You Won't Have to Use Your Hands to Put New Kizik Shoes on

Inventions are not always mind-blowing and out of this universe ideas. Some of them are as simple as breathing and yet because someone holds a patent, they become a huge thing. In so doing, to create a hype and build rapport around the ‘invention’, companies tend to over-market the feature. Such is how Kizik operates with its simple and easy to come up with ideas.


Kizik shoes are like the everyday shoe that you put your feet in and walk wherever you want. But with Kizik shoes, you just step into them without using your hands to put them on. It’s a concept that we have all known for years and tried it with some of the shoes in our wardrobes. But now, Kizik owns the right to being called the company that creates hands-free shoes. All because they have a patent and so begins the over-marketing strategy.



No one can really blame Kizik for being excited with their handsfree shoes. In fact, more people than one would have estimated have already started searching for a verified US address for shopping to start buying their first pair of handsfree shoes. The Kizik shoes exude a feeling of ‘this is how it should always be’ and they are comfortable to put on.

Kizik Handsfree Shoes Price and Release Date

These shoes are what we have been silently waiting for. And those daring enough have modified their everyday sneakers to come up with the handsfree technique when putting on the shoes. The most natural shoe design, however, comes with a price tag that feels stratospheric especially when considering that this is the shoe we’ve grown accustomed to, but with a bit of added practicality.


The first Kiziks kicked off a year ago and retailed from $160/pair without the crowdfunding discounts. There is a new lineup of fabric mesh that starts at $115/pair. Effective from end of January, the Kizik fabric mesh collection was ready for buyers to ship internationally from the USA to their homes. Fortunately, Kizik did not only manufacture a limited quantity, but there are enough shoes to go around. If you were considering buying these handsfree shoes, you can still do that regardless of your geographical location.


These shoes are designed to adapt to the most natural way anyone would attempt to put them on. Instead of continually deforming our shoes trying to force them on conveniently, we now have the option of just selecting the Kizik and wearing the shoe the way it was designed.

How the Kizik is the Better Version of Your Daily Sneaker

With your ordinary sneaker, all you had to do was crush the heel of the shoe forcing your foot into it. Then still have to bend down to pull it back and completely wear the sneaker. While trying to avoid the ‘normal way of putting on shoes’ the shape and build of the shoe is destroyed. Kizik got the best engineers to be part of the team to make the most practical shoe a reality. The engineering aspect used by Kizik revolves around titanium wire that is safely tucked away at the back of the shoe. These titanium wires spring back up once the foot is nestled inside. Think of it as the most advanced evolution of slip-on shoe design to date.


Here are some notable differences that prove the need to add the handsfree Kizik shoes to your shoe collection:

  • There’s an undeniable qualitative difference between your normal comfy old shoes that can easily be stepped into and the Kizik slip on. That difference is that the Kiziks are frictionless, easy to slide into and even offering support for your foot as it slides in.

  • With the perfect timing and foot movement, the Kiziks can be slipped on in one perfect stride and almost in motion as you put it on and walk. The clean aesthetics takes away the use of the stick that most of our homes use to help put on a shoe.

  • You can slip them off just as easily as you can slip them on. No time wasted, and if you’re not a fan of feet, yours included, you’ll fall in love instantly because there is no need to touch any feet.

Kizik on Kickstarter

Kizik is the company responsible for the handsfree shoes, and the company was established by Michael Pratt who once served as CEO of Ogio International, the bag making company bought out by Callaway Golf in 2017. Pratt took some killer marketing strategies from his previous endeavours and brought them to Kizik. As a result, being on Kickstarter is more about marketing than it is about crowdfunding or anything else.


Like any other Kickstarter project, people need to show faith in the project for it to take off and be successful. The first Kizik lineup launched over a year ago with the help of a campaign on Kickstarter. If you’re a fan of full-grain leather footwear, then the first Kizik lineup is meant for you. This lineup was stocked up and made available online from the likes of Zappos, Nordstrom and Dillard’s. Online shoppers will be thrilled to shop this collection:

  • There are beautiful designs online and online shoppers can get their best colour and the right shoe size.

  • With professional package forwarders, these shoes can be bought online in the US and delivered to your home overseas within a week, depending on the shipping carrier used, which depends on your budget and the local forwarder you choose to use.

  • You can buy these Kizik handsfree shoes as a contribution to a Kickstarter campaign and get a crowdfunding discount on the shoe upon checkout.

  • Shopping online gives you the option of going across online stores comparing the colours in store.

For those who live in the US, you can walk into any physical establishment that sells shoes and find the first Kizik collection on display.


Most of the designs from the full-grain leather collection were too tight for comfort. Based on customer reviews and feedback, the company sought to correct their mistakes. Kizik launched another Kickstarter campaign to relaunch another collection. This time around, with Velcro adjustments on either side of the shoe’s tongue. Loosening the Velcro adjustments adds a reasonable room to the shoe to help with comfort. But, if you’re still not a fan, then the fabric mesh collection might do the trick. It’s also priced way lower than the leather models.

Good news is, package forwarding from the US can be affordable. With one pair priced over $100, you will need a friendly and affordable overseas handler to help you in the US and forward your shoes to the designated address you provide. Do some digging around, compare costs and services offered by parcel forwarders before selecting the one to do business with.

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