What Are the Best Places to Buy Antiques and Collectibles Online?

If you are into collectibles, vintage items and antiques or are simply looking to extend your shopping experience beyond the mass market, this article will give you some new ideas.  

There was a time when the only option for collectors and antique buyers to get a rare item was to travel the country, stopping at garage sales and local antique shops. Today, you can still do that, of course. However, if you don’t have the time or budget for this expensive scavenger hunt, there are other options. One of them is buying online.  

Understandably, this can be quite stressful — especially if you are shopping for pricey items. There are lots of stores out there that might want to take advantage of your love for antiques and try to sell you items that are not quite what they claim them to be. This is why, today, we are looking into 15 online marketplaces where you can shop for rare items worry-free.  

So, what is the best place to buy antiques online? Let’s find out. 

The Top Places to Buy Antiques Online Safely 

So, what is the best website to buy vintage items, collectibles and antiques? There are, actually, quite a few options. Today, we will introduce you to them. 


Amazon is one of the most obvious, yet also one of the best places to look for antique items online. You will be able to find a wide range of antiques on the website, from a Victorian pendant necklace to an old metal phone with a receiver and a microphone. All you need to do to start your hunt is run a search on the website for the items you are looking for. Note, however, that you are dealing with individual sellers who set prices for their listings themselves. Amazon provides limited security for buyers — and you should be able to return items you have bought there within 30 days of purchase. 


Webstore works pretty much the same way as Amazon and eBay.  There are lots of items available and it’s a great developing marketplace for both buyers and sellers. 

Here’s how the website works. Sellers list their items in an auction. Buyers then make their offers. The highest bidder wins and gets to take the precious collectible home.  

There are lots of different antiques listed on the website, from classic silver cigarette cases to vintage tapestry handbags and more.


You have probably already heard of Etsy. And, chances are, you may have even brought a few handmade rarities from the website yourself. Founded back in 2005, Etsy has quickly become one of the most popular marketplaces for handmade, vintage and rare pieces.  

If you head over to the vintage category, you will see two sub-sections: Vintage and Art & Collectibles. Click the latter, and you will be taken to the wonderfully whimsical world of fantastic antiques that are not to be found in other places. From stunning sculptures to fiber arts and memorabilia to clothing and paintings, Etsy is a huge treasure chest waiting to be discovered. 


Like Amazon and other similar websites, eBay has different categories of items, and you can find almost anything on the website, from clothing and shoes to home and garden supplies.  

However, despite the wide range of products available on eBay, collectibles and art remain one of the most popular categories on the marketplace.  

A large number of users visit eBay with one goal in mind: to sell or buy antiques. You can find all sorts of items there: old coins and notes, artwork and vintage furniture. There are also lots of sports memorabilia, stamps, old-fashioned wall clocks, and much more.  


Bonanza may not be one of the biggest online marketplaces out there. However, when it comes to artwork and collectibles, even big names like Amazon and Etsy can’t compete with Bonanza.  

The website does offer quite a few different categories of items — but it is the antiques that take center stage. Bonanza has more artwork, collectibles, souvenirs, and antiques than most online marketplaces. And if you are looking for something you haven’t been able to find elsewhere, you will probably locate it there.  

If you are lucky, you’ll be able to find interesting items, like the one-dollar coin, rare sports cards, unique jewelry pieces, and more. A lot of the times, you will also be able to find them offered at a much cheaper price than their actual current value.


OLX, formerly known as Dealfish, used to be all about job hunting. Today, it has lots of listings under many different categories. It is a great marketplace to check out for antiques, among other things.  

OLX is pretty new to the vintage game. And while its selection of items may be limited (at least, compared to some of the bigger names on our list), the huge advantage is that fewer buyers know about this place. And this means that your chances of getting a rare find are much higher than with more popular online marketplaces.

Rehab Vintage Interiors 

Just as you may have guessed from the name, is an online space that primarily sells vintage furniture. There, you can find pieces from the 1920s, classic paintings, Chinese vases, Italian dishware sets, and more.  

There are several categories on the website: furniture, lockers, custom, office accessories, art + objects, oddities, sold, and more. “Oddities” is a really interesting section that goes well beyond furniture. There you can find vintage music cymbals, an antique wooden drum, an old factory rolling card, and lots more.

Ruby Lane  

Ruby Lane is one of the best places to buy vintage items, antiques and collectibles online. Unlike some of the other websites on our list, Ruby Lane specializes in antiques. There you can get truly special pieces, probably not found anywhere else on the web. All the items are legitimate and can be tested to prove their authenticity. 

There are several categories on the website: antiques and collectibles, art, furniture, lighting and rugs, jewelry, fashion, dolls, glass, porcelain and pottery, silver, and more.  

Omero Home 

Omero Home  is a great place to hunt for classic items. There you can find lots of things for your home: kitchenware, furniture, vintage mirrors, pottery, candle holders, and lots of other delightful trinkets. There are also lots of interesting picks from around the world. If you head to the website right now, you will be able to find a carved Indian bed, a Guatemala runner, Italian serveware, a tribal carved bucket, and more. 

Tara Shaw Antiques 

If you love European history and would love a piece of it in your home, check out Tara Shaw Antiques. You will be transported to the past through unique items, some of them dating all the way back to the Victorian era. 

The store is mostly focused on items for the home. Plus, most of the listed objects are quite on the pricey side. If you head to right now and open the Antiques category, you will find items like a 19th-century painted armoire, a vintage French iron garden table with marble, a 19th-century bistro table, European bread boards, and more. 


Craigslist may be most known for job and housing ads, but it’s also a great place to hunt for antiques. Lots of buyers rely on this site to find new owners for their collectibles and vintage items. 

There is a special category for antiques on the website where you can find coins, notes, paintings, jewelry, furniture, and more. Overall, Craigslist is a good hunting spot for rare items and valuables.  

With that, it is probably one of the least protected websites on our list when it comes to buyer security. On Craigslist, you are dealing directly with buyers — thus, you need to make sure to take all the necessary precautions before making a payment.  


If you are looking for variety, check out Shopify. The platform brings together sellers and shoppers by letting the former open up stores and the latter find what they are looking for there.  

You can easily search for products on Shopify by category — and there are lots of offers to see. You can buy jewelry, vintage clothing, art pieces, collectibles, and more. However, one of the most popular categories on the website is antiques. There you can find lots of items from the days before: furniture, sculptures, decorations, accessories, and more.

1st Dibs 

If you are planning to buy valuable and expensive antiques, you need a place to do that safely. And 1st Dibs is the place to go. The online store is known for carefully checking its sellers before allowing them to list items on the site. This way, 1st Dibs can guarantee the authenticity of each item offered for sale there. The average price of an item sold on the website is about $3,000 — and buyers can be confident that they are getting quality original items.  

The website lists anything, from antique furniture by famous designers to rare jewelry pieces and collectibles. 1st Dibs may not be the place where you come for a bargain — but it is definitely the one where you can buy antiques without worry. 

And this concludes our list for today. We hope that you have found some new and interesting options for where to buy antiques online. And we wish you happy hunting! 



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