Why UK Customers Can No Longer Shop Sephora US Site

Let’s take it back to 2016 when rumour had it that Sephora UK was finally going to re-open their physical locations. A couple of months later, everyone was super disappointed to learn that the rumour was just that – in fact, a baseless rumour! As most shoppers were disappointed that as a giant country, the UK had to depend on her neighbours for Sephora beauty products, they found a way to forge forward and became dependant on the US website. Dedicated beauticians understand the struggle behind finding the right shade of foundation, the right consistency - the works. Thus, when you find a brand that does wonders for your skin, you stick to it. And since Sephora is a giant in makeup brands, we were content shopping at Sephora and have it delivered in the UK.

Fast-forward to mid-July 2018, the world woke up to the shocking news that Sephora US website is no longer available to UK users. To be exact, the confirmation was that Sephora US was redirecting UK and Netherlands shoppers to the France website. Well, you might think, what is the problem then, because isn’t Sephora France still a Sephora? Well, hold on, let us bring you up to speed real quick. Here are a couple of things that bring the dismay and chaos:

  1. Sephora France does not even have half as many individual brands as Sephora US. Let’s be honest, Sephora USA is the biggest and has the brightest and most well-stocked shelves. With Sephora UK out of the picture, the US became home for most European-based Sephora fans.

  2. Ever heard of saving up your points with the hope of using them in one big shopping spree? Yeah, well, when the Sephora UK delivery service stopped operation, all those points went into the bin! Shoppers lost out on their points overnight. Beauties would understand. After all, this is the equivalent of going to bed with a million in your bank account only to wake up the next day and the bank has disappeared into thin air.

  3. Sephora UK and Sephora US are one and the same thing. They both use English, now think of the headache that comes with translating the Sephora France website. Google translate and other translating tools do their best, but it just isn’t the same.

  4. No prior announcement or at least a month’s preparation before implementing the change. For most shoppers, the most annoying part is that this means their freedom to just browse the US site is gone.

According to Jess the UK Makeup news blogger’s Instagram account @fyi_beauty, “as they aren’t willing to comply with the new EU GDPR (data protection laws), they have blocked the whole U.K from accessing & shopping from their site.” This means that for those who rarely check their email and news feed, they first learned that their points vanished overnight on Instagram. Come to think of it, it’s almost as if Sephora stole these points. There was no warning or grace period to use the points.

The Best Solution to Sephora Delivery to UK Problems

Alright then, now that we are all caught up, we need to find the best possible solution. The main problem, as already pointed out, is that Sephora is not willing to comply with the data protection laws. This means that regardless of how one tries to access their website, it will still not be possible as long as they are from the UK and the Netherlands.

Are you in a location that refuses to open the website and instead redirects to another? Here is how you can still be able to browse the Sephora US site, and have your favourite brands delivered:

  1. Install a trusted VPN on your computer.

  2. Set the VPN to a location that works, most preferably, the USA.

  3. Visit the official Sephora US website and go on with your shopping as usual.

  4. Once you are ready to check out, visit one of the leading freight forwarding service providers, i.e. Parcl and register for an account for free.

  5. Follow the prompts on the site to determine the type and level of service you would like to get from Parcl.

  6. Once you have completed the form, you receive a verified local address to use at checkout. If need be, the forwarder will also give you a dedicated person to focus entirely on your shopping experience, not just at Sephora, but other shops in the US.

  7. Go back to Sephora, use the verified address to check out and your goods will be shipped to the local address.

  8. As soon as they arrive, your forwarder will repackage them, if needed, and forward them to your UK address.

A quick search on Google, ‘does Sephora ship to UK?’ will show that there isn’t even a remote possibility of browsing the site. With Parcl, you still get to not only browse, but shop and get your goods delivered right to your doorstep. With Sephora UK shipping out of the picture, a stellar service provider must replace them.

What Makes the Parcl Shipping Service the Best Solution

In case you did not know, Sephora UK online shopping was inclusive for shoppers from several accessible global locations. Now with the service closed out, this cuts off a lot of the shoppers who are comfortable with the US site.

A significant number of makeup shoppers will not bother trying to navigate a website that is in French and only stocks half of the common brands. For example, searching for the NARS brand, has 81 products whereas only has 62 products. A difference of 19 products! In a nutshell, it will never be the same. Fortunately, Parcl international makeup delivery  is there to save the day.

With the Parcl worldwide makeup delivery service, buyers continue receiving their favourite makeup from the original Sephora website without facing the restrictive laws that can’t be avoided. There is no need to miss out on great deals and new products from your trusted brand. In addition to getting your own full Sephora online store from the comfort of your home, you also get access to other makeup distributors.

In addition to having unlimited access that will enable you to buy Sephora products through your freight forwarder, you will also get the opportunity to experience online shopping from a different angle. With the Parcl customised services, Sephora delivery to UK and other countries will become a part of the privileges you get to enjoy. At the end of the day, the US has the best shops; they also have most of the international brands. Sign up with Parcl today to take advantage of their international shipping and forwarding services that are fully customizable.

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