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Online shopping comes as a solution to many of our woes that we might not have even noticed before discovering the joys of online shopping. Buying online helps to save time, presents the shopper with a wider range of options and most importantly facilitates buying under one’s designated terms and conditions. With online shopping, you buy from the comfort of your home and the best part is you can even buy goods from across oceans.

Japan Online Shopping

Uniqueness of the Japanese culture remains a wonder to outsiders who easily become intrigued and fascinated by the Japanese’ way of life. With online shopping, it is possible to ‘get a piece of Japan’ by buying online from Japan.

Shopping in Japan comes with a great number of advantages. The obvious ones being:

  • Easily attain high-quality merchandise at relatively low prices

  • Get access to some of those authentically Japanese novelty items

  • Japan is the home to some of the most sought-after electronics e.g. Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Akai, JVC Kenwood, Nintendo and Panasonic

  • Access to some rare herbal medicines and other herbal products such as Matcha.

Anyone looking to buy the real deal can go online and check out some of the shops offering Japanese goods.

Challenges Associated with Shopping in Japan

Japan online shopping is very easy and if one is not careful, online shopping can actually be highly addictive. Since the prices of online items are very affordable in Japan, buying from Japan significantly reduces the amount spent on merchandise. However, for buyers outside of Japan, this is not always the case.

As much as shopping in Japan is a thrill, it is also stressful. Once one has shopped or filled their shopping cart to their heart’s desire, the problem remains in finding the means of shipping the purchases to the buyer’s country. For a novice in the shopping industry, this might not seem like much of a barrier at first. But, you might be shocked to discover that some unfortunate buyers have been left stranded at checkout because of shipping troubles.

Fortunately, there are logistic processes that allow the shipping of online merchandise overseas. Although freight forwarders come as a solution, one should always carry out their research before finding a reliable and responsive freight forwarder.

Find a Japan Online Store and Let Parcl Help with the Shipping

First of all, who are Parcl and how do they fit into this equation? Parcl is a trusted freight forwarding service that has been in the industry since 2013. The forwarder is global now and has offices and package centers in over 80 countries. With over 900 package centres, this group uses over 220 shipping methods. Surely, these package centres and shipping methods are more than enough for buyers to match their preferences and improve their online shopping.

Now that you have an idea about Parcl and the services they offer, it is important to understand how you can use their services as you buy from Japan. Here is the basics of Parcl operations:

  1. You buy Japanese goods from your favourite online stores. At checkout, you use a verified Japanese address. This address is already verified by Parcl and the online shop only needs to send your purchase to the given address. (Please note, Japanese online  stores need a verified address to ship any purchase).
  2. As soon as your package arrives at the Japanese address, it is picked up by Parcl’s Japan package forwarding service that will then send it to your country. This package forwarder is bilingual and helps you to understand anything related to your package, shipping methods, as well as processes involved.
  3. Since you will be using a personal forwarder, you can buy several items from different online shops to be delivered to and repackaged by the forwarder. Your Parcl forwarder can send you pictures of the parcel contents along with the tracking code. Additionally, you can get them to check the items for defects, to verify sizes and colors you ordered, etc.
  4. Confirm your order(s) and track the package as it makes its way to you. Using this service, you can also get exclusive Japanese products.

Using the Parcl Japan proxy service, you will also get the option of paying using a payment method that is otherwise rejected by Japanese online shops if you were to pay directly. The long and short of it is that the freight forwarding services you receive from Parcl go over and beyond just shipping. Why not take advantage of them? And just in case you were wondering what you can buy exclusively from Japanese online shops, check out some of these items:

  1. Matcha Products
    Matcha is nothing new. However, it has only garnered significant public interest of late. The health and beauty industry recommend this finely ground green tea powder to be attained straight from Asia. You can buy it as the tea powder to be used in tea, when baking and even in soups. The Matcha products include confectionery and candy. You can look for Japanese online shops that sell these and buy high-quality Matcha straight from Asia.
  2. Original Electronics
    One of the many reasons why gadget buyers have always remained sceptical about buying online is the rough packaging. Japan is the home of leading electronics. With the Parcl freight forwarding service, it is now possible to buy yourself high-quality cameras from Canon or Fujifilm. Gaming consoles can also be purchased straight from Japanese online shops that distribute the likes of the Nintendo brand.
  3. Beauty Products
    The beauty industry is not complete without listing products from the likes of KOSE and Shiseido. Previously, it proved challenging to buy such delicate items and rely on a courier. Now you can shop for your favourite face powders and lipsticks and know that they will be handled with care by your freight forwarder and sent to you well packaged.
  4. Traditional Japanese Products
    Who says that lack of time to travel must limit you from living your best life? If you are one of those who appreciate the glitz and glam that is the Kimono, good news for you! It is now easier to search for Japanese traditional outfit shops and buy the traditional products you desire.

This is not everything that can be bought from Japan. Your taste and preference will determine the size of your shopping list. Since Parcl provides the services of a bilingual forwarder, you might as well go ahead and do some significant shopping from Japan. At the end of the day, your forwarder will package the purchased items and send them to your country. Online shopping from Japan just got a whole lot easier.

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