Fairytale Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Princess

Once upon a time in a faraway land a peasant’s young son fell in love with the King’s daughter. Beautiful and gentle, the maiden had many admirers, but her heart belonged to this young man. Of course, the King did not approve of this union, because the Princess was promised to a Prince from a neighboring kingdom. The King decided to show his daughter that the young peasant was not worthy of the Princess’s love and declared a contest between the men seeking his daughter’s love. He, who would find the most unusual and unique gift for the Princess, would marry her.

Three nights was the young man thinking how to find the best gift for his beloved lady. Then he remembered a story his grandmother told him about a shop of wonders located in a faraway land. Without any hesitation the young man set off. After an exhausting 30-day journey he found the miracle shop and a gift that would win the Princess’s heart.

When the young man came back, he found out that the Prince from the neighbouring country had already presented his gift and was preparing for the wedding ceremony. The young peasant rushed to the castle and gave his gift to the Princess. The King and his court were all charmed by the gift, and the King’s heart melted. The young man married the Princess and they lived happily ever after!...


You’re lucky that you live in the XXI century and have a chance to get any unique gift for your girlfriend or wife from any country in the world! What can be more romantic than giving your darling something that nobody else has for St.Valentine’s Day 2018? If the unique Valentine’s Day present doesn’t ship to your country, you don’t have to travel to the faraway land yourself! Simply tell the magicians at Parcl what item you need and they’ll ship the gift to you! Here are just a few ideas for you ;-)



Splendours Of New Zealand Swarovski Charm Bracelet

Price: $199.95

Shipping from: Australia



Gypsy Oil from Lux Aestiva for Subtle Shimmer

Price: $40

Shipping from: Australia



Mythical Rose Gold Jewelry Tree

Price: $19

Shipping from: USA



Magic Berries Body Peeling from Siberia

Price: around $10

Shipping from: Russia



WeinLicht - Heart-Warming Candle in the Bottle

Price: around $38

Shipping from : Germany



Preserved Flowers in Terrarium with LED Lights

Price: $123.87

Shipping from: USA



Japanese Princess’s Rose Gold Pocket Mirror

Price: around $195

Shipping from: Japan



Hand-painted Silk Scarf

Price: $150.5

Shipping from: Russia

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3 years ago
How much is shipping from Russia?
3 years ago
Hello Jemma, thank you for getting in touch. Shipping cost depends on the package weight and dimensions, but the cheapest shipping from Russia cost $7 (set of stickers). The peeling gel box shipping will cost around $17-20, but I'd recommend you to create a delivery request to find the exact shipping cost based on your order details. Thank you!
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