What to Bring Home from Australia: The Best Shopping Ideas

While travel memories stay with you for a long time, nothing is better at keeping you connected to the places you visit than souvenirs. One destination with notable souvenirs that have deep cultural meaning is Australia. If you are yet to experience your first Aussie adventure or plan to visit the country again, make sure you don’t return home without items to remember your trip by. 

Australia is a hotbed of shopping. Every city in the country is packed with superb shopping malls and large commercial zones where you get to explore exclusive local art, designer furniture, and unique clothes, to name but a few. The nation also boasts exclusive brands, such as Creux Velowear, Witchery, and Sportsgirl, which is especially appealing to fashion enthusiasts. 

Obviously, you might want to get unique souvenirs that have symbolic meaning, such as impressive locally designed crafts or the different applications of opal in jewelry designs. 

If you’re storming into the local markets to get something for yourself or for those waiting for you, you will be spoilt for choice and find yourself surrounded by some amazing items. It will do you good to have something in mind before you set out to make things easy. 

Read on to find out what souvenirs are worth taking home from Australia and how to pick the best items this country has to offer. 

Before you choose a product, make sure you go through the guidelines of your airline to know what can fit into your carry-on luggage. If you desperately want something that won’t make it back with you, you can ship it later. 

Now, let’s get on with the list. 


We begin with one of the country’s finest treasures. Australia is renowned for its top-quality opals. The first deposit of this mineral in the country was discovered in 1863, and Australia continues to dominate the market, producing 95% of the world’s supply. So, you can buy a piece of opal jewelry, knowing you got it from its original birthplace. 

From delicate jewelry to investment gems, Sydney has a lot to offer in terms of opals. Black opals can be found across the board, even in Perth, Melbourne, and Canberra. This means you can’t escape the specialized stores that deal in these products.  

If you’re headed to the Outback, you can find stores in towns such as Opalton, Yowah, and Quilpie. In South Australia, stores in Andamooka, Roxby Downs, and Mintable should serve you just fine. 

Tim Tam biscuits 

You can treat those at home to one of Australia’s best delicacies. While there are other great Australian foods that are worth taking home, these biscuits are by far the most famous and can be found on just about any supermarket shelf. 

The cream sandwich comes in a variety of flavors, so you can treat yourself and loved ones to different variants of the snack. 

Ugg boots 

Ugg boots are Australia’s national footwear and have grown in popularity across the globe. While the sheepskin boots originated in the country, manufacturers all over the world have engaged in the production of this amazing footwear. However, you can get high-quality unisex Ugg boots from their home country. 

The boots were popular among soldiers during World War I, who wore them to fight off frostbite. Their popularity grew when surfers turned to them as the footwear of choice. Today Ugg boots can help you make a fashion statement and become your companion during chilly winters.  

You can find the boots just about anywhere in the country, but the best place to search for them is Sydney. The Genuine Australian Ugg Boots Shop factory outlet is located at Williams Street, which anyone can point you to if you don’t find yourself walking through there already. You get to save a whole lot when you buy from the outlet. 

Akubra hat 

Akubra hats have always been an Australian staple, but they gained worldwide popularity after the release of the movie Crocodile Dundee. The hats are made from rabbit fur felt and paired with an oiled leather coat. A thin leather band typically goes around the base of the hat’s crown, but you’ll see a bullet belt instead if the hat sits on the head of a real Outback Aussie.  

They were mainly used to ward off the scorching sun in Australia, which explains the wide brim design, but they have since become a fashion trend. 

You can get the Akubra hat in different centers across Sydney. The most notable are the Chinatown shops, the Queen Victoria Building shopping arcade stalls and other outlets on George Street. 

Cricket bat 

Cricket is Australia’s most treasured sport. If you’re a cricket enthusiast, then nothing makes a better souvenir than a cricket bat. It could also easily be a great gift if you have a cricket fan back home.  

Go for the Kookaburra cricket bat if you want to make a truly unique choice. Kookaburra bats are known to be used by world-class cricket stars, and they’ll cost you from AU$700 up. You can grab good deals in any of the stores on George Street in Sydney.  

If you want to go for cheaper bats, you can head to the Sydney Cricket Ground to grab a miniature bat that is beautifully crafted. Want to take the souvenir to a whole new level? Get your bat autographed by one of your favorite stars. 


Now, you have to take a boomerang back home with you if you want to feel a connection with Aboriginal Australian culture. It dates back to thousands of years and was used as a hunting tool by the early Aboriginal people. Boomerangs are thrown through the air like Frisbees, and their shape makes them return to the spot they took flight from, which served as a very useful feature in hunting. 

The items don’t come bland. They are colorfully designed with dot painting techniques and feature vibrant colors. They typically cost AU$7.50 and above. They can be found in Chinatown or at Circular Bay. 

Aboriginal artwork 

There are numerous galleries in Sydney where traditional and contemporary artworks are displayed. You can visit any of these outlets and purchase one of these works. These designs display the rich artistic heritage of the Aboriginal people of Australia. They are used to tell stories about spiritual landscapes, animals, plants, and lands. 

Materials used in creating these artworks include bark canvases and natural ochre paints, making these items genuine and unique souvenirs that speak to Australia’s diverse culture.  

You can find indigenous artwork anywhere in Australia, as it’s a booming industry. You can go the extra mile and buy these products ethically and transparently to make sure the artists who made them were compensated fairly. To do that, you can verify whether the dealer or gallery you’re purchasing from is a member of the Indigenous Art Code.


You’ll find a wide variety of craft markets in Australia. You can get items that imitate Aboriginal supplies, such as musical instruments, spears, and shields. There are other handmade products that will also completely blow you away. 

Craft markets pop up in Australian cities at different times of the year, boasting carefully selected items. You’ll get to see truly unique products that you can hardly find somewhere else. You should note, though, that these markets come to cities once or twice a year, so it’ll help to know their schedules. 

For example, The Makers and Shakers Market is held twice a year in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Sydney. The same goes for The Big Design Market, which goes to Sydney and Melbourne only. So, try tracking down these markets to get products that will serve as exclusive souvenirs. 

Ideas for fashion shoppers 

If you’re going to dress up in Aussie designs, we recommend that you go for brands that are well-known throughout the country. Popular clothing brands include Gorman, Creux Velowear, Witchery, and Sportsgirl, among others. 


Sure, there are other amazing Australian products that you can take home with you, such as Driza-Bone coats, Australian wine, and fashion products. However, we’ve shown you the most unique items that represent Australia’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Don’t forget, you can always find a forwarder in Australia and get these items delivered to you!


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