Your Mug as a Reflection of Who You Are

The drink matters, but the mug you consume it from can matter even more. It can create the mood, make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and generally make your experience unique. It can also tell those around you a bit about your personality and your outlook on the world. Your coffee, tea or even beer will taste much better when you drink it from a mug you love. We have selected some outstanding mugs here that are both practical and beautiful each in its own way. If you are a “mug buff” or need a gift for someone else who is, then read on for some great ideas. These stylishly awesome mug designs can be shipped to you anywhere in the world via Parcl!

Handmade Wooden Beer Mug


These handmade mugs made of gorgeous quality wood look a lot like the traditional barrels that were used to store beer or wine in the old days. Satisfy your nostalgic feeling by drinking some cool brew out of this charming mug.

Price: $47.48


Ceramic Rivet Coffee Mug


This 100% handmade rebellious-looking mug can help you show off your wild side anytime you go to take your morning jolt of java. The 290-ml mug works for any hot beverage and comes in all-white or all-black. Each mug’s rivets may have variations in their shape, as each mug is totally made by hand and therefore unique.

Price: $100



Rue Morgue Murderous Ape Tiki Mug


Another one-of-a-kind piece is the Rue Morgue Murderous Ape Tiki Mug, the bloody-crimson glaze on which is hand-wiped to create a unique design. This ceramic mug is a reference to “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, a well-known story by Edgar Allan Poe. The ape-shaped tiki mug can hold up to 16 oz of any beverage you like and its gloss finish makes it a pleasure to get your hands on.  

Price: $45


Ninja Mug


This one is really fun! The ninja mug sports a deadly look and packs tons of practicality. The set includes a coaster shaped like a throwing star, a katana teaspoon and a ninja mask cover. How much cuter can it get?

Price: $15.96


Polygonal Cup


This gorgeous mug is glossy-white on the outside to emphasize the polygon shapes, while the inside comes in a choice of bright colors. The air pocket between the inner and outer walls makes for great insulation for any hot beverage you may decide to drink from this 250-ml beauty. Ships from the Netherlands.

Price: $31.27



Handmade Nordic Mug by JOTO


Take your tea or coffee drinking back to basics with this cute Nordic mug handcrafted using the finest of materials. You can get it in black or white ceramic with natural wood accents: a lid to keep your drink warm, a spoon to stir it and a peg to keep the handle resting safely on the table for perfect balance.

Price: $35


Handmade Horn Mug – for Game of Thrones fans


Looking to throw a Game of Thrones themed party for your friends? Grab one (or a couple) of these authentic-looking handcrafted mugs to help create the look. Whatever drink you offer - booze, beer or enemy blood - this real cattle horn mug will make it taste so much better. No two mugs are alike, each is hand-finished and has a wooden base.

Price: $60



Porcelain Pineapple Mug


Does this mug look like it’s truly made with pineapple skin? Well, that’s because it’s cast using a real pineapple. This beautifully designed vessel can hold a whole 16 oz of hot tea or coffee, enough to take you through a long cloudy morning at work.

Price: $42



Kami Wood Mug

The minimalistic wooden mug was designed and handcrafted at a studio in the Japanese city of Hokkaido. It’s made of castor aralia wood that was shaped down to a mere 2 mm. The light can glow through the thin walls of this mug, but it remains durable and offers good insulation. A thin coat of polyurethane seals the pores and protects the mug from stains.This is a truly gorgeous work of art that will have people asking where you got it.

Price: $72



How can you not be in love with these unusual mugs? Enjoy the selection and pick one or a couple that would be perfect for someone you love. 

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