Where to Buy Antiques Online and How to Ship Them Internationally

We have to admit it: the smart home is cute and all. But it can easily become overwhelming, plain or too predictable. You can add a spark and have something out of this world - figuratively, stationed in your living room. Shop for standout antique collectibles to make your home the best by far.

Gone are the days of going to the museum to view antiques or the art gallery and buying only those items on display. You now have a plethora of options! The best by far is shopping online and getting your collectibles delivered to your home address.


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There is a huge collection on display in various marketplaces. And all you need to do is identify the best place to shop for antiques and start ordering online. You cannot buy valuable antiques online unless you have insurance to take care of them. Get yourself such fool-proof insurance by getting an account with an online company that offers international forwarding of purchases.

Who is LAPADA and Why Should You Pay Attention? is a tremendous website created for lovers of art and antiques only. LAPADA is The Association of Arts & Antiques Dealers. Instead of getting confused in the online aisles looking for antiques, when you visit this website, it’s certain that you are only buying true oldies. The site promises accuracy and authenticity together with rich historical information.

The website is the most trusted site for antiques and has been displayed on proven platforms including Financial Times. Lovers of everything antique and artsy can sign up to receive weekly highlights as well as complimentary art tickets that open channels to viewing antique fairs throughout the UK.


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At the time of publication, LAPADA had well over 20,000 items for sale. The site has a golden chandelier symbol displayed in a window and it’s an overwhelmingly beautiful antique, even though it’s just about a silhouette. was established in 1974 and their growth has been nothing short of amazing. Finally reaching the peak, the addition of the LAPADA online marketplace in 2014 made an even bigger difference. Now, 5 years after their significant introduction into the online scenario, we take a look at some of the best places to buy antiques online presently.

Best Places to Buy Antiques Online

The social media marketplace is becoming increasingly popular with Instagram and Facebook offering sales pages and people creating auctions on these pages. There is also a healthy selection of online stores offering live sales and auctions for arts and antique collections. Here are some of the best places that offer one-of-a-kind antiques online.

  1. LAPADA’s Online Marketplace

Turns out the big name that brought us antiques and opened more opportunities for artists and those searching for antiques to meet, is the biggest online treasure trove for collections. You can find rare and beautiful pieces that include items from all the members of The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers. They offer an unbeatable eclectic mix of temptingly beautiful pieces and sets. Perfect for your home, office or gifting.


  1. Auctionata and AuctionMe

The Berlin-based auction house is famous for their live auctions that are hosted and filmed inside the Auctionata studios. If the thrill of bidding and seeing antiques that are indescribable in beauty is what you are after, then all you need to do is watch the Live auctions and you’ll get all the sugar without having to travel. The auctioneers are licensed and have a policy they follow in their operations. You can translate the website to your preferred language and buy anything you fancy, have it delivered to your home by

AuctionMe was formed more recently and is the UK version of Auctionata. They operate in a similar manner to their older cousin and also offer a plethora of treasures. You can find everything from grandpa watches to classic cars.


  1. The Old Cinema

The webstore is beautiful. But their physical picture palace establishment located in West London is the reincarnation of the 19th-century wealth. It’s quite a beauty to marvel. The site has been categorised into retro, vintage and antique. It makes it easy to just dive in and splurge on an Art Deco piece. Ever thought what the 19th-century traffic lights looked like? The Old Cinema has your back.


  1. Live Auctioneers

For an epic online antique store with an even crazier online presence and hype, visit the Live Auctioneers. This group brings the buzz of the auction room live to your screen. There are thousands of auctions aired daily. All you need to do is be live and get exposed to objects for sale across 47 countries. The Live Auctioneers offer a huge database of collectibles, antiques, art and jewellery pieces. It’s the first page that should come to mind when looking for the best online service.


  1. Barneby’s

Barneby’s is based in the UK and they offer a wide variety of products for sale. You can visit them to shop for antiques, estate auctions and Asian art among other things. And, you will be excited to learn that they also offer a valuation on their site. Such service deserves the services of a trusted forwarder to help you move and transport your select antiques in a safe manner. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed by searching difficult sites. At Barneby’s you can easily scroll through the sections that are open to bidding and easily search by sale name.


  1. We Are Elsewhere

This website has a great thing going and it’s pretty much home to everything antique. And yes, they are everywhere else. Look up Australia and New Zealand on your world map and you’ll understand their catchy web name. They mix contemporary design with breathtaking antiques giving us the H&A’s heart vibes. If you’re interested in never seen before antiques, set up an account with a verified parcel forwarder and buy them from


  1. Invaluable

Just as the name suggests, you can get ‘thee’ best antiques for sale online at Invaluable. The online store offers Auction Houses and Galleries for shoppers to get the latest exhibitions and showrooms. You can bid in top auctions from around the world at Invaluable.


  1. Circa Vintage

Circa Vintage is another great store offering you goods that can never be out of style. Based in London, this antique boutique has a book full of the best wearable antiques. You can buy a diverse range of items under the sun from this store. Celebrities and other high-profile public figures prefer to shop and ship antiques from Circa Vintage to achieve that one in a million type of look. If you’re looking to stand out in a crowd and be in an exclusive, then open a parcel forwarding account and start shopping online. Your forwarder will use the best carrier to get your dress delivered.


Why Should You Buy Antiques Online?

Online shopping has made lives easier. And it continues opening the window of opportunity to buyers who are looking for items that are rare or not easy to find in their countries. If you’re to look at it, buying antiques online might be the best decision you’ll make this year. Here are some more reasons why you should shop for antiques online:

  • We live in a digital world where there is a series of logistics companies ready to help you navigate and ship your online purchase with ease.

  • You get to select the best variety from different sites and only bid on what you can afford on terms that suit your standards.

Give your home, office or store a unique look by buying online what will only be yours, unique in every sense.

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