What Are the Best Phone Cases in 2021?

We may look at phone cases as minor accessories — but it’s not exactly so. A good phone case can make a difference between you having a new good-looking phone and the one that’s been beaten up and scratched. A phone case can keep your smartphone working longer, better and may even let you trade it in for a newer model when the time comes. 

So, what phone case offers the best protection? It all depends on what you are looking for. There are different types of cases — and each has its pros and cons. 

  • Rugged/armor. These are the types of cases to go for when you are looking for extra protection. With that, they are quite bulky and on the heavier side.  Rugged cases provide good protection against drop damage and are often shock and water-resistant. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, like sports or hiking and bring your phone along on your adventures, a rugged phone case would probably be your best bet. What’s more, rugged cases have also become way more stylish than they used to be — as you will see from our list below.  
  • Wallet. These types of cases wrap around your phone and usually come with a few extra slots where you can keep your cards and cash. Some of these cases also have a stand that lets you put your phone upright. Generally, they are not the most protective cases, but they will keep your phone safe from everyday damage.  
  • Slimline. These types of cases are typically very slim and lightweight — and often transparent. A lot of people seem to like slimline cases as they are practical and convenient, don’t take much attention away from the phone itself, and do not add bulk. They are not as protected as rugged cases — but the best brands do offer extra protection features.  
  • Charging cases. Charging cases come with built-in batteries and are helpful as they can give your smartphone a few extra bars when you are unable to charge it. They are very convenient for traveling, but they tend to be quite heavy and may not be the best option for everyday use. Typically, charging cases do not provide a lot of protection. Some of them are water-resistant, but you won’t be able to take them swimming or diving.  

The type of case you go for depends on what you need and how much protection your phone requires on a daily basis. If you are generally careful with your phone, you may be totally fine with a wallet-type or slimline case. If you are always on the move and use your phone a lot, a charging case can solve a lot of your problems. If, on the other hand, you want to minimize damage to your device, consider getting a rugged phone case.  

So, who makes the best phone cases? This is where this post comes in. Below, we will look at some of the best companies making protective phone cases. If you are wondering “where you can buy good-quality phone cases?”, we hope that you find your answer.  

Below, we have rounded up some of our favorite phone case makers, who can keep your phone not only looking good but also well-protected.

What Are the Best Phone Case Brands to Buy From? 

Lots of companies make great phone cases. But today we are focusing on the ones that produce cases that will keep your smartphone safe: 

  • Ghostek 
  • Tech21 
  • Urban Armor Gear 
  • Mous 
  • Spigen 
  • OtterBox 
  • Speck 

Ghostek: military-grade protection + style  

Ghostek is based in Brooklyn Army Terminal in New York and makes lots of tech and accessories, from smartphone cases to speakers and headphones.  

All Ghostek products are known for their rugged durability — and most phone cases come with military-grade protection and shock resistance.  

Despite the strong focus on durability and protective features, phone cases by Ghostek come in really stylish designs — so your phone won’t look like it’s wrapped in a heavy plastic brick.  

Many of the company’s latest cases come with transparent backs and feature brightly colored protective frames. Some cases are also waterproof — so, you will be able to even swim or dive with your phone.

Tech21: well-designed cases + extra features  

Tech21 states its mission as creating “the most intelligent protection on the planet”. This can be a very ambitious goal, but Tech21 is surely on the right path.  

The brand’s cases come with lots of extra functionality and are highly protective. One of its most popular lines is the Evo series: these cases offer 10ft drop protection and come enhanced with UV-light resistance. With that, all the cases in the Eco range are fully biodegradable. This means that your purchase won’t be harming the environment — and this alone is worth a lot these days.  

Tech21’s cases are well-designed and come in a variety of colors and patterns: transparent, plain, decorated, etc.

Urban Armor Gear: truly rugged cases 

All of the phone case manufacturers from our list make products that will keep your phones safe. However, Urban Armor Gear manages to stand out.  

The brand basically makes bullet-proof vests for your smartphone — and they are surprisingly lightweight. The Monarch series is a good example of that. The phone cases feature five layers and come with double military-grade protection.

If you are looking for something understated and elegant, you probably won’t find it in Urban Armor Gear: most cases come in sharp modernistic designs and tend to be on the bulkier side.  

Mous: solid drop protection  

Mous makes really attractive phone cases. All of the models are slim, lightweight and come in lots of interesting designs. However, what truly sets them apart from the rest are the materials. Mous uses a wide variety of them: aramid fiber, leather, bamboo, walnut, and more.  

Regardless of which style you go for, you can count on a Mous phone case to have sophistication and finesse. But that’s not all. All Mous cases are highly protective: they feature several layers and employ shock-resistance technology. What’s more, most cases are ROHS- and REACH-certified and do not use potentially hazardous materials. 

Spigen: great value + strong protection  

Spigen makes lots of different cases — and you are sure to find what you are looking for in its extensive collection. The brand produces affordable slimline cases, tough armor cases and lots more.  

Most Spigen cases are really affordable and go for $20 or less. However, despite the low prices, they feature shock-absorbent layers and are grip-friendly. 

The majority of cases come in minimalistic designs and complement the shape and style of most smartphones without hogging the limelight.  

True, you probably won’t see the types of premium features that the more expensive cases on our list have, but Spigen’s cases do their job well. Plus, the brand also has special series, like the Slim Armor Wallet series, and cases that come with built-in extras.

OtterBox: all-in-one solution  

OtterBox may well be making the most all-in-one cases on the market today. While most cases may look quite simple when it comes to design, they do come packed with lots (and we mean lots) of features. There are cases with antimicrobial coatings, no-slip grips, 3x military-grade drop protection, wireless charging, and more.  Some of the most popular case models come from the Pop Symmetry series. These come with a circular “PopGrip” that attaches to the back of the case and can be extended so that you can have a better grip on your phone and stand it up to watch videos or take selfies. 

Speck: if you drop your phone a lot  

Speck’s cases are chic, lightweight and, most importantly, supremely protective. Their most distinct selling point is the use of no-slip materials that make for a really sturdy grip. So, if you  are someone who drops their smartphone quite a lot, this is the type of casing that will help keep the aftermath under control.  

A better grip is achieved through a combination of factors, including fine ridges and soft materials, which make the phone “stick” to your hand. However, it doesn’t end with the grip. Speck also gives its cases drop-protection, antimicrobial resistance and air-cushion technology. 

This concludes our list for today. We may not have given you a definitive answer to the “What is the toughest cell phone case on the market?” question, but we hope that we’ve given you some interesting options to consider.  

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