Wacom Announced New Pro Pen Slim

They say the secret to telling a good lie lies in the detail. But what if you didn’t have to pay so much attention to detail and getting your facts twisted? With the Wacom new Pro Pen Slim, you have nothing to worry about. Writing just got redefined, with a new representation and some love for the hand that does all the bending and curling as you shape your words. Not to mention that you can swiftly correct your mistakes using the tiny eraser on one end of the pen.

Just after Valentine’s Day 2019, Wacom made a huge announcement where they launched the Wacom Pro Pen Slim. This ultra-cool writing unit is made for the professional who needs to write, design, draw and scribble on paper.


Why Smart Notebooks and Pens Thrive

You might be wondering why people still buy pens and paper. After all, this is the digitalised age whereby technology runs all programs and there is no need to continue messing with the environment. Well, you will be surprised that executives at the top level and even some of your best-accomplished authors still prefer the traditional way of writing. Here are some of the reasons why pen and paper remain popular even when surrounded by so much technology:

  • For most people, writing on paper seems and feels more natural. Thus, they can take down notes faster than when using a smart notebook or tablet. This is the same notion with people who still prefer paperback and other printed versions of their novels instead of reading e-books. Designers and artists replace traditional pen and paper with smart pens and notebooks.

  • It’s easier to write with an excellent pen on high-grade quality notebook paper, especially if computers/typing is not your thing. You get to save time and write discreetly on a small screen.

  • Putting a pen on paper is more binding and authoritative. Hence most documents are scanned, faxed, signed and then scanned and faxed back again. Otherwise, everything would be done with a simple e-signature.

  • From this logic, when designers and digital artists ask for an improved pen to make their sketches more accurate, Wacom responds. Right, so if you fall under the category that prefers writing with a pen, then you will love the new Pro Pen Slim that has joined the other magnificent Wacom designs. This pen has a slick and beautiful design, a true one of a kind. It wouldn’t hurt to pay to get a US address for shopping if your mind is set on buying the Wacom Pro Pen Slim.

Summary- What the Wacom Pro Pen Slim Looks Like

  • This pen comes with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and this is the best in terms of accuracy.

  • It features a set of exchangeable aluminium colour rings.

  • There are two customisable side swatches on the Wacom Pro Pen Slim.

  • Improved writing and ability to hold because it has a slimmer diameter by up to 4mm. Ultra slim and easy to grasp.

  • Comes with approximately 460 levels of tilt recognition. Even when creating a sketch, this is the best you can do at the moment.

  • The new Pro Pen Slim joins the portfolio of other professional pens via means of its cordless and battery-free convenience.

  • Comes with a good old eraser that makes it possible to delete as you go on with creating your magic.

  • Unlike other digital media, the Wacom Pro Pen Slim is very light and as real as it gets. It’s really not that difficult figuring out how to use it, because it looks and feels like the real deal. The best you can get.

The Wacom is Here

You can easily purchase this smartpen that is now available online from the Wacom online store. There is also a list of select online retailers and electronic stores that are selling the brand-new Pro Pen Slim.

From your favourite web browser, visit and shop Wacom online for the Pro Pen Slim available for $79.95. This pen gets free shipping in the US. You can use the local verified US shopping address provided by your parcel forwarder to get the pen shipped from the Wacom online store to your forwarder. Once the forwarder receives and signs for the buy in the US, they will take it to the suitable international carrier, who will then ship the pen to its final destination - your country.

Improvement from Previous Installations

The Pro Pen Slim is a definite improvement from the previous Pro Pen 2. Already, the biggest improvement and difference is in the ‘slim by 4mm’ thickness. The Pro Pen Slim feels as light as a thin brush or pencil. It’s the perfect tool when looking to augment the tool kit of any content creator.


In other aspects, the Pro Pen Slim resembles the Pro Pen 2 so much, even taking some features from its predecessor. For example, both pens come with the same technical specifications and one who has used the Pro Pen 2 can easily adapt and use the Pro Pen Slim. The only difference will be noticing the improvements that the Pro Pen Slim houses.


Also, the Pro Pen Slim comes with more advantages including being significantly smarter. After all, this pen is compatible with the Cintiq Pro Family (DTH1320, DTH1620, DTH2420, DTH2421, DTH3220, DTH3221), Cintiq 16 (DTK1660, DTK1660E), Intuos Proline (PTH660, PTH660P, PTH860, PTH860P) and MobileStudio Pros (DTHW1320, DTHW1620). Naturally, this gives it more advantages. And if something requires the budget to accommodate the need to ship internationally from the US, then it needs to be worth the time and effort. With such amazing features, the Pro Pen Slim does deserve you budgeting for and getting it from the US.

Recap of the Pro Pen Slim and What it Offers

The newly released Wacom Pro Pen Slim has some of the best features a smartpen has ever housed. The box comes with One Wacom Pro Pen Slim, Four Standard Nibs, Two Felt Nibs, Five Coloured Rings, a Quick Start Guide and a Pen Case. There is also a pamphlet with Warranty Information. This will prove most useful, especially if you used the services of an international forwarder who can help you in case you need to return your pen within the warranty period.


The smartpen is really easy to use. It’s also rather impressive that Wacom did not take shortcuts on its buyers’ comfort. Their pen has a protective case to help you keep it in a more comfortable manner without compromising on the quality. Your favourite pen is virtually lag-free and with the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, your drawings can never get more accurate than this. It’s worth investing in this pen. In the long run, it will prove helpful, especially when you need to produce sensitive high-quality imaging that is as accurate as the real thing. Order yours and you might also fall in love the way most designers and digital artists are going crazy for the Pro Pen Slim.

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