Where to Buy Affordable Vintage Clothing Online

There’s nothing cooler in fashion-ville than a good combination of high street clothing and vintage. You swag in those two sections and you will look trendy without even trying. If you’re inspired or want to look like all your fashion-forward celebrities, such as the likes of Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, then you have to buy vintage clothing.

But not everyone can afford the cool look. The reason being vintage shopping is not a past time. It’s difficult. Without proper knowledge and prior planning, you can spend hours in a store and still walk out with an item that doesn’t compliment you. In any case, you might also feel discouraged after scouring the shop with your eyes and leaving without anything.

Online Shopping—the Answer to Shopping Complications

Online shopping is the solution to the challenge of finding the best vintage clothing stores. When you buy from e-shops, you open up a string of advantages including suggestions of what to pair up or mix and match to come up with your celebrity standard outfit.

We have compiled a list of the top vintage clothing stores online and you can look through until you find those that you consider the best according to your taste and budget. With online shopping, you get to select how the entire process works including:

  • Go shopping with the backing of an international parcel forwarder that will receive and send you the purchase without paying a fortune for their services.

  • Select your favourite vintage looks, pair them up and buy the entire look online without having to go from shop to shop in search of the different pieces.

  • Look as hot as your favorite ultra-cool celebrity when you ‘buy the look’ from certain vintage online stores.

  • Get exposed to variety, faster, with the option of price comparison in just a few clicks. Your vintage look can be customised to show who and what you are as an individual.

  • Save on shipping costs when you buy your high-street and vintage set pieces in bulk from overseas stores.

Shop that retro look in any online store and pair it up with anything that shows your style from the modern style isle. When you are all dressed up, you will be the coolest and best looking in your ‘tribe.’ Also, there is also the advantage of shopping in style from the comfort of your safe zone. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and your online payment system.

Please note, if you sign up with the Parcl package forwarding service for an account to get your vintage clothes delivered from any store, you can pay for your purchase using PayPal supported by Parcl. Also:

  • Say goodbye to the hustle and stress that is customs. When you shop and opt to get your package forwarded via Parcl, you can also select the service of help with customs.

  • Choose to have parcel integration when your package is repackaged or covered according to your specifications as indicated when selecting forwarder services.

  • Get a verified local shopping address that you can use for further purchases in the same country and buy with benefits from online stores that only offer free local delivery.

The Best Online Vintage Stores 2019

  1. Asos Vintage Marketplace

The Asos marketplace is the best place online when you want to shop for those unique, hot and not so common women’s and men’s pieces. There are over 750 vintage pieces provided by over 750 boutiques. In addition, you will also find unique vintage individual designers and independent labels. For online shoppers, Asos Marketplace is the best place to shop for the ‘Fella in Versace’ retro look, all pieces are modelled by real people. As you purchase, you know exactly what you’re getting.


  1. It’s Vintage Darling Ltd.

Darling! Listen, you don’t want to miss out on this one. Come on lover of all things fine! This is where it’s happening and where you must be. The online goddess of all things vintage has the most darling pieces to complete any look and be a star while at it. Create an account with a package forwarder and start shopping. If you’re looking for inspiration, they have the ‘Dixie’ Vintage 1950s inspired black clutch bag with diamond bow detail, ‘Bronwen’ Vintage 1920s beaded bridal wedding handbag and even the ‘Honey Bee’ Art Deco 1930s style gold metal clutch bag.


  1. The Stellar Boutique

The Stellar Boutique is not just another vintage clothing online shop. The fashion-forward online store also offers high-street fashion. But the best part that will fascinate online shoppers more than everything else is the Customise your Jacket section of the boutique. You can buy whatever vintage look you fancy and get it customised to suit your taste.


  1. Love Miss Daisy

This online vintage store is home to the most glamorous vintage pieces. Their aisles are stacked with dresses and accessories. Also, there is a must-see vintage wedding dress section for all unconventional brides who want to define their style for their big day.


  1. Rokit

Rokit is an entire universe recognised by all others in the fashion galaxy. They offer Rokit Originals and Rokit Gold where you are sure to find the most beautiful vintage looks. They cater to both men and women with the right accessories. If you would love to rock vintage alongside your kids, there is also the Children’s’ section in the store.


  1. Retro Daisy Boutique

The online store focuses on giving those who seek fashion the comfort of rocking the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s pinup and vintage clothing. They offer buyers both original and reproduced vintage clothing and accessories. If you’re interested in recreating the Marilyn Monroe look on yourself, create a package forwarding account and start buying from Retro Daisy online.


  1. Beyond Retro

Are you interested in getting items that sustain you beyond the ordinary search for retro? Then this online store is the solution to your problems. You can buy retro clothes online from Beyond Retro and be satisfied that you bought high-quality brands. The store is based in Sweden and the UK, and gives online shoppers a fresh perspective of shopping according to any fashion Era.


  1. House of Liza

The London-based online vintage store provides the online shopper with super-luxe quality. Get all things 1970s through 1990s. And they carry the biggest brands throughout fashion history. Anything vintage, they have it from YSL to Versace.


  1. Farfetch

Just as the name suggests, everything in this vintage online store has been sought for and brought in from afar. At Farfetch, there is a series of luxurious ‘back-in-the-day’ items. You will be swept off your feet by the impressive collection including the vintage sale.

  1. 1st Dibs

Arguably the best store on our short list. At 1st Dibs, you can pick your poison according to Fashion Designer, Artist, Furniture Creator, Jewelry and Watch Creator, Origin, Material and Time Period. When shopping, you can pick from over 2000 one-of-a-kind items in the store.

Bonus Vintage Store

If you’d like to indulge in authenticated pre-owned luxury fashion, then Vestiaire Collective vintage store is where you should head. They offer items according to the brand or lifestyle. If your pocket allows, then anything from Vestiaire deserves shipping insurance to bring it home.

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1 year ago
Great!! Very helpful blog.
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Hi Lucas Wong, thank you so much for the comment!
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1 year ago
Helpful Blog!!! I want to add one more! BETTIE VINTAGE it is best place for vintage style dresses
1 year ago
Hi Ava, thanks a lot for letting us know about Bettie Vintage!
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