Where to Buy Unique Japanese Home Decor Pieces

Have you been on the lookout for distinctive pieces of furniture and home accessories? Do you think of your local furniture store as dull and outdated? If you answered “yes” to both questions and would like help finding furniture and home decor items that are best suited for you and your unique style, then keep on reading.

The Japanese are one of the most intriguing nations. They certainly take the lead in terms of architecture, fashion, and design. And all Japanese furniture items are designed to cater to small living spaces. In a place where space is always an issue, furniture designers specialize in ergonomic yet eccentric design. 

Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Furniture in Japan

There are several good reasons why buying furniture in Japan is something you need to consider doing: 

  • Most of the Japanese furniture designers come up with pieces that are stylish yet practical and small-scale.
  • Japanese furniture is a strong mixture of bold, meek and everything in between - you just need to find the style that suits your character best.
  • Japanese culture is known for its focus on politesse and order, and that philosophy is clearly reflected in Japanese design. You won’t get anything that is offensive or pompous, which makes Japanese interior decorations the top candidate for international shoppers.
  • You can easily buy your furniture in Japan online and have it delivered through a trusted forwarder.

What You Need to Know about International Shipping from Japan

There is a chance that most Japanese home decor retailers offer international shipping. However, at the same time, the language barrier and shipping norms might be an issue. Therefore, having a local parcel forwarder on the ground is a more logical option. The first place where you should start looking for such a person is Parcl is an online platform that acts as a facilitator between international shoppers and local forwarders.

So, the next time you decide to look for rugs, vases, and even tub chairs, consider getting a Japanese local address with Parcl’s help. 

The platform doesn’t require membership fees and provides tons of additional benefits: 

  • an array of additional services, like package consolidation and customs paperwork preparations, to name but a few;
  •  the option of acquiring your desired items from their physical location by asking your forwarder to make the purchase on your behalf;
  • access to locally provided discounts; and
  • various means of international payment, like PayPal and major credit cards. 

Shop for Japanese Items and Ship Them Anywhere With Your Parcl Account

Now that you know there are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy with Parcl, you’re ready to meet the top Japanese home decor stores:

1. Muji

Japanese brand Muji, which literally translates as “no brand”, is one of the top brands in the country. Muji has hundreds of retail outlets spread across the country and several more in the neighboring countries. Shop at Muji if your style is about minimalism with unique finishings.

2. Passport

Passport makes it to the top of our list as it offers items that are super easy to ship. You can enrich your room with some colorful fluffy cushions, pillows, storage boxes, and more. Passport sells a lot of kawaii items, such as Hello Kitty, Kyaraben and Kumamon products. The brand is also home to its own anime-style character known as Hannari Tofu, who is the inspiration behind some of the brand’s products. If you want to emulate Japanese style in your home décor, then there’s no doubt about where you must shop. Select what you love and get your Japanese-speaking shopping assistant to help you get your package. 

3. Nitori

Dubbed as the Japanese Ikea, Nitori is the biggest home furniture chain store in Japan. It’s on top of the list for homeowners who seek affordable and unique pieces. Nitori’s online store is fully functional, but all listings are in Japanese only. And this is where you will definitely need help from your bilingual shopping assistant. Shop for rugs, accessories, linens, and furniture and enjoy what Japanese minimalism has to offer.

4. Bo Concept

Bo Concept is the true definition of international style. The brand originated in Dania and now enjoys a stronghold in Japan. The store offers a unique blend of Scandinavian design and Japanese small-scale finishings. Check out the store’s decor ideas and other concepts to find what works best for you.

5. Watashi no Heya

For a truly Japanese-styled home, you definitely must shop at Watashi no Heya. The name behind this store literally means My Room, and it is a perfect place for anyone interested in home decor. The store specializes in a combination of contemporary and traditional design. Shop for tableware, Japanese dinnerware, the cutest ceramics, and more. If you have always admired Japanese style, then you can have it in your home whatever country that might be in. 

Sayonara Sales and Recycle Shops

After checking out the awesome shops listed above, you can start to consider shopping at thrift shops and sayonara sales. For bargain shoppers, recycle shops are the best place to start. Sayonara sales are yard sales or garage sales that are usually held by a family relocating to another city, which propels them to sell things at really low prices.

Considering that you already have your trusted Japanese package forwarder, you can request an additional service in the form of a personal visit to some sayonara sales and thrift shops, where they can get eccentric Japanese items for almost next to nothing. The amount you pay for shipping a large parcel is minimal if Parcl is used for the entire process. There is so much you can do with a Parcl account, and the choices are yours to make. Get started and have your Japanese decor items delivered to wherever you are.

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