Uniquely South African Souvenirs to Bring Home from Johannesburg

South Africa has grown to be a promised land for tourists, thanks to its spectacular coastlines, incredible parks, and rich culture. But it also offers a wide range of unique products that can make your trip all the more worthwhile. 

Even if you are not planning to take anything back home, Johannesburg will compel you to adjust your plans. The city’s abundance of craft markets, galleries, and exquisite wine stores offers you loads of quality products that are just too good to pass up. 

Follow this article to find out what unique products you can take home with you to remember Johannesburg by. 


By buying Biltong, you will not only be curing hunger but will also be taking the taste of South Africa back home with you. It’s the country’s most popular snack, and its ubiquity in Johannesburg will surely draw you in to find out why it’s so famous.  

It’s a form of spiced dried meat whose origin dates back to the British rule and Cape colony. Just about any butchery in the city has Biltong on display. You can always bring a big piece of the snack back home and carve it as you please. But if you aren’t up for the stress, you can easily have it carved at the butchery. 


If you can spend big, then take a trip to Cullinan, the birthplace of the world’s biggest rough diamond. It’s just one hour away from Johannesburg, and your journey will be worth it when you see the wide range of jewelry fashioned from the sparkly gem that’s part of the British crown jewels. 


You’ll find many craft markets in Johannesburg, where you can get anything from carved wooden figurines and ceramics to African traditional masks that will make unique gifts. Rosebank Art & Craft Market is one market in Johannesburg that will furnish you with everything you need in the crafts department. 

Shwe Shwe Fabric 

What better way to connect to South African tradition than taking home indigenous printed dyed cotton? Head over to Fashion Kapitol and pick from a wide array of brightly coloured fabrics. They can be worn as head gear or skirts. 

The Zulu Shield 

If you want to stay in touch with South Africa’s cultural history, go for the traditional gear of one of the country’s prominent historical tribes. The Zulus ruled the city before it gained prominence and exploded with urbanization. The Zulu Shield can be found in small or large sizes, and you can choose any, depending on how much luggage space you can spare. 


No one can forget the menace caused by Vuvuzelas during the South African FIFA World Cup far back in 2010. While the colourful plastic horn was banned in some stadiums across the world, you can still find it everywhere in Johannesburg in just about any colour. Even if you aren’t going home to blow loud monotonous sounds, the Vuvuzela can just sit beautifully on your wall at home. 


Before you make that trip to Johannesburg, remember that you’ll need extra luggage space for those amazing souvenirs that you’ll be taking back home. Also, get acquainted with the carry-on luggage rules of airlines and travel restrictions of your country to know what you can bring with you. Don't forget, you can find a forwarder on Parcl and buy these without going anywhere!

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8 months ago
Can these items be sent by post? I mean you can probably buy them while visiting South Africa, but what about online shopping?
8 months ago
Hi Irina, you can find a forwarder in South Africa, he can purchase through his sources and ship the goods to you by post/service like DHL/FedEx.
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