What to Do if Amazon Package Goes Missing

Amazon Package Goes Missing

Chances of your Amazon package being pirated from your porch can be significantly reduced by 3 layers of protection against porch pirating.

For thieves, nabbing Amazon packages means payday. Therefore, their pirating skills are always several steps ahead of law enforcement and package delivering security.

Amazon loves being a huge part of the community. To commemorate every single national or internationally recognised holiday, the giant shopping community slashes down prices and offers amazing deals that cannot be ignored.  For international shoppers, these are the best times to go through and shop from Amazon US. If you own an account with a US package forwarder, you too can benefit during these crazy sales and even buy furniture from America.

How locals beef up security against package theft

Because package theft is as common as daylight, locals have set up means of preventing Amazon packages from being stolen right from their doorsteps.  However, the CEO of Refund Retriever (an analytics company based in Houston Texas) Mr Brian C. Gibbs noted that there’s a lot of (prevention) things that can be done, but they take a little more time and effort on the part of the consumer.” As a result, the consumer might feel overwhelmed or burdened to follow through and install the three layers of protection.

With Amazon shipping, you can only ship within the US, but what if you need international delivery? Parcl, an international shipping and shopping concierge service, offers to pave the gap between you and your purchase from Amazon. The risk also increases, because your package might also fall victim to porch nabbing or get lost while on the way. Thankfully, when shopping with Amazon, you don’t have to worry that your Amazon package didn't arrive. Parcl local forwarders:

  • have three layers of protection to ensure that chances of your Amazon package being jacked are lesser and far between;

  • they are apt and know the measures to take to avoid getting your Amazon package stolen before it arrives at its final destination;

  • are verified and have at least all the basic information necessary to successfully shop and ship from Amazon USA;

  • work in conjunction with delivery companies including DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, FedEx and EMS. This way, your Amazon package can be delivered from America to any destination in over 80 countries globally.

With Amazon parcel forwarders, the Amazon shipping experience is more than just placing an order and having it delivered to the door. Between you and the merchant you’re buying from, you can select for the delivery to require a signature from the recipient. Most buyers and merchants find signature delivery stressful as it requires the buyer to be home.

Reduce Chances of Not Recovering Your Amazon Package by Using a Local Credit Card

Some credit cards have easy protection against theft of merchandise. When you buy using a credit card with theft coverage, if your Amazon package fails delivery, then you can easily submit a claim to get a refund with the credit card company. Most international shoppers use debit cards and online wallets to complete their purchase. Parcl offers you a chance to pay for the purchase, handling and shipping fees using your PayPal account. In turn, your Parcl forwarder pays for your Amazon package from a local credit card that protects against theft of merchandise.

Your professional forwarder can get credit card protection against merchandise theft. If you decide to purchase from Amazon via a Parcl package forwarder, they will be of great assistance in the safe passage and delivery of your package. Since launching a chargeback or laying claim with the card’s theft protection benefit requires the buyer to liaise with both shipper and seller looking for an amicable solution.

The credit card protection is the last and final act of insurance in covering your package against theft or getting lost during shipment. First, try the three ways of protecting yourself from package theft.

The three-layer protection against package theft

  1. Stay updated on deliveries

Keeping tabs on deliveries can be activated by checking and signing up for ‘Shipment Updates via Text’ under the Amazon account settings. This way, Amazon sends texts directly to your phone from acceptance of an order to shipping and finally delivery. The only bump is that this feature only applies to purchases made from Amazon and not other sellers.

  1. Document the transaction

Nothing says ‘in your face’ more than a paper trail. If you keep documents, you can back up your claim for Amazon missing package or Amazon lost package. If you have a local forwarder, naturally, they will keep copies of the order, receipt and delivery confirmation. All email trails, texts and notifications should be kept to be used when lodging a claim.

  1. Buy using a Credit card that has ‘Purchase Protection’ or ‘Purchase Security’ Benefits

You can avoid the horror of an Amazon package not delivered by using a credit card with purchase protection from the onset. American forwarders work with such purchases almost daily and understand local credit card features. From a list of credit cards, your forwarder will pay for your purchase using one that offers reasonable protection. In the unfortunate event that an Amazon order is not delivered, the forwarder will help you make a claim and get compensated.

Did you know, you have coverage for when packages go missing? You can use either or all your coverages to get your purchase reissued if you never received your Amazon order.

  • Layer 1 - The Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee

Under this guarantee, Amazon offers to cover purchases made through their website for up to US$2,500 in the event that they are damaged or defective. This protection also covers those items that have been marked ‘undelivered’ or recorded as ‘delivered’ by the carrier but weren’t received by you — items that were only dropped off come with the risk of being stolen on the porch. Amazon A-to-Z guarantee only works if you haven’t started the chargeback process with your credit card issuer.

  • Layer 2 - Credit Card Purchase Protection Benefits

First, try layer 1 before kickstarting the credit card claim. A significant number of mainstream credit cards covers your claim if the Amazon order never arrived. They will offer to pay for the equivalent or certain percentage of the original cost of purchase.

  • Layer 3- The final layer is getting insurance

An Amazon missing item can be recovered if it was insured. The parcel insurance can be covered as part of the home insurance. The challenge is that such kind of insurance comes with deductibles that are a tad higher than you would be happy to pay. You can get insurance on local shipping from Amazon as international shipping from Amazon is not yet a possibility. Your local Parcl forwarder most probably already has insurance cover for everything they ship from Amazon US. Request international delivery with Parcl to find out how you can avoid a missing Amazon delivery or get insurance before making the purchase.

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