Unique Studio Ghibli Collectible Figures Straight from Japan

Even way before the days of Dragon Ball Z, it became evident that Japanese anime culture had a firm stand in the way the millennials were going to relate to other cultures. With the proliferation of Hayao Miyazaki's masterpieces, it became more than evident that Japanese animation was now an international household favourite. There is still space on the market for more Japanese anime culture pieces. Thus, the possibility of adding more to your Ponyo, Kiki and Totoro collection is still as high as ever.

Fortunately, there is still a great number of studio Ghibli merchandise available for sale online. These high-end collectible designs are appropriate for all ages. To the new owner who understands or loves the Japanese anime culture, this Miyazaki merchandise is perfect as a gift for any occasion. The only challenge that most people face when looking to buy one of these collectibles is shipping.

The Solution to Shipping Woes – Now You Can Own a Miyazaki Masterpiece

The challenge one faces when looking to buy these Japanese culture pieces is the process of shipping and customs clearance. Most individual merchants listed on Amazon, eBay or Japanese webstores do not have the means to provide full international shipping from Japan. The unavailability of international shipping usually means the end of the road for most international online shoppers. That is, if the seller has no way of sending your purchase to its final destination, then there is no reason to buy it from them, is there?

In rare occasions, the seller might know how to use the most popular international shipping methods such as DHL and EMS. The remaining challenge will be how to deal with customs and get your Hayao Miyazaki merchandise into the country without paying an arm and a leg at customs. The solution to all these woes is Parcl Japanese shopping and shipping service.

Parcl is a registered, trusted package forwarder that has been featured on Product Hunt since October 2015. At Parcl, each request is customized and treated individually. Members register for an online account that isn’t committing or binding in any form. This account can be used if and only when the owner decides to use Parcl to forward their purchased merchandise.

Take a look at the advantages of signing up with and using Parcl to buy your limited Japanese anime pieces:

  • Parcl works with verified Japanese packahe forwarders only.

  • Payments are processed through PayPal.

  • Once you finish filling out the form over at the Parcl site, a forwarder will get back to you with a quote and finalize your order details.

  • You can even receive images to verify that you got the right product before it leaves the merchant’s country.

  • In case your purchase is fragile, you can request additional packaging or wrapping from your forwarder.

  • You only use Parcl if and when you want to, creating an account with them doesn’t force you to pay any subscriptions or extra fees. Only pay for service as you receive it.

  • Parcl forwarders have experience dealing with and handling customs: they will ensure that your package reaches you in perfect condition.

Collectibles Based on Hayao Miyazaki’s Films

Now that you have all the details necessary to make and complete an international purchase, let's take a look at some of the fan-favourite Miyazaki merchandise:

  1. Castle in the Sky Figurines
    This is a collection of gentle giants arranged into a desirable range of figurines that are as long as their arm span. It has just about everything including limited edition sculptures that have some mad-dope light-up effects as well as some pocket-sized trading figurines. For die-hard fans, there are also miniature figurines of Pazu and Sheeta, the lead characters in Castle in the Sky, as well as replicas of the unforgettable aircraft. This collection is sure to rack up more than enough memory of the iconic film that set the pace for Japanese anime in the present day. castle-in-the-sky-figurines-japan
  2. Kiki’s Delivery Service Collectibles
    The Kiki figurines are the most-perfect homage needed for depicting Miyazaki’s films’ childish innocence, the charm as well as the magic and make-believe. Any collector would consider their selection complete once they get a hold of these studio Ghibli figures. The set comes with well-articulated dolls, mini figurines, statues, as well as Kiki’s companion, Jiji. There is also a considerable spread of Kawaii timepieces. What strikes the most about the Kiki set of figurines is how perfect Kiki’s signature look is captured and frozen in time.kikis-delivery-service-figurines-japan
  3. My Neighbour Totoro Rare Figures
    By far the most interesting and ‘confused’ collection of collectable anime figures. These come with more than enough staffing to form the perfect cuddle buddies. They are the most adorable and captivating in the entire collection. Made in durable PVC, these forest guardians are the perfect playtime mates, and since they are made out of delicate polystone, they are best bought for a grown-up
  4. Porco Rosso Fan Stuff
    This is Studio Ghibli’s most iconic caption of a real-life event using anime. The Porco Rosso is a collection of the ex-fighter ace and his mechanic, well not your typical mechanic. This anime is loved by many for its feature of the spunky female mechanic who does not bash an eyelid to get out of sticky situations. Owning this collection means being able to construct one’s own Curtiss R3C-0 or Savoia S.21. There is also the straight-up comic feel created by the overtones applied to make the collection somewhat gag-sight merchandise. The Porco Rosso figurines come with the fighter planes and the fighter look-alike pig piggy bank.porco-rosso-figurines-japan
  5. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Figurines
    Officially, this collection is not fully part of the Studio Ghibli figurines, but it deserves recognition for its historical feature as a catalyst for the foundation of the studio. And this is perfect homage, since the Nausicaä Wind Figurines recognise and give power to the full spectrum of the series inclusive of Hayao Miyazaki’s original manga. In this collection, there are the likes of Teto the tiny fox-squirrel, and Ohmu the multi-eyed one. The highlight is most definitely Horseclaw with her soaring through the clouds and tromping into toxic jungles abilities.nausicaa-figurines-japan

Where to Buy Studio Ghibli Collectibles

There is no need for you to restrict yourself. If you want any of these figurines, get them straight from Japan. It’s not even a challenge that they only provide domestic shipping within Japan. Once you are ready to check out, head to Parcl and get your verified Japanese forwarder to work with you, and your anime merchandise will be delivered to your address.

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