What Are the Most Valuable Collectible Toys?

Collectible toys are lots of fun. Yes, you can play with them. But the fact that you can build a valuable collection is exciting all on its own. Collecting items can grow into a hobby — for both kids and adults alike. And some collections can even turn out to be valuable investments over time. 

But what are the best toys to collect? In today’s post, we are looking into some of the best collectible toy options available on the shelves today.  

The Best Small Collectible Toys in 2021 

So, what are the best toys to collect? Your answer will surely depend on several factors — but the most important one has to do with what you are looking for. Some toys come with a fun surprise factor that makes it impossible to know what exactly you are buying and makes the collecting process more challenging. Some people may be more interested in whether certain collectible toys gain or lose value over time. Others may care more about the size of their potential collections. Whatever it is you are looking for, here are some fun collectible toy ideas for 2021. 

Bright Fairy Friends 

Bright Fairy Friends are sets of toy fairies with wings that glow when you press their necklaces. They also come in jars of sparkly motion-activated lights — so you won’t be able to see which fairy you have purchased until you bring the jar home and open it. Each fairy is easily distinguishable with its colorful hair, unique outfit, accessories, and display stand.  

What makes the toys popular is the wow factor. The sparkly jar makes the selection process exciting, and it can also double as a night light. Overall, a Bright Fairy Friends toy seems to be both a great gift idea and a good option to start a collection. 

Useful tip: if you look at the bottom of each sparkly jar, you will see a model number. If you check the model number online, you will be able to figure out which fairy is in the jar – though, this will definitely spoil the surprise.  

Playfoam Pals Wild Friends 

Each Playfoam Pals Wild Friends item is a small pod filled with moldable Playfoam. There is a surprise animal toy hidden inside too. There are 12 in total that you can collect — plus, there is a rarer, “gold” version of each toy. 

There are several things that make Playfoam Pals Wild Friends interesting. The squishy foam is loads of fun without being messy — and it doesn’t dry up.  

The animal figures are quite cute. Plus, you can switch their heads and bodies with other figures for an added element of fun. The foam can be used to make nests for the animals, and there is pretty much no limit to creativity. 

SuperThings Secret Spy Series 

SuperThings Secret Spy Series are sets of small figures that are sold in blind bags. There are 24 spies, and their eyes change color when you place them in water. If the eyes turn white, it means they are heroes. If their eyes turn yellow, you are looking at a villain. There are also two rare characters to hunt for.  

The toys are really fun to collect, and the eye-changing feature makes them extra fun to interact with. They make great gifts and interesting collectibles. 

Baby Born Doll Surprise Wave 3  

Baby Born Doll Surprise is exactly what the name suggests. These are colorful egg-shaped containers, and each has one of the 12 Baby Born Surprise dolls. Each doll comes cutely wrapped in a swaddle and with a set of accessories: a bottle, a nappy and even a birth certificate. 

Each container comes with the element of surprise and several big reveals: you get to learn the baby’s gender, and their eye color (just sprinkle a few drops of water into the doll’s eyes), birthday, and name. 

Dolls can be fed, and they will also wet their nappy, which makes looking after them much more “real”.  

Sunny Bunnies Giggle & Wiggle Soft Toy  

Sunny Bunnies are right at the top of the cuteness scale. They are soft, fluffy and giggle at a press of a button. They are also really fun to collect. There are five bunnies in total: Turbo, Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, and Hopper. They come in small and larger sizes.  

Sunny Bunnies are toys for all ages, but they are a particularly suitable choice for younger children. Soft and easy to play with, they present no danger to little kids and don’t feature any detachable parts. Sunny Bunnies is actually a show on YouTube and Netflix, which makes collecting and playing with them even more fun. 

Hatchimals Pixies 

Hatchimals Pixies come in the shape of mid-sized eggs from which glittery winged pixies are hatched. The whole hatching process is really interesting: you need to hold the egg in your hands until the purple heart on the egg turns pink. Then the shell will start to crack, and finally, you will be holding one of the 8 little pixies. Don’t throw away the eggshell though — it doubles as a pixie bed.  

Each toy is cute, colorful and comes with three accessories.  

Smiley Halves 

Smiley Halves are bags of emoji-faced fidget toys, and they are made for collectors. Each bag contains two magnetized halves of a face — but there is no guarantee that they will match. It gets even more interesting: there are rare, very rare, super-rare, ultra-rare, and epically rare faces to collect — and getting them all will definitely keep you busy.  

Smiley Halves can be a fun collection to start for kids and adults alike. The hunt for completing each face gets quite addictive. Plus, the mini toys themselves are fun to play with and are great stress relievers. 

Rainbocorns Itzy Glitzy Surprise 

Rainbocorns Itzy Glitzy Surprise are packs of four plastic eggs, each of which contains one of the 26 Itzy Glitzy Rainbocorns. What are rainbocorns? They are small colorful creatures that are half-animal and half-unicorn. There are puppycorns, kittycorns, bunnycorns — you get the picture. Each toy comes with a set of hair clips, rings, bows, wings, and pop-and-swap heart gems. 

Rainbocorns are colorful, sweet and sparkly, and it’s nice that you get not one but four in every pack. Plus, the toys also double as pencil toppers.

We hope that the above list has been helpful and you’ve been able to find some interesting ideas for a new toy collection. 


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