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For a company that has valiantly tried to unite the two antagonistic divides in analog writing and digital files, Moleskine is here, yet again, with another first. But this time around, it is a smart, intuitive pen, rightly called Pen+ Ellipse. For the first time, you will be able to transfer your handwritten notes directly to your smartphone in real time.

In this digital age, Moleskine is trying hard to remain relevant, and it appears it is still an integral part of us. This Italian brand had introduced leather-bound journals and books, but it’s the pen that’s seemingly changing the game altogether. And it isn’t just another digital pen, but rather a device capable of memorizing and storing notes, drawings, and other content as you jot down in a special notebook.

What is Pen+ Ellipse?

From afar, you might confuse it with just an ordinary pen. But this newest writing tool is something unique and revolutionary, something artists, itinerants, and folks who jot down all the time will fight for. Pen+ Ellipse is so smart that it may force you to stop hitting that keyboard on your PC!

First, it is made to endure the rigors of writing and last a couple of years. It is a small, handy and surprisingly compact pen that’s easy to use and transfer what’s on paper into your digital device. Its built-in sensor ensures all those drawings are automatically stored in digital format.

If you are wondering why buy this pen, here are just a few reasons:

Typing made easier

Well, it appears that its designer didn’t want to reach out to the “analog” lot and those whose occupations involve lots of writing down. During those moments, when you are unable to type your notes, like being on a train, Pen+ Ellipse swiftly comes to your rescue. You can just fish it out of your bag and bam, get down to business!

It records audios too

Pen+ Ellipse in incredible because aside from transferring those notes in real time, it will also record sounds and transfer them to your smartphone. The gadget has no alternatives, except for maybe its cousin Pen+ records, which is incredible.

You can modify the hue and thickness of that digital ink

For you, the talented artists and those who love drawing and painting stuff, Pen+ Ellipse is an absolute must-have. It is designed to produce different line styles and change color, which is something any artist will find interesting.


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What type of books or papers is Pen+ Ellipse compatible with?

The tool is exclusively compatible with some specially textured notebooks from Moleskine since its sensor is made to sync with the dotted paper called nCode and track the movements it makes. That’s to say you will have to either buy a Paper Tablet or a Smart Planner, which are just $30 each. Pen+ Ellipse is retailing at only $179, which is a reasonable price compared to the convenience it brings forth.

Feel that you’ve got to have one of these smart pens, but can’t find a store that would ship to your country? Not a problem, as you can simply use a package forwarding service to get Pen+ Ellipse delivered straight to your door.

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