Urban Decay is Launching its Own Brow Products Line

They say the end of something always signifies the beginning of a new beginning. The same can be said about brands and products. Even in the health and beauty department. Ending or stopping certain production is not always a bad thing. It might be a good move when carefully looked into. In August 2018, when Urban Decay discontinued their original Naked Palette, most of us were disappointed, furious to say the least.


For most beauticians, the Naked palette was either their basic eyewear or the first palette they bought when they started out on their makeup journey. As such, the discontinuation was more of an emotional panic for consumers. Especially when considering how popular Urban Decay is as a brand. International buyers shop online and get their products delivered to whatever destination. The only part added to the transaction is a package forwarding service to help international buyers with paying, shopping and shipping.

The Newbies from Urban Decay

The mourning has been short-lived by the introduction of new and better products on the list of the brands’ most-loved. The Sephora section dedicated to Urban Decay’s original Naked palette hasn’t been empty. But it makes more sense that these shelves are replaced by products bearing the same brand name.


To get back their loyal customers and also venture into a not-so-new but never conquered before category, the brand is finally exploring their talents with eyebrows.

The result is a beautiful combination of five new tools. The Urban Decay brow collection has five new helpers in various shades. All of these products are already available and ready to ship. But first, get acquainted with each product and decide what you want to buy before visiting the official distributors:, Ulta, Sephora and

The New Urban Decay Brow Collection

Other than lips, brows are a drawing and focal point when considering facial features. Seasoned makeup artists also need quality time to draw and fill in their eyebrows even I the heat of morning rush. In case you aren’t part of those who understand the power of the brow, others go as far as naming their eyebrows and referring to them as twins (they are actually the most famous twins are boobies *wink*).

For a seamless browbeat, makeup artists depend on high-quality products to achieve the perfect look. At Urban Decay, there is a universally understood mantra on the importance of strong, premium production.

With the brand’s products purchased from Urban Decay online, you can achieve the perfect arch and soft curve that gives your eyebrows the perfect pop. If you’ve taken your precious time in tasting and trying out different eyebrow pencils, creams, liners, powders, etc, then you have the wisdom of age to pick out the best of the best.

If you’ve been a lover of the Urban Decay products previously, then you should be first in line to try out any or all of the five newly released brow helpers. Otherwise, stick to the instincts of professionals who have used the brand for considerably longer to guide you through the process.

  1. Brow Guide for US$12

First on our list is the ultimate tool for achieving ‘thee perfect eyebrows.’ The Brow guide is a plastic stencil layout from the latest Urban Decay range. These Left and Right outlined stencils will help you achieve the most perfect symmetric look as they are made by the one and only, phenomenal brow specialist Audrey Glass.


  1. Brow Finish US$20

Now you know that Urban Decay is bauss when it comes to premium quality. The new Brow Finish in town is a true reflection of what the brand represents. There are no annoying chalky residues and your brows stay locked in place for hours in a true artisan manner. Say hello to organised, glossy and subtle sheen eyebrows throughout the day when you by the Brow Finish.


  1. Brow Endowed US$26

The endowed brow tool is specifically for all lovers of bushy eyebrows. The double-ended brow primer and the cream tool is for anyone looking to achieve untameable volume. Selection is endless as there are eight, oil-free shades to pick from the lot. Your brows are sure to stand out from the rest when paired with a cream that complements your complexion. The beautiful lustre shine container also adds to the glam. Buy it online and get it delivered via international parcel forwarding service.


  1. Double Down Brow US$28

Moving away from the ordinary, the latest brow friend is the creamy, powder-putty formula from Urban Decay known as Double Down Brow. Using the creamy formula, blending becomes a past time favourite. There are seven to-die-for shades including the red hots. You’re guaranteed to turn heads in your wake and leave ladies in envy as you rock the most natural finish in makeup land.


  1. Brow Blade US$20

The two-sided pencil is a soft but proficient tool. Using it, you can fill in all sparse areas and get your brows defined to perfection and beyond. And the brand heard your pleas with this one as it is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about the brow pencil running down your cheeks as soon as you start seating or go for a mini-swim. It’s worth every penny and lasts until you’re comfortable enough to wash your face in the comfort of your abode.


What Else to Expect with the New Release

Alongside the new Urban Decay brow tools, the brand is also releasing a brow guide. All yee brow virgins, gather around for a selfie (sic). The brow guide is accompanied by world-standard lessons from one of LA’s most popular micro-bladers, Audrey Glass. There’s no need to go under the knife to achieve the shape your brows deserve. Use your tools alongside the Audrey Glass golden instructions to achieve a face beat for the gods.


If you’re worried about buying and shipping your Urban Decay eyebrow goodies get the services of an international package forwarder. There is no way a blind rich person can do all the shopping by themselves. As an international online shopper, you’re similar to the rich blind person in more ways that can be listed. Registering for help from a local forwarder comes with a local US shipping address and opens the door to a whole lot more advantages such as:

  1. Package consolidation to ensure that your Double Down Brow powder arrives intact.

  2. Reduced fee on the shipping cost when you buy Urban Decay brow products in bulk or take it a step further by adding makeup products to your purchase.

  3. Help with going to the local stores in case what you’d like to buy is not available for sale in any of the webstores or Sephora and Ulta.

  4. Save time and also shop/import without having to hustle with customs for import or duty fees. A professional parcel forwarder has experience and will assist in this process.

  5. Get access to all Urban Decay products as soon as they are released. In plain words, you get to shop and ship just like the locals.


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