What to Do if Amazon Doesn't Ship Internationally

Providing the best of both worlds to global online shoppers, Amazon’s 20+ years of experience ensures an authentic shopping experience. Through the use of technologies and the IoT, international shipping works to eliminate the problem of long-distance buying.

Exclusive freight forwarding service providers are the solution to the longstanding problem of limited buying choices due to shipping restrictions.

Does Amazon ship internationally?

For years now, Amazon services have continually improved to the extent of creating Amazon local sites in several countries. Some of these sites include Amazon France, Amazon Ireland as well as Amazon India. With its own resources, Amazon manages to provide safe shipping. However, the answer to the old question - does Amazon ship internationally? - is both yes and no.

Goods offered on Amazon and the respective product lines come with the price as well as shipping rates and fees listed. Amazon shipping is calculated according to the delivery address provided with an order. However, this type of shipping only applies to those goods that are sold by Amazon itself. Merchandise from other sellers does not always come with international shipping.

As a result, for successful shopping on Amazon, it is sometimes necessary to seek the services of a professional freight forwarder. With the help of one trusted freight forwarder, shopping on Amazon becomes even more convenient, time-saving and efficient.

Finding out whether you need the services of a forwarder

In most cases, Amazon will list all the product information, including details about shipping. The moment you land on the page that has the product you want to buy, shipping info will determine whether you’ll want to continue checking out the product specs, reviews and details. To know if you actually need the services of a freight forwarder, be on the lookout for these pointers:

1.      You open the product page and see that Amazon doesn’t ship to your country. Previously, this would have meant missing out on whatever great offer Amazon might bring along with that product.

2.      You land on the page with what you have been looking for and it is great quality and won’t leave a dent in your pocket. However, you check the shipping options offered and the prices are way over your budget.

In both cases, there is no need to panic. Gone are the days when buyers had to put up with overpriced local retailers. It is now possible to buy your favourite products from your preferred sellers on Amazon and get them shipped with Parcl.

What is Parcl?

Coming into the online shopping scenario as a saving grace, Parcl is the provider of affordable and safe global shipping. Enlisting with their services means that your purchases will be priced cheaper than what most freight forwarders offer and they will be delivered to your listed address in record time. This way, there are no limits to what you can buy from Amazon and have delivered right to your doorstep.

The freight forwarder has a simple but effective way of operating. Shoppers need to identify what they want to buy and add the items to their Amazon shopping cart. This helps to group the links on Amazon in one place that is easily accessible. Simply pass these links over to your forwarder to kickstart the shipping process. There are no registration fees required when using Parcl. Also, there is no limit to the number of goods one can purchase via the forwarder.

From there, the next step is to select a verified freight forwarder in the US to get a dedicated shipping address for use at Amazon. Use this address to check out and get the goods you purchase shipped out. Everything will be handled on your behalf and you will even get a tracking number to check your package as it is shipped from the seller to the forwarding address and finally to your final address.

What to do if Amazon does not ship to your address

Although Amazon does their best to ship worldwide, they have no control over the means used by individual sellers on site. Many a time, shoppers have had the agony of having to cut back on what they order or end up looking for knockoffs on other sites because of the inability to get direct shipping from Amazon. Until recently, most shoppers had to spend more time seeking for other sites and wondering how to get their purchase without the burden of extra fees. With the introduction of a new highly-professional and logistically updated parcel forwarding service Parcl, international Amazon shoppers can now:

  • Get international shipping on Amazon to just about any address in any country
  • In addition to shopping from Amazon, global internet shoppers can enjoy high-quality merchandise from other exclusive shops
  • Buy with ease and expect their goods to be delivered in record time
  • Know the pricing upfront and pay according to actual shipping carrier rates without any hidden charges or inflated costs
  • Get assistance and support in customs compliance without even leaving your home
  • Receive timely updates on the status of your delivery
  • Register for the services and pay using a number of globally available payment methods including PayPal and Bank cards.

Still in doubt if you should trust the international shipping service provided by this affordable package forwarder? Check out the glowing reviews from some of these respected online authorities including:

  • Life Hacker
  • Product Hunt
  • Urban Daddy
  • Netted by the Webbys
  • Sociable Blog

Unlike other forwarders that put a limit on what you can buy, this is an all-in-one service provider that welcomes anything that’s listed and sold on Amazon. For this reason, you can go ahead and shop for your electronics, books, beauty products, accessories as well as clothing from Amazon. It is not what they are comfortable with, it is what you, the buyer can afford and desire to buy. Basically, this service provider puts the needs and wants of customers ahead of all else. If you live outside of the United States, but want to purchase from, go ahead and use Parcl to forward your purchase to any address outside of the US.

Using international shipping on amazon comes with that extra layer of security to cover and insure your products during delivery. While not everything listed on can be shipped to every country directly, there is no need to deny yourself the opportunity of buying high-quality merchandise all because of unreasonably priced shipping from untrusted forwarders. Shop with ease and get your customized shipping quote from Parcl. After all, just checking the price does not require any form of payment or commitment from you. International shopping and shipping don’t get easier than this!

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1 year ago
Do you ship merchandise to Spain and Philippines?
1 year ago
Hello Alicia, thanks for getting in touch. Parcl forwarders ship to most countries in the world, and they do ship to Spain and Philippines. Hope it helps. Thank you and happy holidays!
1 year ago
would nice if amazon will guarantee the delivery as they do in US
1 year ago
Hello Alicia, thanks for the comment. Some Amazon sellers ship internationally and they offer guarantees. At Parcl international delivery is organized by the world's leading shipping companies and they provide delivery guarantees. Hope it helps. Thank you!
1 year ago
Does this apply to other sites as well, for example eBay?
1 year ago
Hi, do you ship to Fiji?
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