Where to Buy the Best Gym Equipment in 2021?

If you are running a gym or thinking about opening up a fitness space, you will need quality professional equipment. Naturally, every gym and fitness studio is different and, thus, requires a specific approach when it comes to filling it with exercise machines. However, no matter what type of fitness equipment you may be looking for, you will want to purchase machines that are effective and will serve your business long and well.  

You have lots of options when it comes to choosing where to get your fitness equipment from. The problem is that having a lot of choice can often be a complication rather than a benefit. This is especially true if you are new to the industry and are not sure about where to get started.  

You will find lots of places selling all sorts of exercise machines — and the sheer number of different shops and options can be overwhelming. And this is where we hope to be helpful. In the article below, we’ve brought together 10 proven businesses that can help you set up your gym or studio. Hopefully, as you go through this list, you will find what you are looking for and will be able to stock your studio with all the essentials you need. 

What Are the Top Places to Buy Gym Equipment? 

So, where can one buy quality gym equipment? As we’ve mentioned above, there are lots of places that offer it. Below, you will find ten reputable sellers that offer everything you need to organize your gym space and keep your clients happy. To make things easier, here’s a list of gym equipment sellers that we will cover in today’s article: 

  • Gym Source — one of the oldest and most popular gym equipment sellers in the US. 
  • US Fitness Products — another well-known seller with a professional team of experts on board. 
  • Iron Company — a business focused on selling US-made fitness equipment. 
  • Johnson Fitness & Wellness — a popular company selling gym equipment by famous brands. 
  • Used Gym Equipment —your go-to solution for finding quality used gym equipment. 
  • Global Fitness — another company where you can get professional second-hand machines for your gym. 
  • Primo Fitness — a place where you can buy used gym equipment at wholesale prices. 
  • American Home Fitness — a company specializing in selling innovative fitness equipment (Ohio and Michigan). 
  • Fitness Expo Stores — one more local store (Louisiana and Mississippi) selling professional fitness machines and offering expert consultations. 

Now, let’s take a look at each of these suppliers in a bit more detail.  

Gym Source 

Gym Source is the largest and oldest distributor of fitness equipment in America. The company has over 75 years of experience working in the fitness industry, and one of its strong points is its unrivaled expertise in the field. If you are new to the fitness niche and need help selecting the right equipment, you should be able to get that help from Gym Source. The company’s staff will be able to give you recommendations as to what brands to choose and what type of workout equipment would be a better fit for your gym space.  

Gym Source works with lots of big names in fitness manufacturing, like Nautilus, Octane Fitness, Cybex, True Fitness, Hoist, Schwinn, Hampton Fitness, and others. 

To sum up, with Gym Source, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach to equipment selection. You will get guidance through every step of the process: from designing your facility and choosing the most effective layout to filling the space with the best workout equipment for your gym. 

US Fitness Products 

US Fitness Products has been on the market for over 20 years. The company distributes a wide range of gym equipment and accessories from popular brands, like Inspire, Torque Fitness, Free Motion, and others.  

When working with US Fitness Products, you will be communicating with highly trained professionals who will walk you through the whole process if you need help. 

One of the main benefits of working with US Fitness Products is that the company offers a 0% interest leasing program (no interest will be charged for the first 36 months). At the end of your leasing term, you will be able to write the payment off, purchase the equipment, trade it in, or simply have it taken away. This is a great option for new gyms, especially if you want to try out new workout machines before committing to a purchase. 

Iron Company 

Iron Company has been in the fitness industry since 1997 and is mostly focused on selling USA-made fitness equipment and gym accessories for individual users, commercial gyms and government projects.   

The company offers a wide range of equipment to choose from and has a team of qualified professionals on board. They will guide you through every step of the process, from planning out your gym space to filling it  with equipment. 

In addition to selling quality gym equipment, Iron Company is also a manufacturer. The company makes gym equipment and accessories, which you can customize with your brand logo. This option can be very useful for gyms that want to promote their brand name: you will be able to add your logo to free weights, gym flooring, strength equipment, and more. 

Johnson Fitness & Wellness 

Johnson Fitness & Wellness is yet another household name in the fitness equipment industry.  

The company sells a wide range of commercial gym equipment from famous fitness brands and for every budget. Here you will be able to purchase new, used, remanufactured, and refurbished equipment. Plus, there are also leasing options on offer. 

An experienced team of the company’s account managers will be able to help you with your equipment selection, and there is even free 3D rendering available to help you with your setup.  

Used Gym Equipment 

If you are looking specifically for used gym equipment, this is the place to check out. Just as the name suggests, Used Gym Equipment is a company that specializes in buying and reselling second-hand fitness equipment from popular brands. This makes it a great choice for first-time gym owners or anyone looking to cut costs for their business.  

Setting up and running a gym is quite a pricey endeavor. Plus, in the aftermath of the pandemic, a lot of businesses may want to minimize expenses until regular fitness life picks up.  

All in all, Used Gym Equipment is the best option for quality cost-effective purchases. Just like with the other companies we’ve mentioned today, at Used Gym Equipment, you will also be able to find consultants who will help you plan out your fitness space and set up your gym with the right professional equipment.  

Global Fitness 

Used Gym Equipment is not the only company offering quality second-hand workout machines. Global Fitness has been doing the same for over two decades. Here you can get a wide range of pre-owned gym equipment from famous makers (like Vectra, AbCoaster, Helix, Inspire, Life Fitness, and more) with great value and service.  

Global Fitness has a team of experienced engineers and mechanics who will gladly consult you on what machines to choose for your gym. Working with Global Fitness is a great choice for both beginner and seasoned gym owners. The company offers hassle-free equipment packages for all gym needs and pretty much takes all the anxiety out of decking out an exercise studio. 

Primo Fitness 

If you are looking for big discounts and want to buy in bulk, take a look at Primo Fitness. The company offers used gym equipment at wholesale prices. Here you will find a wide selection of everything a modern gym might need: treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, strength training machines, recumbent and upright bikes, and more. All the equipment sold at Primo Fitness can be cleaned, restored and serviced to make it “look like new” right on site. However, if you want to handle this yourself, you can choose to buy the equipment you want in “as is” condition — which comes with even bigger discounts. This means that the machines may look a bit used but are all in guaranteed working condition.  

American Home Fitness 

American Home Fitness sells innovative exercise equipment for commercial gyms mainly throughout Ohio and Michigan. The company offers equipment from industry-leading brands, like Octane, Precor True, and more. At American Home Fitness, you get to try out all the equipment pieces that you are interested in before committing to a purchase. And there is a wide selection of exercise machines to choose from: ellipticals, strength equipment, rowing machines, treadmills, and more.  

Fitness Expo Stores 

Fitness Expo Stores is another local gym equipment store catering mostly to Louisiana and Mississippi. Operating since 1980, the company has been supplying gyms with a wide range of different fitness machines, like rowers, functional trainers, strength machines, and more. Here, you should be able to find everything your clients might need for almost any type of workout. You will find machines by different known brands here, like Vectra, AbCoaster, Helix, Inspire, Life Fitness, and many more.  

Just like many of the other businesses we’ve mentioned in this list, Fitness Expo Stores has a team of experienced professionals who can help you make your selection, design your gym space and organize all your purchased equipment. 


This concludes our list of the top gym equipment sellers. The companies above have all been on the market for quite a while and have lots of experience in helping gyms find the right tools to keep their clients happy. 

By far, this is not an exhaustive list of companies that can supply your gym with the needed materials, and you should have no problem finding more options as you look around online. 

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