What are Disney Doorables and Where to Buy Them

Disney Doorables manufactured by Moose Toys are simply the best. There have been some interesting knockoffs on the market being sold as if they are quality toys, but one thing remains evident, the Moose Toys Doorables are the originals, and we will go to any length to get our hands on one or a couple Doorables.


In case you’ve stumbled upon some fake toys and would like to get the real deal, we have you covered. Keep reading to discover how you can buy original Doorables by yourself online from webstores, and how you can ship your purchase globally to just about any address with accessibility.

Disney Doorables are long overdue, perhaps this explains why there is a huge market that is eager and ready to get them off of the shelves. Disney gave the official go-ahead by licensing Moose Toys (the same guys behind Little Live Pets and Shopkins toys) to develop a new toy line, the Disney Doorables.

What are Disney Doorables and Why Should You Know About Them?

  • In simple terms, the Disney Doorables are just another cute thing for kids to collect. Even the 90’s babies who were essentially brought up by the Disney channel will find themselves attracted to these cuties.

  • The original Disney Doorables stock had an excess of 80 unique collectibles based on the characters of the popular channel with more being introduced due to the overwhelmingly positive response.

  • Doorables stand out from all other collectible figures because they have unique glitter eyes that give them a cute distinct look.

  • When you select to shop Disney store items and don’t know where to begin, the Doorables are a perfect fit. They are sold as perfect sets of complete characters (for example, you can purchase Mickey Mouse and Friends, Alice in Wonderland, Monsters Inc, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Zootopia and many more). There are also smaller sets being sold so you’re not confined and left without a choice.

  • Toy buyers are already taken by the super cute look of these toys and they are a hit even as they are still making rounds and are yet to take the lead in terms of popularity.

  • There’s an official webstore where you can shop for your fav toys online. Although they do not offer Disney international shipping, you can always find the services of an international package forwarder to help you send them to your specified address.


Disney Doorables – Availability and Means of Purchasing

Fortunately, or rather, oddly, these are not yet all over the streets. Unlike most toys and toy lines, the Doorables are not out on display everywhere. Come to think of it, they were even rarer before their hit commercial advert went live in August last year. Following the commercial, the Doorables became more visible, and their popularity went up.

Still, these toys are not enjoying the amount of attention they deserve. Most collectors already suspect that they will always be limited in quantity. Thus, it is more lucrative to purchase the Doorables now, while they are still readily available and sold online.


Read more to get information on how to buy Disney Doorables online from the official selling websites.

Buy the Disney Doorables from the US online

These toys are available from the Disney store US, and other stores with authority from Disney to sell the Doorables. Here are the online stores where you can purchase your toy set with ease:

1. Doorables at Amazon

Amazon is one of those reliable and loved ‘one shop for all’ establishments. The online store is popular and loved even overseas. There’s no denying that there have been some significant family purchases made over Amazon. It would save you a great deal to shop for the Disney Doorables on Amazon at the same time as you shop for grown-up stuff by shopping in bulk, you will get yourself free shipping to your verified American shopping address. And then save on the international shipping cost. Find out more on how you can save costs on international shipping from Amazon to your home when you forward via


Amazon is selling the Doorables for just under 20 bucks. They have a healthy variety and you can select any set your young ones like.

Amazon’s widely varied offers also enable online shoppers to get better deals. Buy your Doorables on a 2-day Prime shipping offer. These are some of the sets available for purchase from Amazon:

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Frozen Multi Stack Playset

  • Lilo and Stitch Mini Stack

  • Mickey and Friends

  • Monsters, Inc

  • Peter Pan

  • Tangled Mini Stack

  • Tangled Multi Stack Playset

  • Thunderfish Multi Pack

  • Zootopia

And in case you don’t have Amazon Prime, don’t panic, get yourself a US international forwarder who happens to have an Amazon Prime account to make your online shopping easier.


2. Doorables at Walmart

Get these toys slightly cheaper by shopping from Walmart. Of course, there are a lot of people like you who would love to save a couple of bucks. So, it goes without saying that these toys are always flying off the shelves. If you are interested in the Disney Doorables collection from Walmart, then it will do you good to stop concerning yourself about the types of sets available. Visit the webstore and get started. You will sort out the rest later. With Walmart, there is no need to worry about Disney store international shipping, it’s common knowledge that you will need a professional parcel forwarder to help you with shipping internationally.


3. Doorables at Target

At Target, these sets are available for purchase both online and offline. If you don’t like shopping in the physical store, then join others and shop online, it’s easier and faster. Also, if you’re to shop online, you can always know in advance whether or not they are available. No need to waste time, in case you need help getting them delivered, even to an address outside of the US, sign up for a package forwarder to complete the purchase.

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