Your Complete Starter Pack - Painless Entry into the World of Vlogging

That it is possible to make money on YouTube as a vlogger isn’t anything new nowadays. First is the inspiration aplenty, mainly from the extravagant lifestyles of famous YouTubers and influential vloggers led by PewDiePie, Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson, Porta dos Fundos, Jenna Marbles and a few crazier ones. You’ll need to buy the best bloggers merchandise, look great, be audible and develop a thick skin, since those comments can be pretty brutal!

But then again, don’t even attempt to think that success on this giant video sharing site happens overnight. Vlogging is a wild world, something unforgivingly disheartening enough to make you bow out pretty quickly. Yes – it happens, especially when your video is whack and of lousy quality.

A Complete Vlogger’s Starter Kit

Before you throw yourself into this cruel lion’s den, here’s what we’ll have to tell straight to your face! You can never boast of being a YouTuber or even kick off your journey into professional vlogging if you still lack the necessary equipment.

1. A good camera for vlogging

Professional YouTubing is no joke, and we hope you know that by now. You will first need a decent camera to capture those moves in HD, especially if they are “talking head” videos. Nowadays, good cameras cost an arm and a leg, and that can hurt your wallet badly.

- Why a good-quality camera?

This is fundamental since higher-quality videos have a subtle touch of professionalism and will definitely keep your viewers interested. As a less expensive alternative, you can start with your smartphone, but choose one that renders excellent results. Entry-level DSLRsGoPro, and mirrorless cameras are fabulous, and great for beginners.


Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR


GoPro HERO6 Black

GoPro HERO6 Black



2. Super-reliable support – tripod stand

- There can’t be a camera if support is lacking – trust us!

A tripod is absolutely needed, and it should be sturdy. Big or small, support will hold the camera still and ensure it captures the videos perfectly well. Luckily, there are many types, sizes, and brands to choose from, including those mountable on a table or desk.

AmazonBasics 60-Inch, Dpotorpadp SYS-118MeFOTO RoadTrip, and several Tabletop Tripod brands do a decent job. But if you’re on a budget, we’d recommend a selfie stick tripod, since many started with it and still use one.


Dpotorpadp SYS-118 Alluminum Alloy tripod

Dpotorpadp SYS-118 Aluminum Alloy Tripod


MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Tripod

MeFOTO Roadtrip Classic Tripod


3. Quality Microphone

It is another very critical blogger’s merch you will need if you would like your viewers to enjoy videos of cutting-edge quality and to subscribe to your channel. A microphone worth buying is that which reliably suppresses background noise and makes your voice crystal clear. Fortunately, there’s quite a list of really good ones.

  • USB microphone is probably the most convenient given that it guarantees good quality for a few bucks - if it is excellent in suppressing exterior noise, BUY it.


  • Otherwise, do consider a lavalier microphone. This one is connected to the camera’s mic output and clipped onto your shirt, coat, cardigan, etc.


  • There’s a more superior one known as a shotgun microphone, and it’s common amongst those who use a DSLR camera or RODE VideoMic Pro. The sound quality captured by this microphone is unsurpassed, and it’s what many pros use.

KIMAFUN Wireless Lavalier Microphone

KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone, $49.99

4. Lighting with Green Screen

- It is video blogging, and we doubt that you’d like to record inferior, half-baked videos, for heaven’s sake!

And so, to add some swag in your videos, do invest in some fancy lighting equipment for that great backdrop. Lighting will make you look bright and bubbly by arresting and directing the viewers’ attention on you while eliminating unsightly shadows.

Though ambient natural lighting in your room could just be enough, professional lighting is perfect for a consistent and professional look. Start with ring light as it removes shadows with soft, even light. You might later add a Fill, Key and Background Lighting like Neewer 400W 5500K Photo Studio or LimoStudio LMS103.

As for a Green Screen, ensure you have separate lighting equipment specifically to illuminate the green screen and pull a clean chroma key. Also, ensure there is a reasonable amount of distance between you and the green screen to minimize spill.


Neewer Continuous Lighting Set Umbrellas Shooting Kit

Neewer Photo Studio Continuous Lighting Set Umbrellas Shooting Kit


LimoStudio  Green Screen

LimoStudio Green Screen



5. Premium editing software

With your camera, a microphone and lighting right in front of you, maybe you’d think you are good to go. But don’t start recording just yet.

You must have a good laptop with premium video editing software installed. A non-linear editing (NLE) program will help edit out poorly captured parts. Thankfully, most of today’s PCs come with basic editing software. But if you would like to use the best ones, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro never disappoint. At this stage, however, remember that a good video according to top-ranking vloggers shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes long.

Alright, now you have your vlogger’s starter pack, and you’re ready to go and capture the videos. We’d be interested in knowing what your killer adventure escapades or award-winning content ideas are. But as you set out into this wild world, don’t forget to be spirited, look up and ahead all the time and start small. Vlogging isn’t all that complicated, and you will definitely go a long way with patience and perseverance. Choose a perfect spot and enjoy yourself. And remember - if something that you need for your vlog, be it an equipment piece or newly released products to review, doesn’t ship to your country, try Parcl - we’ll be happy to help you get any item from another country delivered to your doorstep!

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Peter Ivan
3 years ago
Do you offer insurance and refunds for expensiv equipment? I want to ship something valuable from Italy.
3 years ago
Hello Peter, thanks for getting in touch. All packages worth $300+ are automatically insured. If your shipment does not exceed $300, you can add Insurance to your order manually. To do that, please, select this service in the list of Additional services when completing a delivery request form. If the package gets lost or damaged, and you report it to the courier, you will receive a refund. Moreover, all payments are covered by PayPal. Hope it helps. Thank you!
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