Rating and Parcl points

There are two key user assessment metrics at Parcl: rating and Parcl points. User rating is an average of all rating points (stars) the user received for all completed orders. Shoppers are rated by the forwarders who delivered their packages. Parcl points are points that each user receives or loses for specific actions (or failure to act) on the website.

While you can earn a high rating through your proactive and responsible approach to order processing, Parcl points are earned in a different way. You get them by meeting specific service requirements and thoroughly following the required steps during order processing.

The table below shows how many points you can earn for specific actions.

Action Points
You successfully registered at Parcl 10
You confirmed your email address 10
You uploaded an ID copy 20
You uploaded a profile picture 10
You provided your shipping address 20
You created your first order 20
You accepted your first offer 20
You made your first payment 30
Order successfully completed 30
You received a 5 star rating from the forwarder 70
You received a 4+ star rating from the forwarder 50
You received a 3+ star rating from the forwarder 20
You received a 2+ star rating from the forwarder 10
You left a review for your forwarder 10
You rated your forwarder 10
You paid for your order 20
You did not accept or decline the forwarder’s offer -10
You did not pay for your order, deal canceled -20
You didn’t leave a review for your forwarder within 2 weeks of receiving the package -20
You failed to follow the required steps -10
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