Valve VR Headset Started Shipping in June '19

Valve’s Index VR headset is set to ship out this June and pre-orders started from the 1st of May. It also comes with Valve’s next-gen Index controllers inspired by the “Knuckles” prototype.

The Valve Index headset product page went live ahead of the proposed release set for June 15, 2019. Visiting Valve’s product page shows that the headset has its own page dedicated to the release and all information vital to customers. The headset was first spotted by one Twitter user, then the hype was built on the streets of Twitter and grew as it spread across social media. Now news sites have some details, and we’ll share that with you.

At the moment, the official Valve VR page on the Steam website doesn’t have substantial information regarding features of the headset. However, more details are being revealed in tiny bits following the little provided initially. Details have also emerged around Valve VR headset including the specs and other info.

The Valve Index VR Headset – A Review

The first and most visible feature that comes with the headset is the integrated open-back earphones on each side. This is a pretty new and interesting design choice that shows innovation on the part of Valve’s team. The open back and earphones flanking each side are also clever on the design aspect as it takes care of the user’s well-being by making them aware of their peripherals, increasing vision and sense of surroundings even when deep in virtual reality. This open-ended feature is one which we cannot praise enough. On its own, it merits the need for buyers to look for parcel forwarders and pay for concierge services to help buy the headset from the US.

According to Valve, the premature product is worth the hype that it’s already getting and in the near future, it will even prove more worthy. The Index’s supported inputs are an impressive list and include:

  • DisplayPort 1.2.

  • USB 3.0 Port.

  • Recommended system requirements are compatible with Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card.


Good news for those who are attracted to power and cannot get enough. According to Valve VR, the Index also comes with regionalized power adapter plus. These are enough to provide any user with the type of ‘voom’ they require. There will also be two face gaskets (narrow and wide) and a power adapter all thrown into the mix for balance and control. You can never run out of options with this headset.

If you are set to buy from the US, visit the VR home page under Stream, check out ‘All Hardware’ and click the Valve Index Headset. Under the Valve Community Hub, you will see the physical attributes and specs of the headset of the century. On the product page, feast your eyes on the headset displayed as well as all the specs you can expect to enjoy. The details are scanty and not befitting of this headset as there are placeholder texts across the page. Since these are not the complete details, you can visit another page by clicking the link provided by Valve. The secondary page has information on the base stations, but it’s not guaranteed that the page is always active.


We would have loved to be a little bit more informed than we are. But just like you, we also have to keep refreshing the browser and hoping that Valve’s Index product page gets updated with details that matter. Although we’re all in the dark about the bigger part of the VR headset features, the general concept is clear, you have infinite VR advantages with this headset.

Key Hardware Specs

Keep on pressing that refresh button to get the latest details as they emerge. For now, you can do best to learn the hardware specifications. If you’re an international buyer and you’ll get these from an online shop in the US, learn the hardware to expect before making that purchase. By knowing your hardware, you make an informed decision. You also know exactly what to expect the moment you open the box with the VR headset.

  • One x Headset

  • Integrated headphones

  • Power adapter

  • Tether with DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 Connections

  • Regionalized Power Adapter Plugs(s)

  • 2 Face Gaskets both narrow and wide

  • Cleaning Cloth.


The Valve Index’s early production headset requires Windows and Steam OS + Linux systems to fully function. If this is something that sparks your interest, then be sure you get yourself the latest versions of either of these systems.

 Valve Index VR Headset Availability and Date of Release

According to Valve, the headsets start getting shipped out in June to their customers who have pre-ordered their headset online. If you want to get it, check the services that cater to clientele and offer international delivery from the US to your country.

The Benefits of Buying Online

If you buy something online, you get the first preference. With the Valve Index VR being released first in the US, American buyers are the ones who get to select what they want and love. For international shoppers, getting products online allows shopping as if one was an American in the US. You get to select the colour and other accessories that come from Valve.


To start benefiting by shopping from the US, you need to first get a US address for shopping that is verified and ready for use. Then enter your details and the address to register for a shopper’s account with Valve or other e-commerce stores such as Amazon and Google. When you check out of the store, use your American shopping address. The handler, whose address you used at checkout, will be ready to receive your purchase on your behalf and act on further instructions from you.

Using a trusted package forwarder helps you get accessory services, such as getting your purchase repacked and ready to be shipped. If you want, you also get helped with services such as customs and filling in the declaration. 


In case you want to also upgrade your home systems to match the new headset, you can start budgeting now. Oh, and to secure your headset, head over to Valve store at and pre-order your own set today. It costs you nothing to pre-order. You still get to pay the same price as those who will buy in June. But at least you’re assured that you’re getting your headset as soon as it’s ready for the public.

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