What Are the Top Luggage Brands for Any Traveler?

Travel may not be quite where it used to be today. But as the world is slowly starting to recover and more destinations open up for safe and reasonable travel, chances are you will need a quality luggage set to keep you company this summer — and beyond.  

However, with so many options on the market today, choosing that perfect set may be quite a challenge.  

Naturally, your choice will depend on your personal style preferences — but there are also some objective considerations to take into account. These include quality, design, durability, packing comfort, warranty, and other factors. Obviously, price is also an important consideration.  

So, who makes the best quality luggage? There are quite a few recommendations we would like to share. And we are basing these on value, quality and design.  

Here are our top picks for the best luggage brands: 

  • American Tourister 
  • Samsonite 
  • Travelpro 
  • Delsey 
  • Briggs & Riley 
  • Tumi 
  • Hartmann 
  • Globe-Trotter 
  • Away  
  • Rimowa 

Below, we will take a closer look at each of these companies, the luggage they offer and how much you should expect to pay for a new piece. Let’s get started.  

What Are the Best Luggage Brands in 2021? 

So, what are the top luggage brands of today? We will start out with the brands you probably know very well and will then go on to introduce you to a few names that you may not have yet heard about. 

American Tourister 

If you are looking for quality luggage in the low-to-mid-price range, American Tourister has your back. It’s one of the best luggage brands out there for practical vacationers, and if you don’t want to spend big bucks and still travel in comfort, here, you will find everything you need. 

American Tourister is actually owned by Samsonite, and you can see lots of similarities between the two brands when it comes to design and practicality. At American Tourister, you will be able to get both softside and hardside luggage in a range of bright colors and finishes. The brand also makes luggage sets for kids that feature Disney and Marvel Comics characters.


Samsonite is one of the best-known luggage brands out there. Founded over a hundred years ago, the company used to specialize in making trunks. Today, Samsonite crafts all types of luggage pieces, including hardside and softside bags, garment bags, backpacks, and a variety of travel accessories. Its product line also includes four- wheeled spinners and gliders with a lower centre of gravity. Samsonite sells luggage in different price categories, mostly mid-range. Samsonite luggage is known for its durability, style, and value. 


Travelpro makes mid-priced luggage that offers great quality, durability and value. The brand was actually founded by a pilot and is a favorite of many flight crews.  

The company’s most popular luggage series is the Maxlite series, which includes softside and hardside styles in a wide range of colors, two-wheel rollaboards and four-wheel spinners. 

The brand’s new Platinum Elite line is a high-end luggage option that is made of premium fabrics, has leather trim and comes with a lifetime warranty. 


Delsey was founded in Paris in 1946. The company started out as a producer of leather camera cases and then went on to expand into the luggage business in 1970. Its first line was a hardcase line, and the company continues to specialize in hardside bags, though other styles are also available.  

At Delsey, you will also find garment bags and duffels. The brand is known for its creative innovations and delivers durability and value for an affordable price.  

Briggs & Riley 

Briggs & Riley is known for its lifetime guarantee. If you buy a luggage piece from this brand, you will be set for life — literally. The company has also introduced a range of innovations to help travelers pack faster and more efficiently. Their outside-mounted hardware pieces offer more interior area, and a flat packing surface reduces wrinkles. Plus, the brand’s exclusive CX expansion and compression technology gives travelers more packing space and then takes the bag back to its default state.  

The company came into existence back in 1993 and has lots of experience making quality luggage. Its prices tend to be on the higher side — but don’t forget the lifetime warranty, which is valid even for wear-and-tear damage. 


Tumi is a luxury luggage brand with a fivefold focus: quality, durability, style, innovation, and customer service. Tumi’s luggage may cost quite a bit more than mid-range options, but the prices include monogramming, onsite repairs, lost luggage tracking, and the “add-a-bag” feature, which makes it easier to carry extra items. 

The brand’s luggage and accessories follow the latest fashion trends and are available in hardside, fine leather, and abrasion-proof ballistic nylon.


Globe-Trotter is a luxury lifestyle brand. And with previous owners of its luggage like Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill, there is no way it wouldn’t make it into our list.  

The brand was founded over a hundred years ago in Germany and later moved to the UK, where it remains to this day.  

Each bag is handcrafted by skilled artisans and features fine leather straps and corner trim. If you want to make an impression on fellow travelers, Globe-Trotter is the way to go, but it will cost you.  


Away is relatively new to the luggage game. With that, the brand has been steadily gaining popularity and a loyal traveler following ever since its launch in 2015.  

The company’s signature luggage line is made out of polycarbonate and comes in a wide selection of  colors and sizes, including luggage sets for kids.  

The brand’s pieces are very affordable and are mostly sold directly to customers. There is also a luxury luggage line on board - the Aluminum Edition.  

Away also offers a really great trial option - thanks to the no-questions-asked return policy, you get to try out any suitcase for 100 days and return it if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Plus, Away also offers a lifetime guarantee to fix or replace broken luggage.  


Hartmann goes all the way back to 1877 and is one of the oldest luggage brands around. Today, Hartmann makes modern luggage pieces — but you can still feel the glamour and romanticism of old railroad travel in its designs. 

While the company stays committed to its original style and quality, it also uses the latest technology to make its luggage pieces efficient and comfortable. 


Rimowa was founded in 1898 and is well-recognized for using innovation in materials. The company has created the first-ever aluminum trunk, which was placed on the market in 1937.   

Rimowa is also the leading brand when it comes to the use of lightweight and durable polycarbonate materials. The brand’s luggage is stylish, practical and durable. And its motto probably explains its values best: “Handmade meets high-tech”. 

And this concludes our list for today. We hope that you have been able to find a few interesting options. And may your next trip be a remarkable adventure — with quality luggage, of course.   

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