Unusual Advent Calendars for Christmas 2018

Conforming to standards and keeping it in line is only for boring people. If you are one of those at the peak of experimenting and just living the best of your life, then you most definitely agree that thinking outside the box is the way to go. As we head for the festive season and approach the best part of the year, it’s time to think of advent calendars.

Unusual advent calendars come as a solution to those who have had more than enough 24-chocolates leading to Christmas. Thankfully, these unusual calendars don’t force anything on anyone. In case you are comfortable with the sweet treats, there are still a lot of options to select from, including marshmallows, caramel treats, and dried fruit bits. There are also calendars with alcohol, candles, and treats for your pets.

Your unusual advent calendar doesn’t have to be dramatic. It only has all the little things that excite you. Give yourself a calendar you will enjoy. The only issue will be deciding which calendar to buy.

A look at the top 10 unusual calendars for 2018

  1. Pringles Advent Calendar

Crisp lovers! Gather here for a selfie! You all deserve it, because, well, if not, why not? The much loved and popular Pringles have finally been elevated to advent calendar material. Lovers of all things edible will be happy to indulge in any of the 12*40g that come in various flavours. Feel free to pick and choose; there are 3* salt and vinegar, 3* Texas BBQ flavour, 3* sour cream and onion and 3* original cans. Eat what you may and leave the rest for other lovers of Pringles.

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  1. Yankee Candle Holiday Sparkles Advent Calendar

Sparkle and bedazzle your way into the 2018 Christmas celebrations with this wreath shaped unique advent calendar box and set of 24 tea lights. The collection also has a tea light holder. You won’t be able to get anything more adorable than this the entire festive period.

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  1. Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

When referring to unusual advent calendars, this wine calendar is not a first timer. After a successful debut last Christmas, Aldi decided to please their loyal fans by bringing back their budget wine. Instead of opening the miniature cardboard doors filled with chocolate, this year open them up to take out mini bottles of red, rose, white or bubbly!

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  1. Lots of Pots of Sweets Santa Advent Calendar

For those with a sweet tooth but looking to take a break from the chocolate calendar, this ultra-cool advent calendar will do the trick. It is essentially made from 4 tubes filled with little pots of sweets. Expect to find the likes of thumb drops, snowies, jazzies and different flavour millions. Have a highly-flavored Christmas.

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  1. Christmas Tea Lover's Advent Calendar

In case you’re looking for cool advent calendars, but don’t have the budget to go for the Mason’s and Fortnum jaw-dropping hampers, consider this delightful tea advent calendar instead. Coming with quite a handful of tea flavours, you might be able to find your favourite for the new year.

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  1. Advent Calendar for Cats

Who is to say your feline friends can’t enjoy the festive season? With the advent calendar for cats, your kitty can be the happiest family member this Christmas. Filled with 24 small cat surprise snacks, it is a treat well-deserved for the end of the year.

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  1. Fly Fishing Advent Calendar

Undoubtedly, not every region has a fishing season in December, but this unusual advent calendar is too cool not to mention. Each of the 24 doors opens to reveal a hand-tied freshwater fly. Definitely worth it, considering how it will put some serious smiles on the fishers in your family.

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  1. Whisky Advent Calendar

Finally, some big boy toys in our unique advent calendars list. The whisky advent calendar is designed to ensure that lovers of the strong drink are not forced into participating in tea party advent calendars for lack of better options. The 24 mini bottles of whisky are the perfect size to get one in good spirits without getting drunk.

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  1. Dog Treat Advent Calendar

In as much as your cat will enjoy getting some special Christmas treats, your dog will surely thank you for the entire 2019. The dog treat advent calendar has 24 specially selected pieces that your dog will love. This calendar is the best way of coming up with a strategy to play with your dog and get it in a jolly good mood like every other member of the family.

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  1. Christmas stockings

How about a box filled with 24 pairs of unique socks? One luxurious cashmere blend for Christmas and 23 high-quality cotton blend socks for the days leading to Christmas. The designs are of course festive and Fair Isle patterns. Perfect to match the time of the year and serve as a reminder for the rest of the year.

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On our list, there is something for everyone. Be sure to involve everyone in the Christmas celebrations. These unconventional calendars suit a broader range than the traditional Christmas chocolate.

Your 2018 Advent Calendar Can be Unusual, Buy it from Parcl

The holiday season is all about pampering and spoiling. How about treating yourself this year? With Parcl, you can purchase any unusual calendar and get it delivered to your doorstep. A present, from you to you, building up to the boxing day when you get more than one present from family and friends.

These advent calendars are unusual, meaning they are most probably making their debut in 2018. Most probably they are not available in your home country. The solution is to buy them online overseas. Thankfully, online shipping breaks down the borders. The only challenge remaining is shipping and the logistics that take away your peace.

Parcl comes as a solution for online shoppers facing any kind of challenge. Here is why and how you should consider using Parcl to bring in your chosen advent calendar:

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There’s still time to buy your advent calendar and get it delivered. Since Parcl has over 220 shipping methods, time is not exactly a hindering factor. Buy your favourite advent calendar via Parcl and choose any express method of delivery to get it within 1-3 days of purchase.

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