At the moment, there are 19 Uniqlo department stores in Japan alone, mostly in Tokyo. This makes the brand even more accessible to the international community. But this is still not enough. And at times, the local Uniqlo store might not have offerings that are listed on the Japanese store’s official website. This automatically means searching for services that facilitate shipping between the company’s Japanese warehouse and your home address.

Uniqlo International Delivery Facilitated by Parcl

Today, you’re a lucky reader as we will share with you a trusted Uniqlo delivery method and the affordable services of an international parcel forwarding company. Using Parcl, you can shop Uniqlo Japan online from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world and not have any fears of how to get your shopping shipped your way. Considering all the cool designs that come with Uniqlo Japan online shopping, it’s worth your time and effort to check out the online stores and start preparing to shop in bulk.

To get started with Parcl and if this is your first time buying from Japan, you will have to fill out a form, listing USA, UK or any other country as your home. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to

  2. Find Create a Request and click on the button to get started ordering a personalized buying experience from Uniqlo.

  3. Fill the Form with all the necessary details that include the descriptions and links of what you will be buying.

  4. You will see a list of forwarders and their services’ fees. 

  5. Select the one that you think is the best and get started by making the payment.

Using the same process you can easily buy Japanese products online from other Japanese retailers. You will have to fill out some of the forms again, especially since each time you buy stuff from Japan it will be new or different from the last order requested.

Parcl is a secure site, you can use cookies on your browser to store your Parcl details so that each time you simply log in and shop before you can ship from Japan to your country.  There are a lot of other methods for international shipping from Japan but if you want a trusted company, with high business ethics and thousands of satisfied users, then go with Parcl all the time. 

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