How to delete an order

An order created at Parcl can be deleted ONLY when there are no delivery offers still active (not declined) or accepted for it. If both of these conditions are met, the ‘Delete order’ option will be available on the order page. Click on it to delete your order.

If these conditions are not met and the ‘Delete order’ option is unavailable, please follow the instructions below.

How to delete an order when it has a delivery offer that you haven’t accepted yet

If you have received one or several delivery offers, but haven’t accepted any of them yet, please decline all of the offers first. Once that’s done, you will see the ‘Delete order’ option and will be able to click it to delete the order.

How to delete an order when you have already accepted a delivery offer

If you have already accepted a forwarder’s offer, but changed your mind about the purchase and need to delete your order, please notify the forwarder about your decision first using the chat feature on the order page. Then send Parcl moderators a request for order cancellation through the or the ‘Contact support’ option at the top of the order page. We will verify the status of your order and cancel it for you.

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