Where to Buy New Sony PS4 Limited Edition Console

Sony Interactive Entertainment released a report celebrating reaching a significant milestone. Since inception, the company has recently sold over half a billion Play Station Consoles. The exact number of PlayStation consoles sold stood at 525.3 Million and Sony released a befitting tribute. The company announced the release of exactly 50,000 units of the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro. These will be available globally and once they are sold, they are gone; Sony will not be increasing the quantity.

In light of the recent developments and announcements from Sony, gamers have been reaching out to trusted distributors and package forwarders. Most of them are placing orders for delivery of the console from Italy, which means that the PS4 Limited Edition is already available there.

What to Expect in your Brand New PS4

The rare console will come packaged and ready for use. Owners only need to check the package to make sure that it is exactly what they ordered. Your brand new PS4 should contain the following units:

  • One brand new 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro console which is translucent-blue

  • Matching translucent-blue Dual Shock 4 controller

  • PlayStation camera (doesn’t actually come in the same color)

  • One headset

  • Single bundled stand

Why You Should Consider Buying the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition Console

Ever heard of investment? Well, gone are the days when investors only had limited options investing only in stock, minerals, and binary trading. Yes, Sony has celebrated other significant achievements by releasing limited consoles in the past, however, this is different. No, scratch that. This is Magnanimous. With the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition Console buyers know that they are sitting on gold.

Opting to buy this console will serve as a worthy investment in the long run. Simply put, there are only 50 000 consoles - globally.  In the near future, owners of consoles will be able to resale or auction them for greater profits.

Since the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition Console is barely $100 more than the current edition, it won’t leave a hole in your pocket. The console is only available in a limited quantity and will be owned by few. This is your chance to stand out and be unique. For just an additional $100 to your budget, a neat, limited Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB will crown your collector’s cabinet.

Easily Get the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB through Parcl

Globally, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition Console is set to start selling online from August 24, 2018, and retail stores should receive it by early September. Pre-orders started trickling in from as early as August 14. And remember, Sony gave an official statement that these consoles are limited, restricted to just 50 000 units.

Since the official Sony Interactive Entertainment announcement, impatient gamers have been reaching out, ready to start playing. Based on the requests for the console, it is evident that Italy already has some consoles ready for sale.

To make it easier for international buyers, the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition Console has already been added to the Parcl store. The availability of the console means that buyers can opt to either buy from the original online shop regardless of the shop’s physical location or order through the Parcl store.

Those who would like to buy directly from the Sony Store or other resellers, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Add the new PlayStation console to your cart, ready to check out

  2. Visit the official Parcl website and register for free

  3. Using the parameters provided on the site, determine the exact type of service you need

  4. Complete the checkout at the Sony or reseller store using your verified address from Parcl

  5. Have the console delivered at your convenience at an affordable price.

Buyers who would like to buy the new PS4 directly from Parcl can go right ahead and do so. Before buying, please note that Parcl does not store any console or part. Thus, ordering through the Parcl store is similar to a standard delivery order. The only difference is that when ordering via Parcl, there is no need to fill out the delivery request form, it is already pre-filled. The process is the same and that is either:

  • the forwarder (i.e. Parcl) purchases the PS4 limited edition for you

  • or Parcl gives the shopper a verified address, then re-ships the package (see steps 2-5 above).


PS4-Pro-500-Million-Limited-Edition-2TB-console-buy PS4-Pro-500-Million-Limited-Edition-2TB-console-buy-4
PS4-Pro-500-Million-Limited-Edition-2TB-console-buy-7 PS4-Pro-500-Million-Limited-Edition-2TB-console-buy-3


Buy PS4 Pro 2TB 500 Million Limited Edition Console Online


Having already mentioned that the number of consoles available will be limited, there are queues and requests from gamers worldwide waiting to get their hands on this console. Other than the fact that the new PS4 is breathtakingly beautiful; this is a chance for the loyal PlayStation fans to stand out. With the brand new PS4, gaming becomes even more beautiful.

The shape and aesthetic beauty of this premium console are what makes it a stand-alone and definite must-buy. Given that the PS4 Pro is not half as beautiful and yet garnered a lot of interest and controversy, the Limited Edition is set to change the industry. Thus, pre-orders are the perfect way of ensuring that you get your hands on this very limited special console.

Enlisting with Parcl ahead of the much awaited August 24, 2018, is the best way of making sure you are first in line. Searching the reliable and popular online retailers indicates that the console is not yet available to the general public. Common sense indicates that as soon as the new console hits the market, it will be grabbed off the face of shelves. Do you feel like this is the console of your dreams? The console you have long awaited? Then go ahead and pre-order it from the Parcl Store.

If history is anything to go by, then the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB will be highly treasured and hold a lot of sentimental value. As such, all loyal and new Sony fans will want to own the console. So much hype has been built around the console. Also, the gap between the official Sony announcement and the pre-order to the actual date of release is more than enough for scammers to make a move. Rest assured, there will be a lot of stories about hopeful buyers getting scammed or buyers receiving fake consoles. To make sure that you do not fall victim, buy from a trusted retailer. Whether you buy directly from the Parcl Store or use Parcl to forward your console from a Sony shop, their services are reliable, affordable and traceable. There is still a small window, go ahead and make the right move to secure your own Limited Edition Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB console.

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