‘Don’t stop the music’: 5 unusual portable speakers

Gone are the days when music lovers could enjoy deep bass and clear sound only with enormously huge and expensive 7.1, 5.1 or 2.1 acoustic systems. These days electronics brands offer a wide range of portable (bluetooth) speakers, which are not only reasonably-priced, but also provide a decent sound and look stylish. Of course they will never replace the high-end audio systems, however they can definitely enhance your audio experience from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We found a few hundred of bluetooth speakers on the Internet and selected those of them that we believe will not only help you enjoy your favourite music in any setting, but will also help you accentuate your style and individuality. If the speakers can’t be shipped to your country, you may order international delivery at Parcl.

1. Photive Sphere Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Stand, $49.95


Clothed in classy richly-textured pastel-colored fabric, this speaker stands out as a work of modern art. It will look appropriate both in a traditional Provençal interior and a modern hipster setting. Some even say the speaker is too nice to take it outdoors! Its simple form contrasts flawlessly with a gorgeous textile face and soft rubberized back. The Photive Sphere produces crystal clear audio complete with rich and dynamic bass. Compatible with most devices on the market, the Photive Sphere is a great choice for the money. You can buy it on Amazon and get it shipped to your country with Parcl.


2. Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker, $48.20


They say you’re never too old to be a fan of The Star Wars. And that’s true: George Lucas’ saga is loved by all generations - from school kids to their grandads. What Star Wars fan will refuse to hear the Imperial March or Cantina Band song from the Death Star replica? None. This wireless speaker speaks for itself (pardon the tautology):

- it’s perfect size for desks or workstations,

- the LED lights illuminate with a white glow that doubles at night,

- good sound quality,

- it can destroy planets! Oh, sorry, it can’t, but still...

To sum up, Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is functional, smart looking and makes a great gift. You will find it on Amazon.


3. BRAVEN BRV-Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $129.90


This waterproof speaker looks rugged - perfect for the outdoor adventures! You may say that the design is not enough to make it a must-have for fans of the extreme. You’re right. But the speaker’s features are also impressive:

- 5 hours of wireless playtime,

- built-in mobile device charger,

- swappable housing covers which can be outfitted with a solar charging panel, rechargeable battery pack, sound-doubling stacking plates and GoPro compatible mounting system,

- noise-canceling microphone can be used to take and make calls hands-free.

We believe this speaker would be a good fit for the present-day Indiana Jones!


4. Tech Acoustics Fully Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, $69.95


We can’t live without music. We listen to it at work, at the gym, when we drive, and even when we take a shower. The fully waterproof wireless speaker by Tech Acoustics is a must-have for all shower music lovers! This cool speaker includes a hands-free speakerphone to answer phone calls and SIRI integration for voice commands. While in the shower, answer the phone or ask SIRI for info on weather, time, or to play another song. Isn’t that great?! And it only costs $69.95 on Amazon.



5. Big Turtle Shell by Outdoor Tech, $179.92


In the era of low poly design, the geometrical concept of the Big Turtle Shell makes it look sophisticated and futuristic. Available in a range of urban colors, the Big Turtle Shell provides a full wireless audio experience using Bluetooth 4.0, which connects to most audio devices, bringing you 110 decibels of auditory bliss. If you are looking for a stylish portable speaker suitable for any setting, the Big Turtle Shell by Outdoor Tech is the right choice for you. You can purchase it on Amazon.



We hope you liked this little collection of wireless speakers we’ve prepared for you. If you feel like buying any of these speakers, but the seller doesn’t ship to your country, let us know which gadget you want and we’ll ship it to you!


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