How to request an additional payment

As a forwarder, you will probably face situations when you need to cover unexpected costs. It might happen, for example, when the actual package weight is larger than originally estimated. To resolve such situations without leaving Parcl, you can use the ‘Additional payment request’ feature.

The feature is available starting from the payment through to the actual shipping. Once you ship the package, you won’t be able to request an additional payment. When requesting extra money, give a detailed explanation why the payment is necessary and provide all related calculations and links. Please keep in mind that if your request is found unjustified, it will be declined.

The shopper will receive your request and either make a payment or ask the Parcl moderator to take a look at it. Depending on the Parcl moderator’s decision, your request will be either accepted or declined.

If the request is accepted, the shopper will be recommended to make a payment. If the Parcl moderator declines your request, you will need to discuss your further actions with the shopper.

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