Why Overseas Foldable Phones Are Just a Dream for US Customers

For the longest of times, America has only known the iPhone and Samsung to be their first options. Just about half of the population are happy as Apple customers, with their Apple Store benefits, discounts, and bonuses. Those who use Android trust that Samsung is the brand to carry them and provide leading services that can be put head-to-head against Apple products. However, in other countries, there is a somewhat healthy balance when it comes to smart gadgets, particularly smartphones. If not for companies that offer to ship from China to the US, then some products might not be known across the globe as successful brands.


Finally, this balance is coming to the US. The wave, only identified as phone envy is the rise and proliferation of other phone brands in America. The Huawei phones USA are proving to be as excellent as the two trusted brands. After years of trying to prove their worth, finally, Huawei shot to the top of the creativity charts with their Huawei Mate 20 Pro a 2018 release. This phone gave new meaning to competition and smart technology. Americans took notice and the smartphone did relatively well in the industry, thus opening up the passage for other Huawei products in the US.

The Turf Gets Changed by Foldable Phones

Just when the US kind of finally levels the field, they get left behind. With the introduction of foldable phones, the competition is now in a whole new dimension. At the 2019 Mobile World Congress, the narrative was a whole new concept dominated by foldables. Consumers were introduced to a wide range encompassing the Huawei sleek Mate X, Xiaomi’s Triple-folding model, LG’s almost falsetto V50 second screen, Oppo’s Prototype, Clunky Royale FlexiPai and TCL’s Angular DragonHinge design.

The foldables have been introduced as the in-thing and the best smartphone this year, and possibly in the future. Executives will fall in love first at this amazing concept of a foldable phone that will make it possible to abandon the tablet and just carry a phone that can be expanded.

America On Foldables

There’s no denying that the search for where to buy Huawei phones in the USA has increased in recent history as the brand is not casually stocked like Apple and Samsung phones. Thus, even if the foldable smartphone is an edgy, trendy and innovative phone design overseas, the American industry won’t carry them in any meaningful way. History has proven this as a fact.


As cool as the foldables are, they will only be loved, wanted and successful in Europe and on other continents. In North America, only the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold in retail and used in a meaningful way. After all, American carriers do not require import fees and cellular compatibility and conversions for the Samsung phones. Other cool phones from overseas have always had a difficult time on the American market. The issues faced by other brands revolve around:

  • American consumer and market trends.

  • Trade agreements between brands and countries.

  • Geopolitical factors and other complex factors.

  • Cyber wars and US intelligence agencies’ suspicion of Chinese telecom companies.

When it comes to Chinese phones in the USA, there can never be a great time to bring the phones into the country. The Chinese brands are already disadvantaged because of the Chinese telecom communications – US intelligence agencies clashes. If you have the means of buying online, then you might go around these barriers and pay a parcel forwarder to assist in finding compatible shipping from China to the USA.

Not Enough Competition in America

In the US, it’s pretty laid out, the brands that have power and authority are Samsung and Apple. This means that the playing field only has space for two major players. What then happens to other players? Xiaomi, Oppo or Huawei? It’s one thing that American consumers are being left out when it comes to having a long list of choices and options to pick from. The inability to get an overseas phone in the USA is one thing, but the inability to get any brand you can afford simply because of some trade laws is beyond frustrating.

Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi are regarded as beasts and leaders, providing flagships for some of the best hardware collections ever. These brands provide gadgets that are as cool and on point as America’s best phones, at a fraction of the price. Basically, if these phones are to be brought into the US from China, and sold by local carriers, then it means America’s best brands get real competition. When the specs are on par and the brand delivers, then consumers only use the price to select their next purchase. Those who want to save significantly will most probably prefer and select to go with Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei instead of the brands that are currently leading in stores nationwide.


According to the first quarter of 2019 rankings, Huawei is ranked Number 2, Xiaomi is sitting on position 4 and Oppo is Number 5 in the world rankings. These smartphones are loved globally. The only place that still seemingly needs further convincing is the US. The market report conducted by Counterpoint Research indicated that at the end of 2018, the smartphone industry in the US was dominated by Apple. The statistics indicated:

  • 47% for Apple

  • 22% for Samsung

  • 12% for LG

  • 6% for Motorola

  • 13% for Other. The ‘Other’ category includes the likes of  Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo.

Based on these statistics, it’s evident that the ‘Other’ brands are not as free in the American marketplace as the top 3. To make a dent in the American market, Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi have to pull some rabbits out of the hat.


Based on consumer trends, behaviours and preferences, even if the US government had to lift off most of its restrictions to allow the leading Chinese brands to sell in the country, they will still not do well. The market is already saturated and dominated by the brands that have become personal and part of American families. The consumers are happy with the level of technology presented by their iPhones or Samsungs. Chinese phones have technology that is on another level and too much to simply accept. Young consumers want exactly this crazy innovation and thus, they shop for smartphones online from China.

Moving on from the dull and overdone black and white phones, Chinese brands are providing the world with different colours and hues that shine and glisten and change according to the light spectrum. These include the following:

  • Huawei Matte 10 going forward to the newest edition.

  • Huawei Honor Smartphones.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 going forward.

  • Oppo Find X.

Americans Can Buy the Foldable Online

If you’re a frustrated American resident with a palette for the finer things in life, you might be attracted to the foldable smartphone. The good side of the internet it that now you can search for where to buy Oppo, Huawei or Xiaomi and find the best online store offering you top-class service. Samsung has its own foldable, which will be available across carriers in the US. But, if you’d like other foldables that are more trendy and edgy, then you will have to resort to purchasing online.

One of the best foldables that deserves all the attention, time and planning to get via the services of package forwarding from China is the Huawei Mate X. This design offers a slim style and comes with an inverse fold that looks fancy all around. You can circumvent some of the restrictions. If you’re able to pay for China package forwarding, then you can purchase any of these brand new latest foldables directly from China to the US.


There is an already booming market of China forwarding services that help consumers from any geolocation to order, pay and get their smartphones delivered to them. There is a significant number of American consumers who love the colourful and innovative designs offered by Chinese smartphone brands who have had their phones sent via freight forwarder China to USA. You will not be the first one to use this method that has been tried and improved by other online shoppers. You might have not felt motivated to purchase regular smartphones, but the foldable is something worth considering. 

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