Would you Try Ramen Inspired Makeup?

Addicts of K-dramas know that once you get hooked, there is no going out. Koreans love their ramen. In fact, they are married to their ramen constitutionally – well sort of, and this is recognised by all. You give them ramen noodles, they craft the best of the dishes, make a variety and even feasts fit for a king from those coily strands.

And when it comes to the packaging, don’t get us started. Their packaging is delectable after all, Asians take style and presentation to the highest of heights. So you can imagine the beauty that is a makeup range inspired by the much-loved staple food — Ramen.

The Collaboration that Brings Us Spicy Makeup and Ramen!

Foodies, here’s the upside of things, your makeup isn’t just that, its makeup plus actual spicy ramen noodles. Tony Moly collaborated with Samyang to create a spicy ramen-inspired makeup range. And you will do best to get your hands on this cool invention as soon as you can. Not to make any promises, but, just think about it, wouldn’t it be to your advantage to buy a makeup collection that also takes care of you by providing you with healthy ramen noodles at no extra cost?

Samyang’s Noodles, the Name that Makes All the Difference

If you have had the pleasure of trying out Samyang’s Buldak Spicy Chicken Ramen after ordering it off of Amazon or buying a packet from the local Korean trader, then you understand the hype. This brand is Korea’s pride and joy, although only launched as recently as 2012.

Samyang’s noodles have become a hugely popular instant noodle meal not just for the Korean community, but for everyone who loves good food that’s easy to prepare. Samyang’s noodles have a chicken mascot, which is a cartoon with a bowl haircut! This also adds to the humour and makes the brand adorable on all fronts.

Refreshingly, Tony Moly a dynamic K-beauty brand saw the potential behind Korean makeup’s online presence and decided that a collaboration with Samyang would be a hit. And, oh boy, was Tony Moly right! This is one of the 21st -century’s most ridiculous yet dynamic collaborations. A cut above the rest. Way ahead of time and yet surprisingly overdue.

The Samyang x Tony Moly Hot Edition Makeup collection was launched in the last quarter of 2018. Of course, you can choose to buy Korean cosmetics online, but now you have the chance of killing two birds with one stone, get excellent products for your makeup collection and a taste of the good Korean noodles

What to Buy from the Samyang x Tony Moly Noodle-Makeup Collab

Here are some of the products that you can buy from the hot collaboration:

  • Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint

Here’s some unsolicited advice, pay no attention to the name. This lip sauce is just tinted to give you the irresistible red pop. But, it’s not actually flavoured, and it’s definitely not a hot sauce that will burn your lips the whole day simply because you chose to look red hot. You’re spoiled for choice and can select between two shades. There’s Chicken Red and Cheese Chicken. Both lip sauce tints are long-lasting and they give the wearer a semi-matte texture. Just be cautious, they smell insanely nice, you might be tempted to lick your lips the whole day. Each lip sauce goes for KRW8,000 or SGD10,00.

  • Hot Edition Hot Coverdak Cushion

If the shades above got you ready to crack up again, sorry to disappoint you…or maybe not. See the shades under the Hot Edition Noodle Blusher. While we’re still discussing the Coverdak cushion, let’s get the shade names out of the picture. Select between either Nuclear Vanilla or Nuclear Beige. Each of these cushions has SPF50+ to protect you from the harsh sun rays. When applied, you are left with a smooth, non-sticky texture. Additionally, all blemishes can easily be covered. The Hot Edition Hot Coverdak Cushion costs KRW12,000 or SGD15,00.

  • Hot Edition Noodle Blusher

Retails for KRW7,000 or SGD8.5, the noodle blusher is available in two fine shades. You get to decide how much of a flame you want to be and can either go as a Hot Flavour Red or Carbo-lighter made up person. These shades are the perfect combination because, whereas you can go for that over the top look using the Hot Flavour Red, you can also take things several notches down by applying the Carbo-lighter blusher. In whichever case, your face is left with an unbeatable luminous glow. Isn’t that the work of makeup?

  • Hot Edition Lip Care Stick

Buy from Korea and take care of those sexy lips with the Samyang x Tony Moly cosmetics combination when you select the Hot Edition Lip Care Stick. This is the blandest product from the collection, but don’t underestimate just how much you’ll enjoy this product. The lip care stick is pretty much a sexy lip balm. A lip balm for grown-ups if you care to put it that way. Buy the Lip Care Stick for KRW6,000 or SGD7.


The Samyang x Tony Moly Hot Edition is available for sale across Korea. You can ask a friend, colleague or relative who has travelled to the Asian country to bring you these makeup products. But, if you’re an independent buyer, then just create an online shopping account and request Parcl to get the range delivered to your address. The cost of shipping, Korean shopping address and other handling fees will be calculated on an individual basis as you place your order for the makeup.

Buy the Tony Moly Korea Cosmetics

In case you didn’t know about Tony Moly cosmetics before this article, there is no shame to it. The brand is popular as a K-beauty majestic brand. It’s a beloved name in the industry, even some popular K-drama artists have listed Tony Moly products as their favourite. You too can buy any product from the brand. Or rather, just try out the Samyang x Tony Moly collection. You get food plus makeup all in one. That is a double win.


Also, by shopping for the Samyang x Tony Moly collection, you award yourself a long list of advantages including:

  • Get exposed to a long list of products and select at will without reservations.

  • Explore a bit more as you learn how to navigate the online shopping scenery.

  • Buy only those products that make the most impact on you, and you relate with to a certain extent, without feeling like you’re being pushed by shop assistants.

  • Select your parcel forwarder to help you get your buys delivered all the way to your home or office depending on the address you’re most comfortable using for receiving international purchases.

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