Walabot – What’s Lovely about This Revolutionary Handyman’s Tool?

Good news for all handymen, DIY ninjas, home improvement gurus, and professional carpenters, plumbers and wall drilling experts. This may also appeal to professionals in rodent and pest extermination.

Ever wished for a device that could help you look for leaks, structural damage, broken pipes, damage made by rats, or identify the magnitude of damage done by termites?

Introducing Walabot

Now it's possible to see through a wall using your Walabot DIY before tearing into it. Whether you’d like to drill a hole, check if there’s an electric wire or pipe in the wall or where studs and nails are located, you will no longer have to guess. You will no longer have to scratch your head trying to figure out where those terrible termites, rodents or other organisms might be hiding.


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Walabot: how it works

Made by a well-known 3D Imaging Sensor Company, Vayyar Imaging, Walabot DIY is pretty much like a handy, mobile X-ray machine. It is a simple, powerful and portable Hard Drive remarkably engineered with the specs of an ordinary Android device to help see through walls and objects.


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What’s unique about this futuristic device isn’t its ability to allow seeing through walls. It uses RF radar signals to enable seeing behind the surface of an object, but with its extra magnetic feature, one can attach it to an Android smartphone and see minute objects with ease. The sensor can penetrate a wall of up to 4-inches, locate studs, plastic, nails and even those miniature rodents and insects.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can see through the wall using the Walabot gadget with your smartphone. Well, doing so is very simple; you simply attach your Walabot gadget onto the phone and start surveying whatever you needed to see through. The phone’s screen will reveal 3D images.

What does Walabot DIY Kit include?

·         The Walabot DIY sensor

·         A MicroSD cable

·         Instructions manual

·         Protective plastic sheet

·         A magnetic disk

You should, however, go through the various tutorial videos or read through the Walabot manual on how it works.

Want to buy Walabot?

You should get one for your home, mainly because it is easy to use and helpful in so many ways. However, owing to issues around compatibility with some specific phone types, be sure to check before buying.

Its main demerit is the limited list of compatible devices – agrees with those running on Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat Android versions. Also, iPhone users aren’t able to use the gadget at the moment. At Amazon, Walabot costs $89, which is a modest price for such a handy device.

Shipping to your country unavailable? Not a problem! You can still get Walabot by simply using an international package forwarding service. There are no obstacles that could prevent you from getting your hands on this revolutionary device!

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